A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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“Sometimes you just have to sit in the car and let the song finish” (8/8)
“People who stay in the car to listen to music a little bit longer are my kind of people” (8/8)
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"F/8 and be there" (photography adage)

FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google)

Fabulous Invalid (Broadway nickname)

"Facebook be like, 'What's on your mind?' then ban you for saying it"

"Facebook becomes 100 times more entertaining when you have work to do"

Facebook Hotel (Pod Hotel)

"Facebook is a lot like ancient Egypt. People write on walls and worship cats"

"Facebook is cool because you can say something to no one in particular and offend everyone"

"Facebook is like jail" (joke)

"Facebook: Where idiots complain about other idiots being idiots"

Face Diaper (face mask)

Face Nappy (face mask)

"Face your problems, don't Facebook them"

Facon or Fakon (fake + bacon)

"Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are more pliable"

"Facts tell, stories sell" (marketing adage)

"Fact checkers didn't even exist until the ugly truth started to get out"

"Fact checkers didn't exist until the truth started coming out"

"Fact checkers didn’t exist until the truth started getting out"

"Fact checkers didn't exist until the truth started to get out"

Fact Finder for the Nation (Bureau of the Census moniker)

"Failed at making an omelet, so now I'm having scrambled eggs"

"Failed a job interview last week. Apparently a gangbang isn’t proof you can work in a team"

"Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement"

"Failure is an event -- not a person"

"Failure is not an option. It comes bundled with Windows"

"Failure is not the opposite of success. It is part of success"

"Failure is success in progress"

"Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor"

"Fail fast, fail often" (business adage)

Fairly Ridiculous (Fairleigh Dickinson University nickname)

"Fairy tales are real. I drink a potion made from magic beans and it brings me back to life"

"Fair to Midland" (pun on "fair to middling")

Faithwashing (faith + whitewashing)

"Faith can move mountains, but don't be surprised if God hands you a shovel"

"Faith, family and football" ("God, family and football")

"Faith makes all things possible; hope makes all things work"


Fajitadilla (Fajita + Quesadilla)

Fajita Friday

Fakebook (Facebook nickname)

Fakecheck (fake + factcheck); Fake Check

Fakechecker (fake + factchecker); Fake Checker

Fakechecking (fake + factchecking); Fake Checking

Fakestream Media (fake news + mainstream media); FSM (fake + MSM)

Faketriot (fake + patriot)

FakeX (SpaceX nickname)

Fake and Rake

Fake Bureau of Investigation (Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI nickname)

Fake Check (fake + fact check); Fakecheck

Fake Checker (fake + fact checker); Fakechecker

Fake Checking (fake + fact checking); Fakechecking

"Fake it till you make it"

Fake News Channel (Fox News Channel nickname)

Fake News Channel (Fox News Channel nickname)

"Fake news media is the virus"

"Falafel are Mediterranean hush puppies"

"Falafel are Middle Eastern hush puppies"

Falafel or Felafel

Fallen Angel

"Falling down is an accident. Staying down is a choice"

"Falling on your face is still moving forward"

Falloon (float + balloon)

Fallout Friday

Fall Classic (baseball's World Series)

Fall for Dance Festival (NY City Center)

"Fall in love with your bills and maybe they'll leave you, too"

"Fall is sweater weather, crunchy leaves, and pumpkin spice everything"

"Fall off the turnip truck" (to be naive, uninformed)

"Fall off the turnip wagon" (to be naive, uninformed)

False Alarm Chili (1-Alarm Chili; 2-Alarm Chili; 3-Alarm Chili)

False Education Appearing Real ("fear" backronym)

False Flag

"Fame" (1980)

"Family is like fudge -- mostly sweet, with a few nuts"

Famous But Incompetent (Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI nickname)

Fan (sports enthusiast)

"Fancy Restaurant: One that serves cold soup on purpose"


FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google)

Fannie Mae (Federal National Mortgage Association)

Fanrageous (fan + outrageous)


"Fans don't boo nobodies"


FANTA or FANTAsy (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Tesla and Alphabet)


Farmers' Market

Farmer John Cheese (parmesan cheese)

Farmer Mac (Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation)

Farm Fresh


"Farted on my wallet and now I have gas money"

"Farted on my wallet and now I have gas money"

Fartichoke (fart + Jerusalem artichoke)

"Farting in bed is just sheet music"

"Farts are just food ghosts"

"Farts are the ghosts of the things we eat"

"Fart when people hug you. It makes them feel strong"

Far Rockaway Cough

"Fascism is capitalism in decay"

"Fascism is capitalism plus murder"

Fascistbook (fascist + Facebook)

Fascist Bureau of Investigation (Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI nickname)


Fashion Avenue; Fashion Capital of the World

Fashion Bible (Vogue magazine nickname)

Fashion Bible (Women's Wear Daily nickname)

"Fashion changes more frequently than the weather"

Fashion Victim (FV)

Fashion Week ("7th on 6th")

Fast Casual Restaurant

"Fast. cheap, good -- pick any two"

Fast Fine (fast food/fast casual + fine dining)

Fast Food (Fast Food Restaurant)

"Fast food implies the existence of furious food"

"Fast food is an oxymoron"


Fatal Drugs Allowed (Food and Drug Administration or FDA nickname)

Fatdonalds (fat + McDonald's)

Father's Day in Harlem (racist joke)

"Father's Day is just like Mother's Day, only cheaper"

Father And Mother I Love You ("family" backronym)

Father Knickerbocker

Father of Texas (Stephen F. Austin); Father of Texas Day (Nov. 3)

Father of the Texas Panhandle (Charles Goodnight; George Tyng)

"Father Time is undefeated" (sports adage)

"Fatigue makes cowards of us all"

Fat Antonio (San Antonio nickname)

Fat Apple (fat + Big Apple)

Fat Cat (Fatcat)

Fat City

Fat Finger

Fat Goldfinger (fat finger + gold/Goldfinger)

"Fat is flavor' ("Fat equals flavor")

Fat Letter (presumed admissions acceptance letter)

"Fat people aren't marginalized. They're buttered"

"Fat people who get offended by fat jokes should lighten up"

Fat Shaming

"Fat, single and ready for a Pringle"

Fat Tax

Fauci Ouchie (Covid-19 vaccination, after Dr. Anthony Fauci)

Faultitasking (fault + multitasking)

Fauxnut (faux + cronut/donut)

FauxPEC (faux + OPEC)

Fauxpology (faux apology)

Fauxsterity (faux + austerity)

Fauxterity (faux + austerity)

Fauxthor (faux author)

Fauxvid-19 (faux + COVID-19)

Fauxvid-1984 (faux + COVID-19 + Nineteen Eighty-Four)

Faux News (Fox News nickname)

Faux News (Fox News nickname)

Fox Spews or Faux Spews (Fox News nickname)

Favoritism Before Integrity (Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI nickname)

FBI (football intelligence/instincts)

FBLie (FBI + lie)

FCINO (Fiscal Conservative In Name Only)

"F@ck the s@ck" (FTS)

FDA-hole (Food and Drug Administration + asshole)

"FDA issues warning about black licorice for Halloween: 'It tastes like shit'"

"Fear and greed move markets" (Wall Street proverb)

Fear City

"Fear is temporary, greed is permanent"

"Fear is temporary; regret is forever"

"Fear is the currency of control"

"Fear the star" (Dallas Cowboys fan saying)

Fear Trade

Feastival (feast + festival)

Feast of San Gennaro

Feast With Famous Faces

Feather Test

Febezzler (finance + embezzler); Febezzlement; Febezzle

Febrewary (February + brew)

Fedapalooza (Federal Reserve + lollapalooza)

Fedbug (federal government + bug/bedbug)

Fedcrat or Feducrat (federal government + bureaucrat)

Federal Bullshit Investigations (Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI nickname)

Federal Bureau of Incompetency (Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI nickname)

Federal Bureau of Insurrectionists (Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI nickname)

Federal Bureau of Political Investigation (Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI nickname)

Federal Censorship Commission (Federal Communications Commission or FCC nickname)

Federal Communist Commission (Federal Communications Commission or FCC nickname)

Federal Death Administration (Food and Drug Administration or FDA nickname)

Federal Disinformation Agency (Food and Drug Administration or FDA nickname)

Federal Dumb Asses (Food and Drug Administration or FDA nickname)

Federal Emergency Mismanagement Agency (Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA nickname)

#Fedgibberish (Federal Reserve + gibberish)

Fedian Slip (Federal Reserve + Freudian slip)

Fedology (Fedologist)


Fedstapo (federal government + Gestapo)

Fedster (Federal Reserve + -ster)

Fedury (Federal Reserve + U.S. Department of the Treasury)

Fedzilla (federal government + Godzilla)

Fed (Federal Reserve)

Fed Up

Fed Whisperer

FeeBank (KeyBank nickname)

"Feedback is the breakfast is champions"

"Feed a pigeon, breed a rat"

"Feed me and tell me I'm pretty"

"Feed me tacos and tell me I'm pretty"

"Feeling downie? Eat a brownie!"

"Feels like the whole country is on Maury waiting to find out who’s the father"

Feel-Good Story

"Feel Like a Kid Again!!" (Uncle Louie G's)

"Feet first, stick second" (lacrosse adage)

"Fellow-countrymen, follow me to yonder saloon!" (shortest-ever Texas political speech?)

Fellow Traveler or Fellow Traveller (Communist sympathizer)

Felon City; Wicked Sticks; Kliffside (Bacliff nicknames)

Female Body Inspector (Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI nickname)

"Female wanted; must have own pub. Apply with inn"

"Female wanted; must have your own pub. Apply with inn"

"FEMA is the new F-word"

Feminazi (feminist + Nazi)


"Fencing takes two lifetimes to master"

"Fencing: The perfect Covid-19 sport. 1. masks 2. gloves 3. closer than 6ft, you stab them"

Fender Bender (minor automobile accident)

Feral Reserve (Federal Reserve nickname)

Fermentastic (ferment + fantastic)

Ferraro (answering questions until there are none left)

Fetashist (feta + fetishist)

Fettuccine Alfredo

"Fettuccine Alfredo is macaroni and cheese for adults"

"Few die and none resign"

"Few of us ever test our powers of deduction, except when filling out an income tax form"

"Few people know this, but the tiny pocket on your jeans is for your salary"

Fexit (federal + exit)

Fexit (federal + exit)

FHB (Family Hold Back); MIK (More In the Kitchen)

Fiatsco (fiat money + fiasco)

"Fickle as a pickle"

Fiddler General ("Couldn't get elected Fiddler General")

FiDi (Financial District)

Fidouchebag (fiduciary/finance + douchebag)

"Field hockey is aggressive golf"

"Field hockey is combat golf"

"Field hockey is extreme golf"

"Field hockey is fast golf"

"Field hockey is running golf"


Fiesta City or Fiesta Capital (San Antonio nickname)

"Fiesta. Siesta. Repeat"

"Fiesta. Siesta. Tequila. Repeat"

Fifth Avenue Mile

Fifth Taste or Fifth Flavor (umami)

Fifty-First State

"Fighters don't retire from the ring; the ring retires fighters" (boxing adage)

"Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity"

"Fight 4 your freedom like you fought 4 toilet paper"

"Fight air pollution. Gag a liberal!"

"Fight a boxer and box a fighter" (boxing adage)

"Fight crime -- shoot back"

"Fight for your freedom like you fought for toilet paper"

"Fight like you're the third monkey on the ramp to Noah's Ark"

"Fight mouthwash. Eat garlic"

Fight of the Century (boxing billing)

FIGMO (Forget It, Got My Orders)

"Fig Newtons are essentially bite-size Nutri-Grain bars"

"Fig Newtons are just short Nutri-Grain bars"

Filet Minion (filet mignon + minion)

Filet Minyan (filet mignon + minyan)

Filibluster (filibuster + bluster)


"Filibuster, n.: Throwing your wait around"

"Filipino by blood. American by birth. Patriot by choice"

"Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. And scratch where it itches"

FIMBY (Fuck, It's in My Back Yard)

"Finalist is another word for loser"

"Finalist is a way nicer word than loser"

"Finalist is the first loser"

"Finally, my winter fat is gone. Now I have spring rolls"

"Finally, my winter fat is gone. Now I have spring rolls"

Final Four (four remaining tournament players or teams)

Financial District

Financial Hydrogen Bombs (derivatives)

"Financial Services for the Greater Good" (TIAA-CREF)

Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction (derivatives)

"Finding a hair in your food is much worse if you're bald"

"Finding a mask in your pocket is the new equivalent of finding a fiver"

"Finding a mask in your pocket is the new finding $5 in your pocket"

"Find a job you like and you add five days to every week"

"Find a need and fill it" (six-word success formula)

"Find someone who makes you feel the same way music does"

"Find something worth dying for, then live for it"

Finest, Bravest, Strongest, Boldest, Best, Proudest (New York City superlatives)

"Fine as cream gravy"

Finger Building

Finger Food

"Finger-lickin' good"

Finger Steak

Finishiative (finish + initiative)

"Finish last in medical school and they call you 'doctor'" (Texas basketball coach Abe Lemons)

"Finish your salad. A thousand islands died to make that dressing"

FinMin (finance minister or finance ministry)


"Firearms...are the American people's liberty teeth" (George Washington?)

"Firearms imply the existence of eartharms, windarms, and waterarms"

Firebagger (FireDogLake + teabagger)

Firecracker Applesauce

"Firefighters never want the option of working from home"

"Firefighters run into a burning building when everyone else is running out"

Firegeddon (fire + Armageddon)

Fire Buff

Fire Department's Maltese Cross

FIRE (Finance, Insurance, Real Estate) & ICE (Intellectual, Cultural, Educational)

"Firings will continue until morale improves" (personnel policy joke)

First Attempt In Learning ("fail" backronym)

First "Big Apple" explanation: February 18, 1924

First "Big Apple" citation: May 3, 1921

First Cat (cat of the president of the United States)

First City of the West (Minneapolis); Last City of the East (St. Paul)

"First coffee and then the world"

"First coffee, then on to today's episode of 'Now what?'"

"First coffee, then presents"

"First coffee, then the world"

"First coffee, then we move on to today's episode of 'Now what?'"

"First day running my family fruit & veg delivery service and my wife is already driving me bananas"

First Dog (dog of the president of the United States)

"First draft of history" (journalism)

"First get on, then get honor, then get honest"

First In, Still Here (FISH)

"First is first and second is last" (sports adage)

"First is the worst, second is the best, third is the one with the treasure chest"

"First I drink the coffee. Then I do the things"

"First I drink the coffee. Then I save the lives"

"First I drink the coffee. Then I teach the kids"

First Lady (president's wife)

First Lady (spare ribs)

First Monday Trade Days (Horse Monday; Dog Monday)

First National Bank of Bumfuck, Egypt (fictional remote bank)

First On Race Day (Ford backronymic nickname)

"First-rate people hire first-rate people; second-rate people hire third-rate people"

"First rule of family gatherings: Always bring your own vehicle so you can leave when you want"

"First rule of family gatherings, always bring your own vehicle so you can leave when you want"

"First rule of gun safety: Never let the government take your guns"

"First Rule of Turkey Club: Bacon, lettuce and tomato"

"First rule of Vegan Club: You tell everyone about Vegan Club"

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win"

"First the free market dies, then dies democracy"

"First to Conquer Living Space" (Castro Convertibles)

"First we overlook evil. Then we permit evil. Then we legalize evil. Then we promote evil..."

"First, you make a roux..."

Fiscal Cancer (budget deficits and government debt)

Fiscal Child Abuse (deficit spending)

Fiscal Cliff

FisCon (Fiscal Conservative)

FISHDO (Fuck It, Shit Happens -- Drive On); FISHMO (Fuck It, Shit Happens -- Move On)

Fishing Expedition

"Fishing is a humbling sport"

"Fishing is boring, unless you catch an actual fish, and then it is disgusting"

"Fishing lures are made to catch fishermen, not fish"

"Fishing poles were the first tools used to get food online"

Fish Building (1150 Grand Concourse)

Fish Eyes or Fisheyes (tapioca nickname)

"Fish make excellent brain food, probably because they travel in schools"

"Fish n' chips should always come with tartar sauce. It's basically codified law"

"Fish sticks are the chicken nuggets of seafood"

"Fish sticks are the chicken nuggets of the sea"

"Fish sticks imply the existence of fish trees"

Fish Taco (Lobster Taco)

Fish-Wrap or Fish-Wrapper (a bad newspaper, good only to "wrap fish in")

Fitacular (fit/fitness + spectacular)

Fitchslap or Fitch Slap (Fitch + bitch slap)

"Fitness for Women" (Lucille Roberts)

"Fitness is 20% exercise and 80% nutrition. You can’t outrun your fork"

"Fitness is 20% exercise and 80% nutrition. You can’t outrun your fork"

"Fitness is not about being better than someone else"

"Fitness? More like, fitness this whole pizza in my mouth"

"Fitness? More like, fitness this whole pizza in my mouth"

Fitspiration (fitness + inspiration)

Fitspo (fitness + inspiration)

Five and Ten Cent Store (5 & 10, or Five and Dime)

Five Apple Seeds, Five Boroughs (1990s?)

"Five bores and a sadist" (political committee composition)

Five-Cent Series (Five-Cent World Series)

Five Guys Boogers and Flies (Five Guys Burgers and Fries nickname)

"Five percent of people think, ten percent of people think they think"

Five Points

Five-Second Rule (for food dropped on the floor)

"Five S's of wine tasting: See, Swirl, Sniff, Sip and Spit (or Swallow)"

Five-Tool Player (a complete baseball player)

Fixed News (Fox News nickname)

Fixed News (Fox News nickname)

Fixed Noise (Fox News nickname)

Fixed Noise (Fox News nickname)

Fixens; Fixins; Fixings


Fixin' to

"'Fixin' to' is the national verb of Texas"

"'Fixin' to' is the official verb of Texas"

"'Fixin' to' is the state verb of Texas"

Fix Be In (Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI nickname)

Fix Everything My Ass (Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA nickname)

Fix It Again, Tony (Fiat backronymic nickname)

Fix Or Repair Daily (Ford backronymic nickname)

Fizzician (fizz + physician)

Flagel (Flat Bagel, or Flat)

Flag City (Edna nickname)

"Flan is the Mexican crème brûlée"

"Flan is the Spanish crème brûlée"

Flappachino (flap + cappuccino)

Flapper Pie

Flappuccino (flap + cappuccino)

Flapuccino (flap + cappuccino)

Flaquita (Flaco; Flaquities)



Flash Crash

Flash Drought

Flash Flood Alley

"Flash for cash" (auto insurance fraud)

Flash Mobbery or Flashmobbery (flash mob + robbery)

Flatbusher (inhabitant of Flatbush, Brooklyn)

Flatbush Diabetes

Flatbush Frolic

Flatiron District (Flatiron Building)

"Flatulence is exhausting"

Flat Broke

Flat Earther


Flavorgasm (flavor + orgasm)

"Flavortown implies the existence of Blandcity"

"Flavortown implies the existence of Blandtown"

Flavor Town (Flavortown)

Fleabagger (flea + teabagger)

Fleabay (eBay nickname)

"Fleas can be taught nearly anything that a Congressman can"

Flea Party (Fleabagger)

Fleebagger (flee + teabagger/fleabagger)

Fleet Week

Fletcher Henderson popularization of "the Big Apple" in the 1930s



"Flies for the guys" (weightlifting saying)

Flightilla (flight + flotilla)

Flightmare (flight + nightmare)

"Flight attendants go to boarding school"

"Flight attendants go to boarding school"

Flight to Quality

Flip-Flop (Flip-Flopper)

Flip Tax

Floasted (flavor + toasted)

Floater Coffee (cream coffee)

Floating Head (Douglas Manor swimmer)


Floor D’oeuvre (floor + hors d’oeuvre)

Flopcorn (unpopped corn kernel)

Floribbean (Florida + Caribbean)

Florida Glare (fiction genre)

"Florida -- Land of Good Living"

"Florida -- Land of Newlyweds and Nearly Deads"

Florida Room

"Florida -- The Rules Are Different Here"

"Florida weather be throwing out temperatures like Powerball numbers"

Floriduh (Florida + duh)

Floss or Flossy (Canarsie, Brooklyn)

FLOTUS (First Lady Of The United States)

Flour Tortilla

Flowerpots (baked Alaska)

"Flowers grow back even after they are stepped on. So will I"

Flower Market/District & FloMa

Flubro (flu + brother)

Fluff Duff

Flushingite (inhabitant of Flushing, Queens)

"Flush twice -- Houston needs the water" (Dallas saying)

Fluther (flu + truther)

Flu Fence (face mask)

Flu Manchu (flu + Fu Manchu)

"Flying is not dangerous; crashing is dangerous" (aviation joke)

Flying Waiter (food delivery helicopter)

Flying Wedge (formation of Jack's restaurant waiters)

Flytilla (fly + flotilla)

Fly-up-the-Creek (Florida nickname)

Foam the Runway

Foggy Bottom

"Fog in Channel; Continent Cut Off" (UK newspaper headline joke)

"Fog in Channel; Continent Isolated" (UK newspaper headline joke)

FoHi (Forest Hills)

"Foible. In England, it's a minor eccentricity in character. In New York, it's what a cat pukes"

Foie Gras of the Sea (ankimo or monkfish liver)

Foie-mageddon (foie gras + Armageddon)

"Folks are mad at exactly one half of the ruling class and insist the other half will save us"

"Folks spend their health to acquire wealth and later spend their wealth to regain their health"

"Follow me to freshness" (H-E-B food truck slogan)

Follow One Course Until Successful ("focus" backronym)

"Follow the bunny. He has the chocolate"

"Follow the money"

"'Follow the money' is much wiser advice than 'follow the science'"

FOMOF (Fear Of Missing Out on Football)

FOMOH or FOMOOH (Fear Of Missing Out on Hockey)

"Fondue is just cheese and bread, my friend"

"Fondue is just French queso"

"Fondue is just Swiss queso"

Foochebag (foodie + douchebag)

Foodball (food + football)

Foodflation (food + inflation)

Foodfucked or Food Fucked

Foodgasm (food + orgasm)


Foodieotical (foodie + periodical)

Foodie Call (foodie + booty call)

Foodiot (foodie + idiot)


FoodPolitik (food + realpolitik)

Foodstagram (food + Instagram)

Foodstapo (food + Gestapo)

"Foods before dudes" ("Food before dudes")

Food Activism (Food Activist)

"Food before one is just for fun"

Food Coma

Food Court

Food Critic

"Food delivery is a combination of my three favorite things..." (joke)

Food Deplorium (Food Emporium nickname)

Food Desert

Food Douche

"Food. Eat it quick or you will have to share it"

Food Extortium or Food Extortion (Food Emporium nickname)

Food Fight

Food for the Gods

Food for the Gods

"Food for thought is no substitute for the real thing"

Food Hole (Whole Foods nickname)

"Food is an important part of a balanced diet"

"Food is a great garnish for a glass of wine"

"Food is essential to life; therefore, make it good"

"Food is just a tasty laxative"

"Food is like dark humor. Not everyone gets it"

"Food is our common ground, a universal experience"

"Food is the most abused anti-anxiety drug. Exercise is the most underutilized antidepressant"

"Food is the most abused anti-anxiety drug. Exercise is the most underutilized antidepressant"

"Food is the most primitive form of comfort"

"Food Lover's Market" (Balducci's)

"Food, love, mother and career -- the four basic guilt groups"

"Food makers really missed an opportunity not calling vegetarian meatballs 'Vegtaballs'"

Food of the Gods (Ambrosia)

Food Oscars (James Beard Foundation Awards)

"Food, People, Heart & Soul" (United Supermarkets slogan)

Food Rake (fork nickname)

Food Security (Food Insecurity)

Food Sherpa

Food Swamp

"Food tastes better cooked outdoors"

"Food tastes better in small houses"

"Food tastes better when I'm watching TV"

"Food tastes better when you're watching TV"

"Food trucks are pretty popular, but I don't know if I trust a restaurant with a get-away plan"

"Food trucks should park outside every restaurant requiring vaccination cards"

"Food trucks should start parking outside of restaurants that require a vaccine pass"

Food Wall (eating endurance limit)

"Fools rush in and get the best seats"

"Fools rush in where wise men fear to trade"

"Fools rush in where wise men fear to trade"

"Fool me 350,000 times, you are a weather man"

"Fool me once, fool me twice, fool me chicken soup with rice"

"Football always has been reflective of modern life — violence punctuated by committee meetings"

Football Bat (Hockey Cleats; Hockey Court)

"Football...bloody hell" (soccer saying)

"Football fields are for band practice"

"Football fields are just very big rulers"

"Football games are won and lost in the trenches" (football adage)

"Football is 22 people on the field who need rest and 22,000 people in the stands who need exercise"

"Football is a gentleman's game played by ruffians; rugby is a ruffian's game played by gentlemen"

"Football is not just a matter of life and death; it's much more important than that"

"Football never stops"

Football-Shaped Pizza (Football Pizza)

Footlong (Foot-long)

"Forbidden fruit creates many jams"

"Forced to wear glasses and a mask at the same time? You may be entitled to condensation"

"Forecheck, backcheck, paycheck" (three most important elements of pro hockey)

"Foreign aid is money transfer from poor people in rich countries to rich people in poor countries"

Forest City

Forever Demanding Increased Capital (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or FDIC nickname)

Forever (F subway line)

Forever Recession

"Forever: Time it takes to brew the first pot of coffee in the morning"

"Forget everything you learned in college. You won't need it working here" (joke)

"Forget everything you learned in college. You won't need it working here" (joke)

"Forget love -- I'd rather fall in chocolate"

Forget The Consumer (Federal Trade Commission or FTC nickname)

"Forgive your enemies, but don't forget their names"

Forgotten Borough (Staten Island)

Forgotten Vitamin (Vitamin K nickname)

"Forgot how expensive outside is" (after quarantine)

"Forgot how expensive outside was" (after quarantine)

Forkage Fee (Cakeage Fee)

"Forklift operators do not care for puns. They find them unpalletable"

"Fork yeah"

"Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune"

"Form follows finance" (architecture adage)

Fornicaboobery (Fornickaboobery)

Forosophobia (fear of taxes and the IRS)

Fortress Balance Sheet

Fortune Cookie or Fortune Cake ("Help, I'm prisoner in a Chinese bakery!")

"Fortune tellers are either depressed or hysterically manic. Why can't I find a happy medium?

Forty Deuce (42nd Street)

Forty-Ninth State

Forty Thieves

Fort Apache (41st Police Precinct in the Bronx nickname)

Fort Fumble (Pentagon nickname)

Fort Greener (inhabitant of Fort Greene, Brooklyn)

Fort Knox of Silver (West Point Mint nickname)

Fort Neverlose (Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum)

"Fort Pitt, that's it" (Fort Pitt Beer)

Fort Surrender (66th Police Precinct, Borough Park nickname)

Fort Worther (inhabitant of Fort Worth)

Fort Worthian (inhabitant of Fort Worth)

Fort Worthless (Fort Worth nickname)

"Fort Worth is where the West begins, and Dallas is where the East peters out"

Fort Worth Startlegram (Fort Worth Star-Telegram nickname)

"Forwards win matches and backs decide by how much" (rugby adage)

"(Not for) All the tea in China"

"For a slutty Halloween costume, dress as a professor. They barely cover anything important"

"For Christmas, I've got my wife a telepathic abacus. It's the thought that counts"

"For Christmas, I bought my wife new beads for her abacus. It's the little things that count"

"For dinner, we’re having Himalayan rabbit stew. That rabbit, found Himalayan on the road"

"For each petal on the shamrock, this brings a wish your way..." (Irish saying)

"For every action there is an equal and opposite government program"

"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, plus a social media overreaction"

"For every action, there is a social media overreaction"

"For every Rich Tea biscuit, there are currently thousands of tea biscuits living in poverty"

"For every snowflake that falls, an idiot forgets how to drive"

"For four years, I went to a child psychologist. That kid didn't help me at all"

"For God so loved the world that He didn't send a committee"

"For Halloween, I’m going to go as a normal person with no mask"

"For Halloween you should go as the person you claim to be on Facebook"

"For Halloween you should go as the person you claim to be on Instagram"

"For Halloween you should go as the person you claim to be on social media"

"For Halloween you should go as the person you claim to be on Twitter"

"For Lease Navidad" (pun on "Feliz Navidad")

"For lunch today, I just put some ham and pineapple in a bap. Because that's Hawaii roll"

"For many people, 'live and learn' is one task too many"

"For men who think a woman's place is in the kitchen..." (joke)

"For me, chess is a lot like Tinder. I know a few openings, but struggle at mating"

"For me, math class is like watching a foreign movie without subtitles"

"For my next trick, I will disappear. 'Fuck you, pear! You taste like shit!'"

"For my next trick, I will eat a percussion instrument in a bap. Drum roll please"

"For my next trick, I will eat a percussion instrument in a bap. Drum roll please"

"For our chemistry exam, we had to write a thousand words on acid" (joke)

"For Pete's sake" ("For the love of Pete")

"For problems there is money. For solutions there is only innovation and ideas"

"For Sale: a thick layer of dust. As seen on TV"

"For the 10th year in a row, my coworkers voted me 'the most secretive guy' in the office" (joke)

"For the hay and the corn and the wheat that is reaped" (Thanksgiving poem)

"For the love of Mike"

"For the second part of this quarantine, do we have to stay with the same family?"

"For those who have lost track, today is Blursday the fortyteenth of Maprilay"

Founder's Disease

Founder's Syndrome

Founder's Trap

Founding Fathers

Found On Road Dead (Ford backronymic nickname)

Fourbucks or Fivebucks (Starbucks nickname)

Fourth Reich (Washington Heights)

"Four basic food groups: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and chocolate truffles"

"Four boxes govern the world" (ballot box, jury box, cartridge box, band box)

"Four brewery CEOs walk into a bar..." (bar joke)

Four B's of Old West Cooking -- Biscuits, Beans, Beef and Bacon

"Four cents short of a nickel"

Four Continents at U.S. Custom House -- Who posed for America?

Four Corners of Deceit (government, academia, science and media)

Four Fingers of Death (four frankfurters in Meals, Ready-to-Eat)

"Four food groups: fast, frozen, instant and microwavable"

Four Get (get up, get on, get off, get out)

Four King Kongs or Four Heavenly Kings (Shanghai dish of dabing, youtiao, doujiang and cifantuan)

"The four most expensive words in the English language are 'This time it's different'"

Four Precious Jewels (Chinese dish of shrimp, scallops, crab meat and beef)

Four Rules of Plumbing (joke)

Four Seasons (Chinese dish of pork, shrimp, chicken and beef)

"Four S's of wine tasting: See, Sniff, Sip and Spit (or Swallow)"

"Four things put a man beside himself -- women, tobacco, cards, and wine"

"Four wheels carry the body; two wheels move the soul" (motorcycle aphorism)

"Four words that I never want to hear: There is no food"

"Four years ago, I couldn't spell engineer; now I are one"

Foxaganda (Fox News + propaganda)

Foxaganda (Fox News + propaganda)

FoxPAC (Fox News nickname)

FoxPAC (Fox News nickname)

Foxtrot (dance)

Fox Comedy (Fox News nickname)

Fox Comedy (Fox News nickname)

Fox Noise or Faux Noise (Fox News nickname)

Fox Noise or Faux Noise (Fox News nickname)

Fox Spews or Faux Spews (Fox News nickname)

Fracktivist or Fractivist (fracking + activist); Fracktivism or Fractivism

Fragile Five or Troubled Ten (national currencies on the brink)

FrankenFed (Frankenstein monster + Federal Reserve)

Frankenfence (border wall nickname)

Frankenjab (Frankenstein + vaccination jab)

Frankenpastry (Frankenstein + pastry)

Frankenshot (Frankenstein + vaccination shot)

Frankensnack (Frankenstein monster + snack)

Frankenstorm (Frankenstein monster + storm)

Frankenvax or Frankenvaxx (Frankenstein + vaccination)

Frankenvaxx or Frankenvax (Frankenstein + vaccination)

Frankfurter (Frankfort Sausage)

Frankfurt on the Hudson (Washington Heights)

"Franklin may have discovered electricity, but the meter inventor made the money"

"Frankly, Scallop, i don't give a clam"

"Frank Sinatra’s son has invented Wildebeest Pâté -- start spreading the gnus"

Fraudacity (fraud + audacity)

Fraudcast (fraud + broadcast); Fraudcasting; Fraudcaster

Fraudclosure (fraud + foreclosure)

Frauddemic or Fraudemic (fraud + epidemic/pandemic)

Fraudemic or Frauddemic (fraud + epidemic/pandemic)

Fraudway; Queerialto; Double-Crossroads of the World

Fraud and Death Administration (Food and Drug Administration or FDA nickname)

Fraud and Deception Administration (Food and Drug Administration or FDA nickname)

Fraud and Deception Agency (Food and Drug Adminstration or FDA nickname)

Fraud Street (Wall Street nickname)

"Fraud vitiates everything" (legal maxim)

Freadom (freedom + read)

Freddie Fudpucker or Freddy Fudpucker (cocktail)

Freddie Mac (Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation)

"Freddie Mercury, Venus Williams, and Bruno Mars walk into a bar..." (bar joke)

Fredericksburger (inhabitant of Fredericksburg)

Freedom Fries (french fries)

"Freedom is lost gradually from an uninterested, uninformed, and uninvolved people"

"Freedom is never extreme. Control is extreme"

"Freedom is not a reward for compliance. That's how jails work"

"Freedom is not a reward for good behavior. That's how prison works"

"Freedom is not a reward for good behavior. That's how prisons work"

"Freedom is not extreme. Control is extreme"

"Freedom is the greater good"

"Freedom is the possession of those who will fight for it"

Freedom Mask (face mask)

"Freedom of speech is not a license to be stupid"

Freedom of the City

"Freedom over fear"

Freedom Shot (Covid vaccination nickname)

Freedom Toast (french toast)

Freedom Tower (or, Pataki's Pit)

Freedumb (freedom + dumb)

"Freemasonry is the real virus"

"Freemasonry is the virus"

Freeze Peach ("free speech," and sometimes an ice cream flavor)

"Freeze pops are just boneless popsicles"

"Freezies are just boneless popsicles"

"Free beer always tastes better"

"Free beer, topless bartenders and false advertising" (bar sign)

"Free country? Name one thing you can do that isn't taxed, regulated or illegal"

"Free Crabs Tomorrow" (Joe's Crab Shack)

"Free food always tastes better"

Free Lunch

"Free men are not equal and equal men are not free"

"Free men do not ask for permission to bear arms"

"Free people don't ask for permission"

"Free ride in a police car if you shoplift from this store" (anti-shoplifting sign)

Free Shit Army (FSA)

Free State of Galveston (Galveston nickname)

"Free straw with every drink purchase" (restaurant sign)

"Free Wi-Fi! He's been in prison too long!"

"French fries are just edible ketchup spoons"

French Fried Onion Rings

French Fried Potatoes (Paris, Texas myth)

"French fries and good vibes"

"French fries are a vehicle for ketchup"

French Fry Holder

French Onion Dip or California Dip

French Republican

French Silk Chocolate Pie

"French toast isn't normally made from French bread"

Frequently Returning Your Shit (Fry's Electronics nickname/acronym)

Freshman Five or Freshman Ten or Freshman Fifteen (college weight gain)

"Freshmen want to play, sophomores want to start, juniors want to score and seniors want to win"

Fresh Air Fund

"Fresh Fish Sold Here" (signage joke)

Fresh Fruit Festival

"Fresh pork and new wine kill a man before his time"

Frexit (France/French + exit)

Frickles (fried pickles)

"Friday: Golden child of the weekdays. Superhero of the workweek. Welcome wagon to the weekend"

"Friday is like a superhero that always arrives just in time to stop me from beating my coworkers"

"Friday is my second favorite F word"

"Friday is my second favorite F word. My first is food. Definitely food"

"Friday must be a woman. It takes forever to come"

Friday Night Lights

"Friday the 13th is still better than Monday the whatever"

Fridge Jenga

"Fried catfish is the other white meat"

"Fried chicken and champagne? Why the hell not?" (Max's Wine Dive)

Fried Coke

"Fried egg and fried chicken are the same food, just at different stages"

Fried Food Capital of Texas (State Fair of Texas)

Fried Green Tomatoes (Green Tomatoes Fried)

Fried Ice Cream (Mexican Fried Ice Cream or Fried Mexican Ice Cream)

Fried Onion Burger (Onion Fried Burger; Onionburger)

Fried Pickles (Fried Dill Pickles; French Fried Pickle Slices)

Fried Twinkie

"Friendly as a Texas smile"

Friendly City (Amarillo nickname)

Friendly City (Austin nickname)

"Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field" (was Ebbets Field first)

"Friendships must be built on a solid foundation of alcohol, sarcasm, and shenanigans"

"Friendship is the wine of life"

"Friends are people who stick together until debt do them part"

"Friends are therapists you can drink with"

"Friends are the bacon bits in the salad bowl of life"

"Friends are the chocolate chips in the cookie of life"

"Friends buy you a lunch. Best friends eat your lunch"

"Friends don't let friends drink light beer"

"Friends don't let friends eat imported shrimp"

"Friends forever, never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart"

"Friends help you move. Good friends help you move a body. Best friends bring their own shovel"

"Friends help you move. Real friends help you move bodies"

"Friends, sun, sand and sea, that sounds like a summer to me"

Friendternship (friend + internship)

"FriEND BestfriEND BoyfriEND GirlfriEND Garlic bread. Only garlic bread has no END"

"Friend: It's called cauliflower. It's not ghost broccoli. Me: I know what I saw."

"Fries: A friend to starving vegans in restaurants everywhere"

"Fries before guys"

Frijoles Refritos (refried beans)

Frinally (Friday + finally)

Fringe Media

Frings (French Fries + Onion Rings)

Frisclosure (Frisco nickname during foreclosure crisis)


Frito Pie

Friyay (Friday + yay)

"Frozen yogurt is just hipster ice cream"

Frogmageddon (frog + Armageddon)

Frog and Toe

"Frog parking only. All others will be toad"

Frog Pond (La Grenouille nickname)

Frog Sticks (french fries)

"From age comes wisdom, and French cheese"

"From a Hot-Dog to a National Habit" (Nathan's Famous)

"From a worm's point of view, a plate of spaghetti is an orgy"

"From each according to his gullibility, to each according to his greed"

"From fit to shit" (fitness saying)

"From hell to breakfast"

"From hell to Harlem" ("From Hades to Harlem")

"From here. it's possible" (Texas Tech slogan)

"From 'How did I get here?' to 'How did they get here?'" (Washington politics)

"From Nine to Five"

"From sewer to brewer"

"From shit to fit" (fitness saying)

"From soup to nuts" (from beginning to end)

"From the Country of 1100 Springs" (Pearl Beer slogan)

"From the outhouse to the penthouse" (moving up the ladder)

"From zero to blurry in a hurry" (drag racing saying)

Front Page (East Flatbush, Brooklyn)

Front Page (East Flatbush, Brooklyn nickname)

"Froot Loops are just gay Cheerios"

Frosé (frozen rosé)

"Frosted Mini-Wheats are just breakfast Triscuits"

Froyo (frozen yogurt)

Frozen Custard

"Frozen margaritas are just adult slurpees"

"Frozen margaritas are just smoothies for Texans"

"Frozen margaritas are just Texas smoothies"

Frozen Margarita (cocktail)

Frozen Zone

Frrrozen Hot Chocolate

"Fruits and vegetables prevent constipation. That's why they call it pro-deuce"

"Fruits are just plant ovaries"

"Fruits are just tree eggs"

"Fruit and urinal give a bad name to cakes everywhere"

"Fruit is just tree eggs"

"Fruit, like people, have bellybuttons where they were plucked"

"Frunk as duck"

Frying Pan Circuit (small-time racetracks)

Fryscraper (fry + skyscraper)

Fry Sauce (French Fry Sauce; French Fries Sauce)

FTP (Fuck The Police)

FUBAR (Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition)

Fucked-up Friday

FuckFuckNo (DuckDuckGo nickname)

Fucking Bunch of Idiots (Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI nickname)

Fucking Crappy Ass Test ("FCAT" backronym)

Fucking Dumb Asses (Food and Drug Administration or FDA nickname)

Fuckoffee (fuck off + coffee)

"Fuckoffee -- Slang used to to tell someone to go away, be quiet, or don't ask me questions..."

Fuck 12 (anti-police saying)

Fuck Brunch

Fuck, I Never Actually Learned Shit ("finals" backronym)

"Fuck Texas"

Fuck The Consumer (Federal Trade Commission or FTC nickname)

Fuck This Shit O'Clock

"Fuck ups are easier to do than sit ups and push ups"

"Fuck Y'all, I'm from Texas" ("Fuck You, I'm from Texas")



Fudge Factory (State Department nickname)

"Fudgitive -- One who eats sweets secretly, without sharing"

"Fueled by caffeine, sarcasm and inappropriate thoughts"

Fugeddaboutit! ("forget about it")

Fukushima Freeway (transport road for nuclear waste)

Full Blown Idiots (Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI nickname)

Full Cleveland (clothing term)

Full Ginsburg (to appear on all Sunday morning news shows)

Full Grassley (politician visiting each Iowa county)

"Full of wind as a corn-eating horse"

Full Of Xenophobia (Fox News nickname)

Full Of Xenophobia (Fox News nickname)

Fulton's Folly (North River Steamboat)

Fulton Fish Market

Fumbling, Bumbling Idiots (Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI nickname)


"Funeral homes are a dying business"

Fung Wah Bus of the Sky (Spirit Airlines nickname)

Funkytown or Funky Town (Fort Worth nickname)

"Funny don't make money" (professional wrestling adage)

"Funny how they say we need to talk when they really mean you need to listen"

"Funny Name, Serious Sandwich" & "Just one sandwich...it's that good!" (Schlotzsky's slogans)

Fun Central (Arlington slogan)

Fun City

Fun City Bowl

"Fun City" nickname (1966)


"Fun Fact: Alcohol increases the size of the 'send' button by 89%"

"Fun fact: If you refill a wine glass before it’s empty, it still counts as one glass"

"Fun Fact: There’s more time spent installing Adobe updates than the actual use of Adobe"

"Fun is like insurance — the older you get. the more it costs"

"Fur coats are worn by beautiful animals and ugly people"

Fur District

Fusion Burger

"Futons are the sporks of the furniture world"

Future Always Involves Learning ("fail" backronym)

Fux News (Fox News nickname)

Fux News (Fox News nickname)

Fweedom (freedom + weed)

"f(x) walks into a bar..." (bar joke)

"FYI: wearing a mask with your nose sticking out is like wearing a condom with the tip cut off"