A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from May 19, 2012
“Plan your dive and dive your plan” (scuba diving adage)

"Plan your dive and dive your plan” is a popular diving adage, cited in print since at least 1970. A carefully planned dive that is dived according to that plan can be a successful dive.

The saying “Plan your work and work your plan” has been cited in print since the 1880s. “Plan your trade and trade your plan” has been used in finance since the 1990s.

23 August 1970, Baytown (TX) Sun, ‘’’Clean-Up Dive’ Is Set,” pg. 13, col. 2:
Rules for the dive are (1) Use the buddy system; (2) Wear flotation vest; (3) Know your limitations; (4) Know the location of your buddy at all times; (5) Think—don’t take chances; (6) Leave the water if hurt; (7) Carry a knife; (8) Do not dive into the water; (9) Plan your dive and dive your plan.

Google Books
Scuba Diver’s Guide to Underwater Ventures
By Judy Gail May
Harrisburg, PA: Stackpole Books
Pg. 199:
The maxim “plan your dive and dive your plan” is especially applicable to cave diving.

Based on the plan, air consumption must be calculated and plenty of extra air allowed. The entire dive plan should be made with the weakest member of the team in mind.

Google News Archive
11 December 1974, Tuscaloosa (AL) News, “Blind vet finds life exciting” (AP), pg. 42, col. 1:
“You never go diving alone, you always have a partner,” he (Kenney McGarity—ed.) said. “And it’s always important to plan your dive and dive your plan.”

Google Books
Skin & Scuba Diver’s Digest
By Robert R. Springer
Chicago, IL: Follett Pub. Co.
Pg. 146:
Plan your dive and dive your plan; always having an alternate plan if the actual depth and/or time of the dive is greater than planned.

Google Books
May 1977, Texas Monthly, “Adventures under the sea...and other mysteries of the deep” by Stephen Harrigan, pg. 85, col. 2:
“Stay with your buddy and bud with your stayee,” he has repeated innumerable times since the boat pulled out of Freeport last night. “Plan your dive and dive your plan.” “Time and depth, depth and time.”

Perhaps such platitudes are a linguistic corollary of his central passion, for it is true he inverts his environment with as little trouble as he inverts his syntax.

Google Books
Sport Diving:
The complete manual for skin and scuba divers

By Alton Parker Balder
New York, NY: Collier Books
Pg. 70:

Google News Archive
24 July 1986, Daily News (Bowling Green, KY), “Scuba diving becoming more popular” by Tom Pearce, pg. 6B, col. 2:
The training lets divers learn how to know their limitations without endagnering themselves. The rule is to plan your dive and dive your plan.

Scoop (New Zealand)
Coastguard Air Patrol Plays Crucial Role in Weekend Rescue
Monday, 13 February 2012, 5:49 pm
Press Release: Coastguard
Media Release
13 February 2012
Plan your dive and dive your plan – planning for depth, duration and goals is vital to arriving at the surface safe and without injury. Once you have a dive plan it’s equally vital that all parties stick to the plan.

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