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Entry from September 02, 2015
“Toot and scramble” (tout ensemble)

Entry in progress—B.P.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary
tout ensemble
foreign term tout en·sem·ble \tü-täⁿ-säⁿblə\
:  all together :  general effect

(Oxford English Dictionary)
ensemble, adv. and n.
All the parts of anything taken together so that each part is considered only in relation to the whole; the general effect (of a person’s appearance, a whole work of art, etc.). Also tout ensemble n. /tut ɑ̃sɑ̃bl/ [French tout all] in same sense.
1703 N. Tate Portrait-royal Notes 22 There must be, what Painters call, an agreement of the Tout Ensemble.
1823 Byron Don Juan: Canto XIV xl. 135 The ‘tout ensemble’ of his movements wore a Grace.
1879 J. Beerbohm Wanderings in Patagonia iii. 37 A shaggy beard and moustache completed the toutensemble of his really striking face.

Google Books
Proceedings of the Fifty-First Session of the American Institute of Homeopathy, held at Newport, R. I.
June 20, 1895

Philadelphia, PA: Shermand & Company, Printers
Pg. 258:
And mainly so because it does not include, what Trilby would call “ the altogether,” the tout ensemble of the French — or as Bill Nye calls it, the “toot and scramble “ — but which our great forbear, Hahnemann, so grandly designates in his immortal dictum: THE TOTALITY OF SYMPTOMS.

New York (NY) Times
By John Gross
Published: November 1, 1985
UNCOMMON CLAY: The Life and Work of Augustus Saint Gaudens. By Burke Wilkinson. 428 pages. Photographs by David Finn. A Helen and Kurt Wolff Book/Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. $22.95.
One of the most engaging minor characters in ‘’Uncommon Clay’’ is Julia Baird, known in the art world of the day as ‘’Dudie,’’ the model who posed for Diana’s body. (The head was modeled on Davida’s.) There is a positive touch of Lorelei Lee in the remarks Mr. Wilkinson quotes from an interview Dudie gave to a reporter. Yes, she had modeled for any number of majestic figures in her time: ‘’The thrones I haven’t sat on are so few that you could count them on your fingers.’’ No, she didn’t mind posing in the nude - ‘’in the ‘toot and scramble,’ if you choose to call it that.’’ (’’Toot and scramble,’’ Mr. Wilkinson explains, was a cheerful American garbling of ‘’tout ensemble,’’ itself the literal French translation of posing ‘’in the altogether.’’wink

Google Books
25 January 1993, New York magazine, ‘The Insatiable Critic” by Gael Greene, pg. 52, col. 1:
The whole Manhattan toot and scramble tumbled in — all the usual gastromaniacs and the affluentials who consider Jojo their neighborhood hangout.

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