A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeye's fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from September 10, 2018
“I don’t care for cheese. I’m a curdmudgeon”

A “curmudgeon” should not be confused with a “curdmudgeon” (curds + curdmudgeon), but there are jokes. “@BeerCurmudgeon cheese-curd-mudgeon” was posted on Twitter by KILL JO WALSH on November 9, 2013. “I’m gonna open a cheese shop when I retire. I’ll name it ‘The Old Curdmudgeon’” was posted on Twitter by Yung Pistachio PA-C on May 25, 2014.

The American police television sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine, on the episode “The Night Shift” that aired on October 11, 2016, had this line from the character Captain Raymond Holt (played by the actor Andre Braugher):

“I don’t care for cheese. I’m a curd-mudgeon.”

Wiktionary: curmudgeon
(plural curmudgeons)
1. (archaic) A miser.
2. An ill-tempered (and frequently old) person full of stubborn ideas or opinions.

Wikipedia: Curds
Curds are a dairy product obtained by coagulating milk in a process called curdling. The coagulation can be caused by adding rennet or any edible acidic substance such as lemon juice or vinegar, and then allowing it to coagulate. The increased acidity causes the milk proteins (casein) to tangle into solid masses, or curds. Milk that has been left to sour (raw milk alone or pasteurized milk with added lactic acid bacteria) will also naturally produce curds, and sour milk cheeses are produced this way. Producing cheese curds is one of the first steps in cheesemaking; the curds are pressed and drained to varying amounts for different styles of cheese and different secondary agents (molds for blue cheeses, etc.) are introduced before the desired aging finishes the cheese.

@BeerCurmudgeon cheese-curd-mudgeon
12:58 AM - 9 Nov 2013

Yung Pistachio PA-C
I’m gonna open a cheese shop when I retire. I’ll name it “The Old Curdmudgeon.”
8:13 PM - 25 May 2014

IMDb (The Internet Movie Database)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013– )
The Night Shift
TV-14 | 22min | Comedy, Crime | Episode aired 11 October 2016
Season 4 | Episode 4

Jake, on his first case back at the precinct, commandeers the vehicle of Jess Day, (from New Girl) who’s visiting New York. In the meantime, Holt tries to increase office morale and Amy wants to know why Rosa is taking such long breaks.
Director: Tristram Shapeero
Writers: Daniel J. Goor (created by) (as Dan Goor), Michael Schur (created by) | 5 more credits »

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Captain Holt Tells A Dad Joke To Boost Morale At The B9-9 (Episode Highlight)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Published on Oct 11, 2016
The B9-9’s morale is low when they have to take the night shifts. Captain Holt has a remedy for that: telling jokes.
“I don’t care for cheese. I’m a curd-mudgeon.”

noah cind-ergaard
“Try this joke on for size:
‘I don’t care for cheese. I’m a...curdmudgeon.’”
I chuckled. #Brooklyn99
8:04 PM - 11 Oct 2016

elaine 💞
“i don’t care for cheese. im a CURDmudgeon” holt is me
11:04 PM - 11 Oct 2016

Shawn Plaisance
“I don’t care for cheese. I’m a curdmudgeon.” #Brooklyn99
5:38 PM - 14 Oct 2016 from Baton Rouge, LA

permanently exhausted pigeon
“I don’t care for cheese! I’m a CURDmudgeon” - Cptn Holt, @Brooklyn99FOX
11:30 PM - 18 Oct 2016

Reddit—Brooklyn Nine-Nine
[Spoiler] I still don’t get this joke (self.brooklynninenine)
submitted January 23, 2018 by vanillamess
In “The Night Shift” (4x04), Captain Holt tells a joke to Terry, “I don’t care for cheese, I’m a curdmudgeon.” I don’t get it, can someone explain it to me? Thanks!
Curds are a kind of cheese smile

And a curmudgeon is a grumpy person.

Reddit—Dad Jokes
I don’t care for cheese (self.dadjokes)
submitted September 11, 2018 by Man_of_Aluminum
I’m a curdmudgeon

Posted by Barry Popik
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