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“Don’t Canada my Florida” (2/25)
WTF (Welcome To Florida) (8/16)
“Florida weather be throwing out temperatures like Powerball numbers” (7/9)
“Don’t NY my Florida” (5/23)
“Don’t New York my Florida” (5/23)
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The Sunshine State. An etymological dictionary investigating the origins of Florida words, names, quotations and phrases, specializing in modern slang, nicknames, slogans, proverbs, adages and aphorisms. A web site by Barry Popik.

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“… And all I got was this lousy T-shirt” (10/8)
“Come on Vacation, Leave on Probation” (9/3)
“Disney World is like a huge people trap that is operated by a mouse” (8/9)
“Don’t Canada my Florida” (2/25)
“Don’t New York my Florida” (5/23)
“Don’t NY my Florida” (5/23)
“Florida—Land of Good Living” (8/17)
“Florida—Land of Newlyweds and Nearly Deads” (8/13)
“Florida—The Rules Are Different Here” (8/13)
“Florida weather be throwing out temperatures like Powerball numbers” (7/9)
“Gateway to Discovery” (or “Gateway to the Moon") (8/13)
“How did Flori die?"/"She died in Missouri.” (4/12)
“In Florida we salt margaritas, not sidewalks” (8/18)
“Miami Beach is where neon goes to die” (Lenny Bruce) (8/15)
“Once you get Florida sand in your shoes, you never want to leave” (11/15)
“Run for the Orchids” (Florida Derby) (5/13)
“Scotland has Lochs, but Florida has Keys” (3/22)
“Summer on Yams, Winter on Yankees” & “Three seasons—orange, vegetable and invalid” (8/15)
“The further north you go, the further south you get” (Florida adage) (7/9)
“The great thing about Miami is that it’s so close to the United States” (10/3)
“The state bird is the (construction) crane” (2/3)
“Walmart is like a little piece of Florida in every state” (4/13)
“Where did the fortune-teller go on her vacation"/"To Palm Beach.” (8/15)
“Where do pianists go for vacation?"/"The Florida Keys.” (11/1)
“Where Shopping Is a Pleasure” (Publix) (8/13)
“World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party” (Georgia Bulldogs vs. Florida Gators) (8/17)
305 Day (from 305, the Miami area code) (3/4)
3:05 Cafecito (from 305, the Miami area code) (3/4)
American Riviera (8/13)
Capital of Latin America (Miami nickname) (7/17)
Cigar City (Tampa nickname) (8/15)
Cuban Hamburger (Frita) (9/27)
Cuban Sandwich; Medianoche Sandwich (7/29)
Derby Daiquiri (and Derby Daiquiri Pie) (8/16)
Elena Ruz Sandwich (Elena Ruiz Sandwich; Elena Ruth; Marie Elena; Cuban Turkey Sandwich) (2/15)
Explosionism (art of explosions) (12/19)
Floribbean (Florida + Caribbean) (9/3)
Florida Glare (fiction genre) (7/13)
Florida Room (8/16)
Floriduh (Florida + duh) (7/2)
Fly-up-the-Creek (Florida nickname) (1/24)
Fucking Crappy Ass Test ("FCAT” backronym) (10/15)
God’s Waiting Room (8/5)
Grapefruit League (Grapefruit Circuit, Grapefruit Loop) (8/5)
Grits and Grunts (8/16)
Gunshine State (gun + Sunshine State) (11/6)
Hush Puppies (8/16)
Key Lime Pie (8/16)
Little Havana (Miami) & Little Havana on the Hudson (Union City, New Jersey) (8/15)
My-Yam-Me (Miami) (6/18)
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