A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from October 29, 2016
National Pinko Radio (NPR or National Public Radio nickname)

NPR (National Public Radio) has sometimes been called “National Pinko Radio” by conservatives who believe that NPR has “pinko” (communist) leanings. “National Pinko Radio” has been cited in print since at least 1990.

Other NPR nicknames include “National Propaganda Radio” (cited in print since at least 1989), “National Palestinian Radio” (cited in print since at least 1993), “Nationalized Public Radio” (cited in print since at least 1995), “National Pubic Radio” (cited in print since at least 2002) and “National Panhandler Radio” (cited in print since at least 2011).

Wikipedia: NPR
National Public Radio (usually shortened to NPR, stylized as npr) is an American privately and publicly funded non-profit membership media organization that serves as a national syndicator to a network of 900 public radio stations in the United States of America.

14 March 1990, Chicago (IL) Tribune, “O’Malley & Gratteau INC,” sec. 1, pg. 20, col. 1:.
Baer was back in Rockford on Monday night for a Rockford Chamber of Commerce legislative reception, when he recognized the presence of Lester Graham, the nes director of WNIU, the local Nationa Public Radio affiliate, by saying: “Ohhh...National Pinko Radio.” And then laughed at his own bad joke.

Google Groups: alt.fan.dan-quayle
1996 GOP Veep Choice (Was: Re: Complete this sentence)
Tom Kreitzberg
Michael Chaplin writes, of Colin Powell:
> It’s true, though- he did grow up there [the Bronx] (and was probably born
> there). He even picked up a little yiddish on the side, I understand.

That’s a damn lie from National Pinko Radio and the rest of the liberal news media.

6 February 1993, Pittsburgh (PA) Post-Gazette, “Saturday Diary” by Michael McGough, pg. B-3, col. 4:
We in the ivory tower would have been surprised if we had spent more time listening to radio talk shows and less time tuned to National Pinko Radio.

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Accents (was Re: skins and curiosities)
Virgil Kane
Reminds me of the guy who wrote that he was listening to NPR (National Pinko Radio) one day when Daniel Ortega was being interviewed; the radio types were going miles out of their way to pronounce the name of his country as “NEE-DA-KRR-AHWG-WA” or some similarly preposterous thing, and Ortega pronounced it “Nick-a-rag-wa.”

25 January 1997, Pittsburgh (PA) Post-Gazette, “Saturday Diary” by Michael McGough, pg. A-11, col. 3:
In the Bay Area as in Philadelphia, the last stop on my sabbatical tour, my radio is usually tuned to what I once affectionately (and, I though, ironically) referred to in a Saturday Diary as “National Pinko Radio.”

Google Books
America’s Right Turn:
How Conservatives Used New and Alternative Media to Take Power

By Richard A. Viguerie and David Franke
Chicago, IL: Bonus Books
Pg. 3:
Polls show that even National Pinko Radio, as NPR is affectionately known on the Right, has more conservative listeners than liberal listeners.

8 November 2005, Atlanta (GA) Journal-Constitution, “Commutants!,” pg. A17:
JIM WOOTEN’S BLOG: A kind-hearted liberal, a co-worker who ordinarily drives solo, gave me a lift today. When alone, she listens to NPR --- national pinko radio.

29 August 2009, The Spectator, “The Wiki Man” by Rory Sutherland, pg. ?:
American speech radio can also be excellent: any station labelled NPR (National Public Radio to most people, though American conservatives claim it stands for National Pinko Radio) is worth a try.

deplorable redneck
boycott npr, why bother the taxpayers foot the bill for national pinko radio
11:01 AM - 21 Oct 2010

Google Books
Something for Nothing:
A Novel

By Michael W. Klein
Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press
Pg. 151:
Greg did not share these eclectic tastes with his friends in SAVE since, as far as he knew, most of them thought it inappropriate to waste time with the liberal media (his classmates claimed NPR stood for National Pinko Radio).

Google Books
Ad Nauseam:
How Advertising and Public Relations Changed Everything

By Jeff Koob
Bloomington, IN: iUniverse
Pg. ?:
They refer to NPR as “National Pinko Radio.”

Seeing Red
@SeeingRed02 MSNBC (Menopausal Sister of NBC), BBC (Bumbling Brit Creeps), NPR (National Pinko Radio) all are Clinton “useful idiots.”
2:54 PM - 14 Jul 2016

LewRockwell.com Blog
2:12 pm on October 28, 2016
Why Doesn’t SNL Ridicule Barack Obama?
Walter E. Block
I was listening the NPR (National Pinko Radio – I’m a masochist; I just want to be acquainted with the “thinking” of our friends on the left) this morning, and they were discussion the SNL (Saturday Night Liberal) television show.

Posted by Barry Popik
New York CityRadio/Television • Saturday, October 29, 2016 • Permalink