A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from November 03, 2017
“Is that a custard or a meringue?"/"You’re not wrong. It’s a custard.”

A joke about the Scottish accent is:

SCOTSMAN (at a bakery): Is that a custard or a meringue?
ENGLISHMAN: You’re not wrong. It’s a custard.

“Or a meringue?” sounds like “Or am I wrong?” The joke was posted on the newsgroup alt.fan.eddings on July 3, 1998.

Wikipedia: Meringue
Meringue (/məˈræŋ/, mə-RANG; French pronunciation: ​[məʁɛ̃ɡ]) is a type of dessert, often associated with French, Swiss, and Italian cuisine, traditionally made from whipped egg whites and sugar, and occasionally an acidic ingredient such as lemon, vinegar or cream of tartar. A binding agent such as salt, cornstarch or gelatin may also be added to the eggs. The addition of powdered sugar, which usually contains corn starch, to the uncooked meringue produces a pavlova. The key to the formation of a good meringue is the formation of stiff peaks by denaturing the protein ovalbumin (a protein in the egg whites) via mechanical shear. Meringues are often flavoured with vanilla, a small amount of almond, or coconut, although if extracts of these are used and are based on an oil infusion, an excess of fat from the oil may inhibit the egg whites from forming a foam.

Google Groups: alt.fan.eddings
Thoughts on Aphrael + Polgarath’s return
Imagine it being said in a Scottish accent.
Is that a donut, or a meringue?
Is that a donut or am I wrang (wrong) ?

So the response is basically saying, no, you’re not wrong, it is a donut.

22 January 2001, The Independent (London, UK), “Captain Moonlight: All aboard the Dome bus (but don’t ask why)” by Charles Nevin, pg. 20:
Scotsman: “Is that a doughnut that you’re eating or a meringue?”
Englishman: “No, you’re not wrong… it is a doughnut!”

Google Groups: uk.media.tv.misc
WWTBAM Audience Question
Tom Jones
Is that a cake in the window or a meringue ?
Yes it is a cake, you’re not wrong…

16 August 2007, Daily Mail (London, UK), “Prevented from returning to his” by Ephraim Hardcastle, pg. 1:
I’m reminded of the Scottish lady out on a similar quest who (in her exquisite Edinburgh accent) inquires of the baker: ‘Is this an eclair or a meringue?’ Baker: ‘You’re not wrong, ma’am. It’s an eclair.’

Stephen Rogers‏
Replying to @ArianeSherine
@ArianeSherine man goes into cake shop and asks, “Is that a custard or a meringue?” Assistant replies,"No, you’re not wrong it’s a custard.”
7:23 AM - 17 Apr 2009

Exchange in Glasgow bakery, according to Guardian newspaper: Is that a cake or a meringue? No, it is a cake, you’re not wrong
2:12 AM - 9 Jul 2009

“Sticky toffee pudding or a meringue?” No, you’re not wrong.  http://flic.kr/p/7qBTxb
1:07 PM - 26 Dec 2009

Narcis Sauleda‏
Is this a macaroon or a meringue?  Nono, you’re not wrong it is a macaroon #badjoke http://twitpic.com/46v7ai
12:38 PM - 6 Mar 2011

Proven Thick‏
Replying to @charlieconnelly
@charlieconnelly @Judearoo @gutterbookshop you dare..
“is that a donut or a meringue”
“no, you’re not wrong, that’s a donut”
5:21 AM - 7 Aug 2011

Jason Manford
April 30, 2014 ·
Classic joke #4592; A Scottish man walks into a bakery and says “Excuse me, is that an apple pie or a Meringue?”
The baker replies “No, you’re not wrong, it’s an apple pie”.

Shit Jokes‏
I went into a cake shop today and asked,
“Is that a custard or a meringue?”
She said “You’re not wrong, it’s a custard.”
4:53 PM - 2 Nov 2017

Posted by Barry Popik
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