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Entry from March 11, 2007
“A Texan is a Mexican who couldn’t swim to Oklahoma” (dirty joke definition)

A dirty joke definition of a “Texan” is “a Mexican ("wetback") who couldn’t swim to Oklahoma.” The “joke” was popular in Oklahoma, but not in Texas.

Google Books
by Dan Jenkins
Thunder’s Mouth Press
original printing—New York: Atheneum, 1972
Pg. 11
“Say, Puddin. You know what a Texan is?”

Puddin half-turned around.

He laughed and said to the room, “Cat done told me it was a Mexican on his way to Oklahoma.”

Google Books
The Dirty Joke Book
by Mr. “K”
Citadel Press
Pg. 90:
WHAT’s the definition of a Texan?
A Mexican on his way to Oklahoma.

canonical list of funny definitions
Texan - a Mexican that couldn’t swim all the way to Oklahoma

YAHOO! Answers (since removed)
What do you call a Mexican that runs out of money on his way to Oklahoma?
a Texan

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Do you know what a Texan is?
A Mexican on his way to Oklahoma.

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From:  Wilson Gray
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Also FWIW, Dr. Phil, like Bill Moyers, was born in Oklahoma but reared in Texas. Old joke:

Q. What’s a Texan?
A. A Mexican on his way to Oklahoma.

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