A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from November 20, 2007
Little Buckaroo or Little Wrangler (children; children’s products; children’s menus)

A child in the West usually wasn’t called a “little cowboy.” The child was often affectionately called a “little buckaroo” or a “little wrangler.”

After World War II, industries sought out the “little buckaroo” or “little wrangler” market, making special toys, clothes, and restaurant menus for children. Advertisementsfofr toys and clothes for the “little buckaroo” or “little wrangler” appear in print by about 1949.

In 1963, Underwood’s Bar-B-Q (a Texas chain, since 1946) advertised a “little wrangler special.” In the 1970s, Roy Rogers family restaurants would offer a “buckaroo menu,” complete with a “buckaroo burger” (mini-burger). “Little buckaroo menus” and “little wrangler menus” are offered in many western-themed restaurants today.

National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum (Oklahoma City, OK)
Buckaroo’s Menu
(10 & under)

Hickory Hollow Restaurants (Houston & Magnolia, TX)
Little Buckaroo’s (Kids) Menu

Saddles Steak House-n-More (Wayland, Iowa)

Jake’s Round-Up (Glens Falls, NY)
Buckaroo Menu

W.B. Cody’s (Westerly, RI)
Buckaroo Menu

Chute Gates Steakhouse & Saloon (Terryville, CT)
“Lil" Buckaroo Menu
Sunday kids 12 and under eat free. 2 kids per adult. Accompanying adults must order an entree.

The Bum Steer (Wrightwood, CA)
Little Wranglers Menu
(10 years and under)

Roadside BBQ (San Francisco, CA)
13 years and under, please! 

Santa Fe Steakhouse (Forest Hills, NY)
All “Little Wranglers” entrees include french fries, fountain drink & a Buck-A-Roo sundae.
No Substitutions please.
Must be 12 & under (maxium of 4 kids per party)

Internet Movie Database
Plot summary for
The Buckaroo Kid (1926)
Mulford sends Ed Harley to manage Radigan’s rundown ranch. He makes a success of it but when called to return, he asks Radigan for a loan. Radigan says he can have the loan but not his daughter, but Ed wants both. Written by Maurice VanAuken {mvanauken@a1access.net}

Internet Movie Database
The Little Buckaroo (1928)
Director: Louis King
Writers: Frank Howard Clark (story), Oliver Drake (scenario)
Release Date: 25 February 1928 (USA)
Genre: Western

Internet Movie Database
Little Buckaroo (1938)
Directors: Manny Gould, Ben Harrison
Writers: George Herriman (comic strip), Allen Rose
Release Date: 11 April 1938 (USA)
Genre: Animation / Short more
Plot Synopsis: This plot synopsis is empty. Add a synopsis
Plot Keywords: Cat / Cartoon Cat / Krazy Kat

27 April 1948, San Antonio (TX) Express, pg. 5A, col. 2 ad:
Cowboy Boots! Texas’ largest stock of the brands you know. Cowboy boots for ma, pa, junior cattlemen and little buckaroos. Save real dollars on ‘em at Kaufman’s, 100 S. Flores St., San Antonio.—(Adv.)

18 March 1949, Santa Rosa (NM) News, pg. 8, col. 4 ad:
Little Buckaroo Shop
For your children’s clothing go to The Little Buckaroo Shop, located at 109 South 2nd in Tucumeari.

5 February 1950, Dallas (TX) Morning News, “Roy Rogers, Cowboy King, Remembers 12 Years Ago” by Clint Pace, part 1, pg. 9:
On opening night, Rogers announced to the spectators that he and Dale were “expecting a little buckaroo.”

18 May 1950, Idaho Falls (ID) Post-Register, pg. 19 ad:
Little Wrangler Pony Saddle For Children

7 May 1952, Edwardsville (IL) Intelligencer, pg. 12, col. 6 ad:
MOM & POP! Bring your camera and snap pictures of your Little Wrangler ridin’ down the trail of ye olde Popcorn Wagon stampin’ grounds!
(The Popcorn Wagon—ed.)

2 December 1954, Idaho State Journal (Pocatello, ID), “For Boys,” pg. 20, col. 7 ad:
The little wranglers will adore a pair of his very own boots.
(Hudson Shoe Co.—ed.)

16 December 1957, Dallas (TX) Morning News, part 1, pg. 19 ad:
Fun-time for the little wrangler with this handsome double holster set! 

10 March 1960, Dallas (TX) Morning News, “Small Fry Breakfast Menu,” section 5, pg. 17:
What little wrangler wouldn’t enjoy a breakfast of Canadian-style bacon, whole orange flower, French toast cooked in waffle iron to give it extra attractiveness, honey and hot cocoa with marshmallows.

18 April 1963, Corpus Christi (TX) Times, pg. 10D, col. 5 ad:
(Underwood’s Pit Bar-B-Que—ed.)

24 July 1964, Reno (NV) Evening Gazette, pg. 21?, col. 1 ad:
(Bit & Spur—ed.)

26 March 1965, Corpus Christi (TX) Times, pg. 6C, col. 2 ad:
To encourage Family Dining...Underwood’s are serving FREE a child’s plate for all children under 10 years, accompanied by both parents.

4 May 1966, Lawton (OK) Constitution, pg. 15B, col. 4 ad:
“Little Wrangler” DINNER Special Only 49c
Kids 10 and Under
(Underwood’s Bar-B-Q—ed.)

27 March 1967, Edwardsville (IL) Intelligencer, pg. 4, col. 4 ad:
Children pay only 1c per pound of their weight for their choice on the LITTLE WRANGLER MENU.
(Flaming Pit—ed.)

10 December 1967, Waterloo (Iowa) Daily Courier, pg. 48, col. 7 ad:
for the Kiddies
From the Little Buckaroo Menu
(Buckaroo Steak Ranch—ed.)

26 August 1973, Cumberland (MD) Times, pg. 38, col. 1 ad:
There’s something NEW and different at Roy Rogers it’s the Buck-A-Roo Burger for those young Buck-A-Roo’s or little eaters.
For the young Buck-A-Roo’s
12 & Under
(Roy Rogers Family Restaurant—ed.)

22 August 1980, Warrendale (PA) News-Record, pg. C7, col. 4 ad:
(Roy Rogers Family Restaurant—ed.)

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