A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from May 31, 2021
Pandejo (pandemia/pandemic + pendejo)

"Pandejo” is a Spanish portmanteau term from “pandemic” ("pandemia" in Spanish) and “pendejo” (Spanish for “idiot"). A “pandejo” during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic is similar to a “covidiot.”

“One of them causes a #Pandemic and the other one is just a #Pandejo” was posted on Twitter by Voice of Reason on February 27, 2020, but this use is not clear and could be a misspelling of “pendejo.”

“Ya vez por pandejo! (Pandemia + pendejo)” was posted on Twitter by SUMA, no restes on March 18, 2020. ”Pandejo Spanish slang for covidiot. A portmanteau of pandemic and pendejo” was entered in the Urban Dictionary on September 20, 2020. “MY LATEST @LATIMES COLUMNA: Don’t be a ‘pandejo.’ Take the #coronavirus pandemic seriously” was posted on Twitter by Col. Gustavo Arellano on December 3, 2020.

Wikipedia: COVID-19 pandemic
The COVID-19 pandemic, also known as the coronavirus pandemic, is an ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), first identified in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. The outbreak was declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern in January 2020 and a pandemic in March 2020.

Voice of Reason
One of them causes a #Pandemic and the other one is just a #Pandejo.
7:08 PM · Feb 27, 2020·Twitter for Android

SUMA, no restes
Ya vez por pandejo! (Pandemia + pendejo)
Te mereces el toque de queda y sino haces caso que te fondeen con cal ZombieFace with medical maskBiohazard sign
Translated from Spanish by
Now for pandejo! (Pandemic + asshole)
You deserve the curfew and if not you pay attention to being anchored with lime ZombieFace with medical maskBiohazard sign
2:36 PM · Mar 18, 2020 from Los Olivos, Peru·Twitter for Android

That Guy Mike
@WHO was not playing golf and holding rally’s...WHO never called the pandemic a hoax #TrumpFailed #PanDejo
Quote Tweet
The White House 45 Archived
· Apr 14, 2020
President @realDonaldTrump is halting funding of the World Health Organization while a review is conducted to assess WHO’s role in mismanaging the Coronavirus outbreak.
8:36 PM · Apr 14, 2020 from Texas, USA·Twitter for iPhone

Urban Dictionary
Spanish slang for covidiot. A portmanteau of pandemic and pendejo.
Tony Tenpenny thought COVID-19 was fake and now he’s dead from it. What a sad pandejo.
by DrSamba September 30, 2020

Adrian Mendoza
Replying to @GustavoArellano and @elmalifico1
And of course, the Spanglish version of #Covidiot is #PANDEJO
5:13 PM · Nov 8, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

I just learned a new word from @GustavoArellano
“Pandejo” pendejo+pandemia
y por culpa de ellos nunca se va acabar esta mentada pandemia
2:05 AM · Nov 25, 2020·Twitter for Android

Col. Gustavo Arellano
MY LATEST @LATIMES COLUMNA: Don’t be a ‘pandejo.’ Take the #coronavirus pandemic seriously. RT, porfas!
Column: Don’t be a ‘pandejo.’ Take the pandemic seriously
As the coronavirus raged on, many Latinos scoffed at the pandemic — until it’s too late.
12:39 PM · Dec 3, 2020·TweetDeck

Anthony Gutierrez
“Never heard of the term? It’s of recent coinage, a portmanteau of “pandemic” and “pendejo,” the Mexican Spanish term for a blockhead. Pandejo is an uncharitable — but sadly accurate — word to describe Latino covidiots who proudly flout coronavirus protocols.”
Quote Tweet
Jaime Cárdenas
· Dec 4, 2020
I know the word goals gets thrown out a lot lately, but using “pendejo” in a headline truly is goals.
Click on the story because of the headline but stay for @GustavoArellano’ message and words.
#MoreLatinosInNews #RepresentationMatters
3:16 PM · Dec 4, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

James Fell
I just learned a new word: pandejo.
It’s someone who is a pendejo about pandemic restrictions.
11:39 PM · Jan 28, 2021·Twitter for iPhone

6 Pandemic Portmanteaus (Electric Mile)
Feb 5, 2021
Palm Springs Linguist
Visit Insomniac’s Electric Mile while counting down 6 pandemic portmanteau words.  Many new words have been coined to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic including several frankenwords.  Learn some of the most popular portmanteaus including a killer one in Spanish!  Think of the Electric Mile as a drive through combination of Disney’s Electrical Parade and a 1990’s rave.  Who says you can’t have fun and still social distance?
("Pandejo" is at 3:30 in the video.—ed.)

Peter “Not the Soccer Player” Berki
TIL of pandejo, a portmanteau of pandemic and pendejo. Thanks for that fun term
3:24 PM · May 8, 2021·Twitter for iPhone

Replying to @GustavoArellano and @TheAtlantic
Hola! Heard you recently on NPR Left Right and Center.  Pandejo is a pandemic play on words right?  Pandemic pendejo = pandejo? Zany face
12:53 PM · May 9, 2021·Twitter for iPhone

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