A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeye's fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Pareve (Parve)

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Epicurious.com: Food Dictionary
pareve; parve
[PAHR-uh-vuh, PAHR-vuh]
A Jewish term describing food made without animal or dairy ingredients. According to KOSHER dietary laws, animal food cannot be consumed at the same meal with dairy food, but a pareve food may be combined or eaten with either. In order to be pareve, breads and cakes must be made with vegetable oils and not with butter or other animal fat.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Main Entry: pa·re·ve
Pronunciation: \ˈpär-(ə-)və\
Variant(s): or par·ve \ˈpär-və\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Yiddish parev
Date: 1939
: made without milk, meat, or their derivatives ”pareve margarine” — compare fleishig , milchig

(Oxford English Dictionary)
pareve, adj.
Forms: . 19- pareve, 19- pareveh, 19- parve Brit. /pv/, U.S. /prv/, 19- parveh.. 19- parev Brit. /prv/, U.S. /prv/.Also with capital initial.  [< Eastern Yiddish pareve (also in forms parve, parev) < a West Slavonic language: compare Czech párový coupled, dual, binary < pár pair, couple < Middle High German pr PAIR n.1 (the sense extension is due to the food having a twofold use).]
Of, relating to, or designating an item of food made without animal or dairy products, or other derivatives of these, and hence, according to Jewish dietary law, permitted to be eaten with either meat or dairy dishes.

[1913 M. H. NEIL Story of Crisco 15 Crisco is Kosher… It conforms to the strict Dietary Laws of the Jews. It is known in the Hebrew language as a ‘parava’, or neutral fat. Crisco can be used with both ‘milchig’ and ‘fleichig’ (milk and flesh) foods.]
1933 Time 8 May 24/2 The rabbis, however, allow for ‘neutral’, or parve foods—vegetables, grain products, fish, eggs. Neutral dishes may be prepared as meaty or milky.
1949 Jewish Standard (Toronto) Dec. 99 (advt.), Pareve vegetable soup without meat.
1991 A. UNTERMAN Dict. Jewish Lore & Legend 153/1 Parve food can be eaten with meat or milk dishes, except for fish, which cannot be eaten together with meat, since this is considered unhealthy.
2002 N.Y. Times 22 Sept. XIV. 12/1 Lox..was easy to handle—and pareve, making it acceptable with milk or meat.

1964 Jewish Chron. 7 Feb. 16 (advt.), Parev.
1967 H. HILL & E. DODSWORTH Food Inspection Notes (ed. 7) 98 ‘Parev’ (kosher) ice shall contain not less than 10 per cent. fat and no milk fat or other derivative of milk.
1984 R. FRIEDMAN Rose of Jericho iv. 38 A glazed pineapple tart beneath a whorl of parev cream.

OCLC WorldCat record
Fleishige yiden, milchige yiden un pareṿe yiden
by Max Kotlowitz
Type:  Musical score : Songs; Yiddish
Publisher: New Rochelle, N.Y. : M. Kotlowitz, ©1929.
Publication: Collection of Jewish songs for voice and piano.
Document Type: Musical Score
Notes: Title also in Yiddish. Caption title: Fleishige, milchige un pareve yiden. For one voice with piano; romanized Yiddish words. Yiddish words also printed as text on p. [10].
Description: 1 score (9, [1] p.) : port. ; 31 cm.
Other Titles: Fleishige, milchige un pareve yiden., Collection of Jewish songs for voice and piano.
Responsibility: words and music by Max Kotlowitz ; [arr. by Abe Ellstein].

Time magazine
Kashruth Endangered
Monday, May. 08, 1933
Many a bimah (pulpit) of New York synagogs vibrated with Rabbinical wrath last Friday evening. The Kashruth Association, guild of ritual food inspectors, met during the week in anger. Some 6,500 kosher butcher shops feared for their supplies. Half as many kosher delicatessen stores were worried about their spicy provender; householders in The Bronx, Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn chirped excitedly. All because of horrid disclosures of racketeering in the city’s kosher food markets (see p. 15). The Kashruth Association called conditions in the kosher chicken markets “a blot upon the good name of the Jew.” The Kashruth Association could no longer, it announced, stand responsible for the ritual cleanliness of the delicatessen stores. A treasured necessity of Judaism was in danger. Kosher, Trefah, Parve. The Bible outlines, the Talmud interprets, and Qaro’s Shulchan Arnch (Table Prepared) codi- fies, or as Jews say “puts a fence around,” the Jewish dietary laws.
Milky and meaty may not be served at the same meal. The housewife must keep two complete sets of dishes and utensils. Salting (melihah) of meat to remove all blood is a final koshering rite. The rabbis, however, allow for “neutral,” or parve foods—vegetables, grain products, fish, eggs. Neutral dishes may be prepared as meaty or milky.

October 1933, Orthodox Union, pg. 8 ad:
Sunshine Kosher Crackers are as Kosher and “parve” as they are delicious!

Pittsburgh Jewish Newspaper Project
10 April 1936, The Jewish Criterion, “Spry Marches on From House to House,” pg. 31, col. 3:
Spry is absolutely Kosher and Parve and is under the strict rabbinical supervision guaranteeing absolutely the Kashruth of Kosher Spry.

Pittsburgh Jewish Newspaper Project
6 August 1937, The Jewish Criterion, pg. 10, col. 1 ad:
Serve HEINZ VEGETARIAN BEANS, too—they’re pareve—a “maichel”—an excellent side-dish for any meal, milchig or fleischig.
(H. J. Heinz Co, Pittsburgh, PA—ed.)

24 March 1939, American Hebrew, pg. 26 ad:
Your matzoh-meal noodles, kneidlach, chremzlach, matzoh-shalot, matzoh egg-kuchen, matzoh-meal macaroons, and all other cooked and baked holiday foods, the fleischige as well as the milchige, will also be good, healthful and wonderfully delicious when prepared with Pessachdige SPRY.
Kosher and Parve
The new, purer, all-vegetable shortening for baking and frying
Look for the special tag with the Hechsher attached to ewach can
Lever Brothers Company, General Offices: Cambridge, Mass.

OCLC WorldCat record
Famous recipes for Jewish housewives
by Ann Amernick; Rumford Company.
Type:  Book; English
Publisher: Rumford, R.I. : Rumford Company, ©1940.
Document Type: Book
Notes: Includes a calendar with the Jewish holidays and holiday recipe suggestions. In original orange printed wrapper. “Made in accordance with the Jewish dietary laws and is therefore kosher. Rumford baking powder is also parve and can be used for baking either meat or milk dishes, except during Passover"--Signed by Rabbi Solomon Reichman, Kashruth Commissioner, p. 24. LC copy stamped: Sklar’s Delicatessen and Creamery, 117 State St., Dial 6704, Bangor, Me.
Description: 24 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 18 cm.
Other Titles: Famous traditional recipes for Jewish housewives
Responsibility: presented by the Rumford Company.

OCLC WorldCat record
Atlantic gelatin is kosher and parve ...
by Samuel Baskin; S Winograd
Type:  Book; English
Publisher: [Brooklyn, 1951]

20 March 1958, Lebanon (PA) Daily News, pg. 29 ad:
Most Food Fairs Now Featuring

14 April 1959, Chester (PA) Times, pg. 15 ad:
Most Food Fair Stores—Now Featuring A Complete Variety of Famous Brand KOSHER and PARVE

OCLC WorldCat record
Perfectly pareve
by Eileen Goltz
Type:  Book; English
Publisher: Jerusalem ; New York : Feldheim Publishers, ©2001

OCLC WorldCat record
My Most Favorite Dessert Company cookbook : delicious pareve baking recipes
by Doris Schechter; Zeva Oelbaum
Type:  Book; English
Publisher: New York : HarperCollins, ©2001. 

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