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“Don’t New York my Florida” (5/23)
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Entry from August 16, 2021
WTF (Welcome To Florida)

"WTF (Welcome To Florida)” is a saying that has been printed on many images. “WTF” usually stands for “What The Fuck.”

“‘#Welcome to #Florida’ #cool #wtf #pics” was posted on Twitter by RoxxiSwan on January 30, 2017. “WTF! Welcome To Florida #crazypeeps” was posted on Twitter by Gregwinkler10 on January 31, 2017. “The fact that ‘Welcome to Florida’ abbreviates to ‘wtf’ is hilarious to me bc it’s so accurate. #StillLoveYouThough” was posted on Twitter by Marie Atchley on March 1, 2017. “just saw a bumper sticker that said ‘WTF: Welcome To Florida’ and it resonated with me like no other bumper sticker before” was posted on Twitter by Nova on July 19, 2017.

“#Welcome to #Florida” #cool #wtf #pics
10:42 PM · Jan 30, 2017·RoxanneSwan

Replying to @USATODAY
WTF! Welcome To Florida #crazypeeps
7:17 AM · Jan 31, 2017·Twitter for iPhone

Lone Tech and Cub
Welcome to Florida. WTF.
Quote Tweet
· Feb 6, 2017
Florida AG Pam Bondi states her intent to gift #POTUS with a brick of heroin with his name on it.
Not kidding.
10:30 PM · Feb 6, 2017·Twitter for Android

Marie Atchley
The fact that “Welcome to Florida” abbreviates to “wtf” is hilarious to me bc it’s so accurate. #StillLoveYouThough
2:22 PM · Mar 1, 2017·Twitter for iPhone

The real wtf meaning = welcome to Florida
8:21 AM · Apr 23, 2017·Twitter for iPhone

So guys an armadillo just tried to get in my garage. I was like hissing at it to try and get it to go away WTF welcome to Florida
2:01 PM · Jun 19, 2017·Twitter for iPhone

Replying to @ThomasSanders
WTF (Welcome To Florida)
1:50 PM · Jun 26, 2017·Twitter for iPhone

just saw a bumper sticker that said “WTF: Welcome To Florida” and it resonated with me like no other bumper sticker before
1:25 PM · Jul 19, 2017·Twitter for iPhone

Google Books
Welcome to Florida (WTF) - Our Journey to Paradise
Greg Winkler, Vikki Winkler
Newman Springs Publishing, Incorporated, Jan 22, 2019 - Humor - 116 pages
Welcome to Florida. If only I had a sand dollar for every time an odd occurrence was explained away with the unique expression: Welcome to Florida.

My wife, Vikki, and I decided to leave our home state of Wisconsin and follow our dream with a move to paradise, known to us as Florida. We had vacationed in the Sunshine State many times, and the sun and the sand had always called our names, so we finally followed the calling and landed in the town of Punta Gorda, just north of Fort Myers on the Gulf side of the state.

USA Today
Toxic wastewater vs. Tampa Bay
Ashley Shaffer and Laura L. Davis
Published 5:06 p.m. ET April 5, 2021
Welcome To Florida (W.T.F)

That’s HEDLEY!
The initials for “Welcome to Florida” are WTF.
8:39 PM · Aug 12, 2021·Twitter for iPhone

Cathy Heyworth Harris
Ha, from another site:
Florida’s new tourist slogan of WTF, or Welcome to Florida!
1:41 PM · Aug 15, 2021·Twitter Web App

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