A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from April 04, 2006
“I found it at the Colony!” (Colony Music Center)
"I found it! (at the Colony)" is the slogan on the outside of the Colony Music Center, 1619 Broadway. The Colony has a large selection of music; if you've got a Broadway show tune in mind, this music store on Broadway is the place to go.

The Colony has been around since 1948, and for most of that time it's been located in the historic Brill Building (where many 1950s and 1960s songwriters congregated).

Colony Music Center: For all your Karaoke...Sheet Music...and Broadway needs!!
1619 Broadway New York, NY 10019
212-265-2050 fax 212-956-6009

Colony Music Center
Address 1619 Broadway
Location At 49th St
Transportation Subway: N, R to 49th St.; 1, 9 to 50th St
Phone 212/265-2050
Web site http://www.colonymusic.com

Frommer's Review
This long-lived Theater District shop ("since 1948") is housed in the legendary Brill Building, the Tin Pan Alley of '50s and '60s pop, where legendary songwriters like Leiber and Stoller and producers like Don Kirschner and Phil Spector crafted the soundtrack for a generation. It's the perfect home for Colony, a nostalgia emporium filled with a pricey but excellent collection of vintage vinyl and new CDs.

If you're at Times Square, and Pepe doesn't have his open
briefcase of Bee Gee belt buckles on the subway platform (lately
Pepe's been straying over to Hanson keychains), you can always
try The Colony, on 49th and Broadway, in the historic Brill
Building. Their slogan is "I found it at the Colony!" I've
heard fans suggest other slogans, with regard to the price tags
one finds when one finds it at the Colony. Admittedly, The
Colony does tend to be geared toward the die-hard fan with more
disposable income than will-power. Believe me, I've seen it
happen. Lunchboxes, jigsaw puzzles, Andy Gibb dolls -- people
have left that place in tears. As a non-collector, I just think
of it as another of New York City's well-stocked museums. After
all, I don't think about how much the Van Goghs cost at the
Metropolitan Museum of Art, right? In any case, enter at your
own risk: you just might end up buying something that you're not
quite prepared to explain to your spouse
Blogway Baby
Colony Records: I Found It At The Colony! (Jun 15 2005 23:52 GMT)
- Whenever I'm in New York I love going to Colony Records in Times Square (Broadway and 49th) to browse through the amazing CD, and more importantly, sheet music/vocal score selections. They have the best Broadway piano/vocal score selections I have ever seen (no disrespect meant to Song and Script in Toronto). I just bought the piano/vocal selections to Schoolhouse Rock at Colony, which I've been looking for everywhere! The Broadway connection is that some of the tunes ("Interplanet Janet", "No More Kings") were written by Lynn Ahrens, whose latest Broadway effort was Dessa Rose . They also have a great selection of Karaoke CDs of Broadway shows (they claim to be the world's largest karaoke dealer and I believe them!


"I found it! At the colony". Music store sign. Photo taken at 42nd St., Times Square, NYC, by Hekate Collective, March 2004.

29 October 1947, New York Times, pg. 23:
Colony Music & Sport Shop...1671 Broadway

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