A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from December 22, 2005
Little Guyana (Richmond Hill, Queens)
Guyana is a small country in South America. Most of its immigrants to the United States have settled in New York City.

Richmond Hill, Queens has been called "Little Guyana" since at least 2001.

Wikipedia: Richmond Hill, Queens
Richmond Hill is a middle class neighborhood in central-southern Queens, New York City, USA. It is bordered by Kew Gardens to the north, Woodhaven and Ozone Park to the west, South Ozone Park to the south and South Jamaica to the east. The neighborhood is split between Queens Community Board 9 and 10.

Main commercial streets in the neighborhood include Jamaica Avenue, Atlantic Avenue and Liberty Avenue. The main zip code of Richmond Hill is 11418; the zip code for the southern part of the neighborhood is 11419.
Originally, many European families (Italian, Dutch, British, Irish, Scotch, Danish, and German) had lived in Richmond Hill. There is a north and south Richmond Hill. The division is Atlantic Avenue. Today the southside of Richmond Hill mostly consists of South Asian Americans and Caribbean Americans. Richmond Hill has the largest Sikh population in the City of New York and also contributes to the diversity of the borough of Queens. Since the 1970s many Caribbean Indians from Guyana, Trinidad and some from Jamaica have emigrated to the United States, especially to Richmond Hill and Jamaica in Queens, and brought the Hindu and Muslim traditions to their new home.

Urban Dictionary
Little Guyana
Da place in NYC where all of da people from Guyana n Trinidad are livin.
I na have di ting fa Little Guyana example cuz me a di library computa fo sho.
Source: BBX, nEw YoRk, Dec 3, 2005

Richmond Hill hasn't earned its sobriquet of Little Guyana for nothing. A few thousand of the inhabitants of the South American country have been transplanted into this picturesque little neighborhood in eastern Queens. Home to a rather peculiar kind of food called Guyana Chinese, the area is also home to Steve Massiah, one of America's most gifted young cricketers, and given the average age of the squad now, almost certainly a part of the team's future.

Terry Gajraj
RICHMOND HILL (ah little Guyana)
Music: Dil-e-Nadan (Trinidad)
Lyrics: Terry Gajraj (Guyana)

Richmond Hill ah Little Guyana (4x)
Richmond Hill is ah place, Whey de Guyanese ah 'waste'
Young gyal ah walk & dem ah shake-up dem waist
Dem ah big up dem chest 'cause dem know dem ah de best
Bring first place in ah beauty contest …
Richmond Hill ah Little Guyana (4x)

HTH Worldwide
Today, there are more Guyanese living abroad than in Guyana. In New York, there is "Little Guyana"- a community for Guyanese that is a home away from home.

Voices of New York
Indo-Guyanese A LOTE speaking community in Richmond Hills, NY
Brenda Mangru and Madhu Pillai
The Indo-Guyanese Americans use their dialect of English as a LOTE in everyday activities in Richmond Hills, which is a community in Queens, New York that has a high concentrated Indo-Guyanese American population. Although the Indo-Guyanese Americans speak English fluently the dialect they use is very different in everyday communication among the group. Richmond Hills is composed of many immigrants but the Indo-Guyanese American is the largest and they have created a cultural link to their homeland in the area by starting cultural associations, charity organizations, grocery stores, restaurants, jewelry shops, and places of prayer. Through extensive research and one-on-one interviews, the richness of the Indo-Guyanese American culture became clear.
The Association of Guyanese Americans. 126-17 liberty ave., Richmond Hill, NY 11419
Atlantic West Indian Grocery, 130-02 101 ave South Richmond Hills, 718-805-6964.
Caribbean Journal, PO Box 180306, Richmond Hill, NY 11418, Phone/fax (718) 845-8760
Guyana Chronicle. http://www.landofsixpeople.com, People; facts about Guyana Population Distribution, 2001
Guyana Gold, 124-08 Liberty Ave South Richmond Hills, 718-843 1365
Guyana Solidarity Movement of New York, 101 37 123rd street, Richmond Hill, NY 11419, 718 849-2513
Hindu Caribbean American Cultural Arts Association, 131-21 Liberty Ave., Richmond Hill, NY 11419
The Indo Caribbean Federation of North America, Inc. 129-18 Liberty Ave., Richmond Hill NY 11419
Little Guyana Bake Shop, 116-44 Liberty Ave South Richmond Hills, 718-843-6530

For example, take Richmond Hill in Queens, it seems now that the area is known as "Little Guyana" thanks to the influx of Guyanese Indians and some blacks.

13 January 2002, New York (NY) Times, "Richmond Hill" by Jim O'Grady, pg. CY7:
New York now has 100,000 Guyanese immigrants. That represents 70 percent of all immigrants from that country to the United States.

Many of them live in Richmond Hill. Just as Chinese-Americans energized downtown Flushing, the Guyanese have revived a once-moribund shopping strip on Liberty Avenue between the Van Wyck Expressway and Lefferts Boulevard, now known as Little Guyana.

WNYC—The Brian Lehrer Show
The New Littles: Explore The Data and Map
Check Out The Census Data and Map and Add Your Notes

Thursday, June 02, 2011 - 06:00 AM
By John Keefe / Jody Avirgan : Producer, Brian Lehrer Show and It’s A Free Country
Canarsie Brooklyn="Little Haiti” (probably due to the earthquake)
Glendale Queens="Little Germany”
Mount Hope Bronx="Little Ghana”
Steinway area Queens="Little Greece”
Richmond Hill Queens="Little Guyana”
Jun. 10 2011 12:37 PM
Posted by Barry Popik
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