A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from August 21, 2022
“No farmers, no food, no future”

"No farmer(s), no food, no future” is a saying that has been printed on many images. The protest slogan has been cited in Canada since 1990, but is now worldwide.

“No farmers. no food. No future” was printed in the Ottawa (ON) Citizen on September 19, 1990. “No Farmers, No Food, No Future” was printed in The Whig-Standard (Kingston, ON) on November 16, 1991.  “No Farmers, No Food, No Future” was printed in the same Whig-Standard on July 23, 1997. “No farmers, No food, No future” was printed in The Post-Star (Glens Falls, NY) on April 12, 2005. “No farmer, no food, no future” was printed in The Spectator (Hamilton, ON) on November 25, 2005. “No Farmer, No Food, No Future” was posted on Twitter by Slow Food Italia on May 2, 2011.

“no farmers, no food, no future. #FarmerProtest” (referring to a protest in India, and also shown on an image) was posted on Twitter by jaspreet on October 11, 2021. “Wow! Dutch farmers are not joking: ‘No farmers, no food, no future’” (referring to a protest in the Netherlands) was posted on Twitter by RadioGenova on July 25, 2022.

“No farms, no food” is a related saying.

19 September 1990, Ottawa (ON) Citizen, “Letters,” pg. A12, col. 4:
A billboard, recently erected by a group of Ontario farmers, sums it up well… Just think! No farmers. no food. No future.
Gordon Garlough

16 November 1991, The Whig-Standard (Kingston, ON), “Farmers roll through Napanee streets to protest ‘mess’ created by politicians” by Jack Rafter, pg. 1:
The tractors bore signs displaying messages such as “Welfare Pays, Farming Doesn’t”; “No Farmers, No Food, No Future” and “Canada, Don’t Sign GATT Without Article 11.”

23 July 1997, Kingston (ON) Whig-Standard, “Letters,” pg. 7, col. 5:
During each trip I take to Toronto, I look forward to seeing the roadside sign that says: “No Farmers, No Food, No Future.” That says it all for me.
Jeff Peters

Google Groups: rec.games.frp.misc
Cover of GURPS Traveller
Rupert Boleyn
Mar 31, 1998, 3:00:00 AM
So that would make most farmers failures, after all they have lots of capital assests, work really long, hard hours, and have very little to show for it. It seems curious that anybody would stay farming if worth really is a general measure of worth. Your theory looks like rubbish to me, because farming is very worthwhile - no farmers, no food.

10 August 2000, Ottawa (ON) Citizen, “Letters,” pg. A15, col. 6:
Surely no one can deny our farmers are the backbone of our country. As a few road signs say: No farmers, No food, No future.
Jo Jones

15 March 2001, Windsor (ON) Star, “Troubled farmers demand more aid” by Star Staff, pg. A1, col. 4:
With signs saying “Farmers mean business” and “No Farmers, No Food, No Future,” they headed to a rally outside Toronto and picked up thousands of vehicles along the way.

Google Groups: alt.religion.eckankar
Middlin’ Piddlin’ Eckancult
Dec 9, 2002, 8:22:49 PM
You know the old saying, no rain no water, no farmer no food.

12 April 2005, The Post-Star (Glens Falls, NY), “letters,” pg. A5, col. 5:
Obviously these people, whoever they are, have not seen Tom Curtis’ sign on state Route 40 in the town of Argyle which states, “No farmers, No food, No future.” Apparently this is their ultimate goal.

25 November 2005, The Spectator (Hamilton, ON), pg. A10:
‘No farmer, no food, no future’: rural mayors
By Paul Legall

Norm S
No Farmers, No Food, No Future http://flic.kr/p/8Aobn2
4:48 PM · Sep 12, 2010·Flickr

Happy Farmers Day! http://bit.ly/bORuOI Buy food locally, support your community. No farmers, no food no future!! #Etsy treasury
10:25 AM · Oct 12, 2010·Twitter Web Client

Jeff Gatcke
No Farmers, No food, No Future!  Ontario beef and pork farmers partner to support insurance program http://j.mp/hnQVLl
2:28 PM · Dec 4, 2010·Twitter Web Client

Gillian Langmead
No farmer no food no future. #harvestplus
5:32 AM · Mar 17, 2011·Twitter for Android

Slow Food Italia
#Slow Fish «No Farmer, No Food, No Future» an interview with chef Gürs http://bit.ly/ir6CT7
9:00 AM · May 2, 2011·TweetDeck

#jordbruk.sagt på WFOstämma:” No farmer, No Food, No Future! Jervis Zimba, Zambia
Translated from Swedish by Google
#jordbruk .said at the WFO meeting: “No farmer, No Food, No Future! Jervis Zimba, Zambia
3:08 AM · Jun 7, 2012·Twitter for iPad

Amy Pursehouse
No farmer, no food, no future. The message from the President of Zambia National Famers Union. A message for us all to take home#RASCZambia
4:57 AM · Sep 25, 2012·Twitter for iPad

jaspreet smile
no farmers, no food, no future. #FarmerProtest
(Also shown on an image.—ed.)
12:56 AM · Oct 11, 2021·Twitter for iPhone

Brownstone Institute
No Farmers, No Food, No Life
The world is now facing a man-made food catastrophe. It is reaching crisis levels.

Wow! Dutch farmers are not joking: “No farmers, no food, no future.”
(A video clip is shown.—ed.)
11:57 AM · Jul 25, 2022·Twitter for Android

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