A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from June 12, 2005
Norwegian-American Day Parade
The Norwegian-American Day Parade (also called the "Nowegian Constitution Day Parade") celebrates the city's Norwegian heritage on the day of the signing of Norway's Constitution. Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, is where this event started in the early 1950s. The area used to be known as Lapskous Boulevard (see "streets" section), after a Norwegian stew.

Today, the Bay Ridge and Sunset Park areas of Brooklyn are populated by mostly Chinese and other, non-Norwegian ethnic groups. However, Norwegian heritage events are still held every May.

17th of May in New York
Date: 5/15/2005 - 5/17/2005
Type: Culture, Heritage, 17th of May
Location: CG New York Region

These are some of the events planned in New York to celebrate 17th of May! This year is the 191st Anniversary of the signing of Norway's Constitution.

Service at the roof terrace of "Kjerka".
After the service, everyone is invited to join the church in the Annual Parade in Brooklyn. Meet at 1 pm at the corner of 90th Street and 5th Avenue in Brooklyn and look for the Seamen's Church banner.
Please note that the church will be closed after the service on Sunday, May 15.
When: Sunday, May 15 at 11am
Where: Norwegian Seamen's Church at 52nd Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues, NYC
Info: (212) 319-0370

The Norwegian-American 17th of May Committee hosts the 54th Annual Parade on Sunday, May 15. This year mark 100 years since the union between Norway and Sweden was peacefully dissolved. There will be marching bands, floats, church groups, civic organizations and much, much more. The parade begins at 88th-90th Streets and 5th Avenue and will start at 1pm down to 67th Street, then over to 6th and 7th Avenues. Arendal Veteran Band is visiting from Norway and will join the parade. Guest speaker: Jan Egeland, Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator. Norwegian singer Gesille will be singing both the Norwegian and the USA National Anthems at the end of the National Day parade at appoximately 3 pm.
When: Sunday, May 15. Parade starts at 1pm, and program at reviewing stand begins at approx.3:30 pm
Where: The reviewing stand located on 67th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues in Leiv Eriksson Park, Brooklyn, New York. By Subway: Take the N train to 59th Street/Brooklyn, then switch to the R train to Bay Ridge (only one stop).

17th of May Celebration and Consert at the Norwegian Seamen's Church.
4:00 pm : "Open house" with the opportunity for buying hot-dogs, soda and much more.
4: 45 pm: Children's parade with music and fun around the block.
5:30 pm: "Ha Det PÃ¥ Badet", family-show with Roger Hilleren and Helge Sveen. Great fun for kids of all ages! In Norwegian. (See link to the right)
6:30 pm: Film, song, speech by UN-ambassador Mona Juul and guest appearance by world-famous popartist Sondre Lerche.
When: Tuesday, May 17, starting at 4pm
Where: Norwegian Seamen's Church at 52nd Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues, NYC
Info: Call (212)319-0370, send an e-mail to

18 May 1951, New York Times, pg. 5:
The Premier, on his first visit to this country, and Norwegian Ambassador Wilhelm Munthe de Morgenstierne addressed 2,200 persons of Norwegian birth or ancestry at a celebration in the Brooklyn Academy of Music of Norway's Constitution Day.
More than fifty local Norwegian-American groups sponsored the Constitution Day celebration. It marked also the sixtieth anniversary of Nordisk Tidende, Norwegian-language weekly newwspaper published in Brooklyn, which has more Norwegian residents than most cities in Norway.

18 May 1952, New York Times, pg. 12:

Under clear and sunny skies 2,400 Norwegian-Americans marched yesterday through Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, the fourth largest Norwegian population center in the world. They marked the 138th anniversary of the adoption of the Norwegian Constitution.

18 May 1953, New York Times, pg. 24:

Parade of 18,000 Marks old
Country's Constitution Day

17 March 1991, New York Times, pg. 36:
In Brooklyn, Wontons, Not Lapskaus
For years, the Atlantic was the hub of a stretch of Eighth Avenue between 45th and 60th Streets that was dotted with dozens of Norwegian bars, bakeries and restaurants. But in the 1980's, a Chinese and Arab immigrants moved in, Chinese restaurants and meat markets supplanted almost all the Norwegian businesses along the street that was popularly known as Lapskaus Boulevard, a reference to a meat-and-potatoes stew that was a staple of the Norwegian worker's diet.
The annual Norwegian Constitution Day parade is still held every May 17, making its way along Fifth Avenue to Leif Ericson Park, where Miss Norway is crowned.
18 May 1990, New York Times, "Parading for Causes" by Andrew L. Yarrow, pg. C4:
A longstanding mid-May tradition in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn has been the Norwegian community's celebrate of the anniversary of Norway's independence from Sweden in 1814. This year's NORWEGIAN CONSTITUTION DAY PARADE will be on Sunday, beginning at 1:30 P.M. at 88th Street and Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn. The procession down the avenue to 67th Street will feature the Mayor of Oslo, Miss Norway and bands, and a concert will be held at 3 P.M. at a 67th Street reviewing stand.

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