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“Don’t Canada my Florida” (2/25)
WTF (Welcome To Florida) (8/16)
“Florida weather be throwing out temperatures like Powerball numbers” (7/9)
“Don’t NY my Florida” (5/23)
“Don’t New York my Florida” (5/23)
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The Sunshine State. An etymological dictionary investigating the origins of Florida words, names, quotations and phrases, specializing in modern slang, nicknames, slogans, proverbs, adages and aphorisms. A web site by Barry Popik.

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New York with Palm Trees (Miami nickname) (7/9)
Screwdriver (vodka + orange juice cocktail) (7/17)
Snowbird (northern tourist) (7/29)
SoBe (South Beach) (8/6)
SoFi (South of Fifth Street) (8/6)
SoFlo (South Florida) (8/16)
Sunshine State (Florida nickname) (6/15)
Tampa: The Big Guava (4/3)
WTF (Welcome To Florida) (8/16)
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