A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from March 31, 2017
British Accreditation Registry ("bar” backronym)

The legal “bar"is sometimes said to be an acronym (or backronym) for “British Accredited Registry” or “British Accreditation Registry.” “The acronym BAR was established denoting (informally) the British Accredited Registry” was posted to the newsgroup can.taxes on December 21, 2000.

Google Groups: can.taxes
Lawyers Part 2
The establishment of this first International Bar Association allowed barrister–lawyers from all nations to be formally recognized and accredited by the only recognized accreditation society. From this, the acronym BAR was established denoting (informally) the British Accredited Registry, whose members became a powerful and integral force within the International Bar Association (IBA).

Google Groups: can.taxes
Ratification of Amendments, was something else.
Austin Rayder
DiablO) British Accredited Registry (BAR)

20 June 2003, Fort Collins (CO) Coloradoan, “Couple sued over tax scheme” by Sarah Langbein, pg. B1:
Taking Back America, through outlets such as http://www.tbafoundation.com, also sells a Law Barrister degree for $2,400.

“We, as Americans, need to take back our country from the BAR association,” Cooper said, referring to BAR as an acronym for the British Accredited Registry. “I would like to have America free again.”

Google Books
The New American Newspeak Dictionary
By Adrian Krieg
Bradenton, FL: A2z Publications
Pg. 16:
Bar association (The) BAR, (British Accredited Registry) The association to which all lawyers and judges must belong in order to be allowed to practice law.

10 November 2005, Knight Ridder Tribune Business News, “New fraud trial for Waterloo, Iowa, health supplement salesman” by Jeff Reinitz, pg. 1:
Nov. 10--WATERLOO—A former member of an anti-tax group has been granted a new trial on charges he filed bogus papers to get out of car loans.

The Iowa Court of Appeals overturned Mervin Duane Hague’s fraud convictions after ruling the district court made an error in the jury instructions during his March 2004 fraud trial.
He wrote that “bar” associations for attorneys are really the “British Accredited Registry” and are controlled by the Templar BAR, which is owned by the Rothschild-Bank-Cartel and the Vatican.

Social Media Expert‏
Lawyer’s Secret Oath: BAR stands for British Accreditation Registry Web of Justice http://www.co.pinellas.fl.us/bc http://url4.eu/HKDD
12:47 PM - 21 Aug 2009

Replying to @EllynneMarie
@EllynneMarie A Lawyer?! Lmbo! Not a member of the British Accredidation Registry (BAR) submitted to the Queen of England? Mrs. Esquire! LOL
12:06 AM - 9 Jan 2010

Alcuin Bramerton‏
BAR means British Accredited Registry or British Accredited Regency.
1:01 AM - 24 Apr 2010

8) BAR stands for British Accreditation Registry!  Meaning if you pass the bar, technically you serve the Queen as a Knight!  #servants!!
11:44 PM - 25 Aug 2010

17 June 2011, Arizona Daily Star (Tucson, AZ), “Home quits mayor’s race; Rothschild faces no primary” by Rhonda Bodfield, pg. A2:
He testified that lawyers are foreign agents. He said the bar that oversees attorneys really stands for “British Accreditation Registry,” which answers to the Queen of England.

Ronan Lupton‏
British Accredited Agency is the BAR - Not. #freeman
6:14 PM - 25 Jul 2013

Scoop Perman‏
Replying to @HeysannaHosanna
BAR=British accredited registry
2:04 PM - 25 Mar 2017

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