A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from February 21, 2008
“None of the hits, all of the time” (91.7 KVXR-FM, student radio at UT-Austin)

The motto for 91.7 KVXR-FM, the student-run radio station of the University of Texas at Austin, is “None of the hits, all of the time.” Austin is known as the “Live Music Capital of the World,” and KVXR tries to give airtime to local Texas artists. The station is devoted to the latest music from many genres, including rock, hip-hop, blues, jazz, folk, country, techno, and metal.

KVRX 91.7 FM Student Radio for Austin, TX
About KVRX
KVRX is the student radio station of The University of Texas at Austin.

That means students do everything: we deejay, we promote, we solicit record labels for music, we raise money, we hang around the studio making fun of passers-by—everything. KVRX broadcasts from our studios at the CMC on the UT campus, at 91.7 on your FM dial and live over the Internet 24-7. Our request line number is (512)495-KVRX (512-495-5879); your voice is always a welcome sound. You can also request online.

When is KVRX on the Air?
Here’s the deal. Our sweet friends at KOOP are on the air from 9am till 7pm(CST) during the week, and from 9am till 10pm(CST) during the weekend. The rest of the time 91.7FM is broadcasting KVRX. KOOP is as committed to playing an alternative to normal, dull radio as we are; they just go about it differently. Their personality can only be gauged by checking out their web site or tuning in - but we like each other a lot & often show up at each other’s place for dinner.

None of the Hits, All of the Time
We think that KVRX has the widest variety of music and other programming in all of Austin. Our mission is to play music you just won’t hear anywhere else—none of the hits, all of the time (catchy, eh?). We maintain a huge “new bin” of the latest music—not just “alternative” rock but world music, hip-hop, blues, jazz, folk, country, techno, and metal. Our deejays play no less than five of these genres an hours during regular free-form programming which guarantees that every time you tune into KVRX you will be hearing something different.

What Can I Expect to Hear?
We loathe to bog our deejays down with rules & regulation, but the Mission of KVRX requires the deejays to play, per hour:

* Five items from the aforementioned “new bin”
* five different genres of music
* At least two Texas artist (in any genre)

In addition, under FCC rules KVRX is allowed to play artistic material that some might find indecent from the hours of 10pm till 6am. Listeners are warned, trust us.

16 February 1995, Austin (TX) American-Statesman, “91.7 NONE OF THE HITS, ALL OF THE TIME: a night on the air with KVRX” by Deborah J. Wolfinsohn, pg. 28:
The offices of KVRX, buried deep within dorm-land off 21st Street and Speedway, resemble the apartment of a fictional cool older sibling, the one with the perfect record collection, methodically organized and lovingly used. The posters and stickers that paper the walls are the kind of fan-boy/girl rarities that no consumer will ever see - a giant red cone bra (Pop Will Eat Itself), a Newport “Alive With Pleasure” ad (with Jawbox in place of the smokers), a hilariously ...

Austin (TX) Chronicle (January 23, 1997)
None of the Hits, All of the Time
Austin’s Real “Alternative,” KVRX
“C’mere!!” motions the affable station manager. “I want to show you the bathroom.” Inside the small closet of a loo is evidence of fresh graffiti. “I just painted this so they could start over for the new year, and they’ve already covered it,” says station manager Jenn Garrison, seemingly pleased with this development. “Now that’s self-expression!!”

Garrison is starting her second semester as station manager of KVRX, the University of Texas student radio station and home to some of Austin’s finest self-expression—on and off the wall. The non-commercial, 3,000-watt station, which shares time on the 91.7FM frequency with sister station KOOP, is faced with a rapidly mutating Austin radio market. Garrison is up for the challenge.

The Daily Texan (University of Texas at Austin)
Skating away
Radio station’s “none of the hits, all of the time” style lends itself to off-beat Skateworld fund-raiser
By Melissa Mixon

On Campus (University of Texas at Austin)
Student radio fills gap left by KOOP-FM
by Wayne Wenske
Published: Jan. 24, 2008
In the aftermath of the Jan. 6 fire that took Austin’s community radio station KOOP-FM 91.7 off the air, student radio station KVRX-FM is filling the programming gap and remaining on the air 24-hours-a-day.
The slogan for KVRX-FM is “None of the hits, all of the time,” reflecting its eclectic, alternative programming to allow listeners an opportunity to discover new music while giving new artists an opportunity to be heard. KVRX features a wide mix of genres in its playlist, including hip-hop, blues, jazz, folk, country, techno and metal.

American Chronicle
Austin Radio Stations
Ki Gray
February 19, 2008
In a time when even Clear Channel is being bought by another radio conglomerate, commercial radio is becoming less regionally distinct, with a handful of radio announcers beaming their voices across the country from one central location, and losing all local flavor in the process. Luckily for Austin, there are three different noncommercial radio stations to choose from:KVRX, KOOP, and KUT.

KVRX is the only Austin-based radio station operated and managed solely by UT students. The station began in 1988 as KTSB, after a couple years of lobbying the university. Though KUT is also run by UT, it has very little student involvement. KTSB originally was only available via an audio feed through cable television, but in 1994 the station officially changed its call letters to KVRX, and purchased the last remaining FM band. As opposed to commercial stations, KVRX promotes diversity in musical genres, with their motto being, “None of the Hits, All of the Time.” The only programming stipulation the station requires is for the on-air staff to play a minimum of five different music genres and two Texas artists every hour. The station also works closely with many local clubs, promoting up and coming bands, and releases a series of annual CDs called “Local Live”, featuring artists the station captured playing live in their studios throughout the year. They have since dumped the awkward cable casting for web casting, so new DJ´s get their feet wet working over the internet before they hit the air waves. 

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