A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from February 04, 2022
GoFraudMe (GoFundMe + fraud)

GoFundMe is an American for-profit crowdfunding platform. In 2022, GoFundMe was criticized for removing Canada’s Freedom Convoy of truckers from its platform. A GoFundMe nickname is “GoFraudMe” (GoFundMe + fraud).

“@jamilsmith @gofundme @mattdpearce Nice work if you can get it. #GoFRAUDme” was posted on Twitter by DCGomez on September 1, 2014. “Only GruntNews, funded by GoFraudMe speaks to the truth” was posted on Twitter by Chück Johnson on September 15, 2014. “Hi people! GoFraudMe.com is here, yay!” was posted on gofraudme on April 3, 2016.."#GoFraudMe is trending.” was posted on Twitter by Keean Bexte on February 5, 2022. “GoFundMe will forever be called #GoFraudMe” was posted on Twitter by Canada ‘Honk’ News on February 5, 2022.

Other GoFundMe nicknames include “GoFuckMe/GoEffMe/GoFMe” and “GoFuckYourself.”

Wikipedia: GoFundMe
GoFundMe is an American for-profit crowdfunding platform that allows people to raise money for events ranging from life events such as celebrations and graduations to challenging circumstances like accidents and illnesses.
Freedom Convoy Canada 2022
In January 2022, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that truck drivers crossing into Canada would have to be fully vaccinated. In response, some truckers organized a convoy to Ottawa. A project was created with the claim of raising money for fuel and food for the convoy. On February 4, 2022, GoFundMe announced the fundraiser had been removed from the platform for violating terms of service, specifically “violence and other unlawful activity”.

Replying to @JamilSmith
@jamilsmith @gofundme @mattdpearce Nice work if you can get it. #GoFRAUDme
10:39 AM · Sep 1, 2014·Twitter for Mac

Chück Johnson
Replying to @JohnEkdahl
@JohnEkdahl Lawyer up. I am the most important voice in journalism in America. Only GruntNews, funded by GoFraudMe speaks to the truth.
7:08 PM · Sep 15, 2014·Twitter Web Client

Replying to @osullyville
@Bro_Pair you should make a crime based crowdsourcing website. Crimestarter. Indietakesteal. Gofraudme.
1:43 PM · Nov 18, 2014·Twitter for Android

Second Coming Intl.
Ran experiment on GoFundMe, found 3 felon con-artists raising $$ in system within 7 hours, and zero support 4 vet case. Should be GoFraudMe
10:23 AM · Mar 21, 2015·Twitter for Android

Boycott GoFundMe
FB page curating @gofundme fraud: https://facebook.com/GoFundMeGoFraudMe … #BoycottGoFundMe #gofraudme #fraud #scams
11:57 AM · Apr 29, 2015·Twitter Web Client

Stay tuned!
Posted by gofraudme on April 3, 2016
Hi people! GoFraudMe.com is here, yay!

Over the next few days and weeks, we hope to put together one badass website highlighting known crowdfunding scams, resources for those who suspect fundraisers to be fraudulent, and cheat sheets for media professionals covering crowdfunding. We get tons of questions on our Facebook page surrounding these issues, so that’s our first priority.

Couple Accused of Killing Toddler Used GoFundMe to Profit Off Her Death http://gofraudme.com/couple-accused-of-killing-toddler-used-gofundme-to-profit-off-her-death/
8:28 PM · Apr 4, 2016·Twitter Web Client

Go Fraud Me
Aug 6, 2017
video by
Truth Seeker

SomewhereOutThere is Fully Vaccinated w/Booster
Replying to @SendaiNJ
It’s nicknamed “GoFraudMe” for a reason. I donate my hard-earned money to legitimate nonprofits that I’ve researched.
5:45 PM · Jul 16, 2021 from California, USA·Twitter for Android

UnicornVoy. ⛽
@Unicorn6610Replying to
@gofundme needs to change their name to GoFraudMe.
11:43 AM · Oct 14, 2021·Twitter for Android

Ottawa Tails
Replying to @Surrey_EzekielZ @ChickenClimate and 2 others
Yes, there is a refund option, but donors need to contact GoFundMe aka GoFraudMe
7:39 PM · Feb 4, 2022·Twitter Web App

Sovereign Intel
@gofundme aka #gofraudme aka #gofuckme
Stop using them.
10:31 AM · Feb 5, 2022·Twitter for iPhone

Keean Bexte
#GoFraudMe is trending.
8:12 PM · Feb 5, 2022·Twitter for Android

Canada ‘Honk’ News
GoFundMe will forever be called #GoFraudMe.
8:21 PM · Feb 5, 2022·Twitter Web App

There is a US probe into what some are now calling #GoFraudMe in regard to handling of the #FreedomConvoy campaign, which had raised over $10M & was deleted by #GoFundMe, who had not originally planned to automatically #refund donors.
Florida governor to investigate GoFundMe over Canada trucker donations
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said on Saturday it was fraud for GoFundMe to “commandeer” $9 million in donations sent to support protesting truckdrivers in Canada and that he will investigate what he…
10:17 PM · Feb 5, 2022·Twitter Web App

Posted by Barry Popik
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