A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from December 21, 2021
“Sriracha is just hipster ketchup”

Sriracha has been called “hipster ketchup.”

“sriracha (hipster ketchup)” was posted on Twitter by tbm on August 29, 2009. “Sriracha= Hipster ketchup” was posted on Twitter by Tony Foresta on October 25, 2009. “Plain old tomato soup dressed up with sriracha aka ‘hipster ketchup.’ #whatveganseat” was posted on Twitter by Nadia Armstrong on September 29, 2010.

“RT @acklindesign: Sriracha is hipster ketchup” was posted on Twitter by Vin Thomas on August 6, 2011. “Sriracha is hipster ketchup” was posted on Twitter by kennedy collins on November 27, 2011. “Sriracha sauce is just hipster ketchup” was posted on Twitter by chase on July 9, 2012. “sriracha sauce is just hipster ketchup” was posted on Twitter by Danny Yasick on July 11, 2012.

“Sriracha is just sexy ketchup” is a related saying.

Wikipedia: Ketchup
Ketchup is a table sauce. Although original recipes used egg whites, mushrooms, oysters, grapes, mussels, or walnuts, among other ingredients, the unmodified modern recipe refers to tomato ketchup in the USA.

Tomato ketchup is a sweet and tangy sauce made from tomatoes, sugar, and vinegar, with seasonings and spices. The spices and flavors vary, but commonly include onions, allspice, coriander, cloves, cumin, garlic, and mustard, and sometimes include celery, cinnamon, or ginger.

Wikipedia: Sriracha
Sriracha (Thai: ศรีราชา, pronounced [sǐːrāːt͡ɕʰāː]; English: /sɪˈrætʃə/ or /sɪˈrɑːtʃə/) is a type of hot sauce or chili sauce made from a paste of chili peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar, and salt.

I dot give a fuck what anyone says, bagels with cream cheese and a splash of sriracha (hipster ketchup) is just pure $$ in the morning!
10:16 AM · Aug 29, 2009·Twitter Web Client

Tony Foresta
Sriracha= Hipster ketchup.
6:23 PM · Oct 25, 2009·Twitter Web Client

Nadia Armstrong
Plain old tomato soup dressed up with sriracha aka “hipster ketchup.” #whatveganseat
4:28 PM · Sep 29, 2010·Twitter Web Client

Vin Thomas
RT @acklindesign: Sriracha is hipster ketchup. // so yummy.
9:38 PM · Aug 6, 2011·Seesmic

Posted by u/GazelleShaft September 1, 2011
all Sriracha really is...
Hipster ketchup!
i love it and all, but people are overdoing it. haha I mean, eat what you will but there are so many great spices and sauces out there to explore! try bull dog sauce for a more asian and BBQish approach… or chile and cumin in your ramen. whatever you want.

“Sriracha sauce - it’s like hipster ketchup” - @meggo10
11:15 AM · Sep 15, 2011·Twitter Web Client

Matthew Crowley
Sriracha: Hipster ketchup.
7:52 PM · Oct 12, 2011·Twitter Web Client

Rob Dobi 𝙾𝚗𝚕𝚒𝚗𝚎 𝙽𝚘𝚠!
sriracha sauce = hipster ketchup.
12:03 PM · Nov 8, 2011·Twitter Web Client

kennedy collins
Sriracha is hipster ketchup.
3:06 PM · Nov 27, 2011·Twitter Web Client

Sriracha sauce is just hipster ketchup.
9:50 PM · Jul 9, 2012·Twitter for Mac

Leah Dee
According to a #Gawker comment, #Sriracha is hipster ketchup.  Confused since Sriracha is, by definition, not cool.
10:33 PM · Jul 9, 2012·Twitter for iPhone

Danny Yasick
sriracha sauce is just hipster ketchup
9:57 PM · Jul 11, 2012·Twitter for iPhone

Brad Thomas
“Sriracha is hipster ketchup” -Casey Coston
8:16 AM · Jul 20, 2012·Twitter for iPhone

Sriracha is just hipster ketchup. Get over it fags
5:49 PM · Sep 11, 2012·Twitter for iPhone

“Sriracha is hipster ketchup” @Ber88
10:46 PM · Sep 21, 2012·Twitter for Android

I love the flavor of Siracha but lets call it what it really is: Hipster Ketchup
9:32 PM · Aug 7, 2013·Echofon

Chad Ash
Sriracha is Hipster Ketchup - So True!  http://npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=242277342 #TrueFact
3:36 PM · Nov 3, 2013 from Eugene, OR·Twitter for iPhone

Chuck Davis
Replying to @wilw
@wilw don’t forget to add chili paste if they have it. Sriracha is just hipster ketchup. #sriracha #pho
6:52 PM · Feb 4, 2014·TweetCaster for Android

also @DanyellaCrochets
Siracha is just hipster ketchup
3:12 PM · Mar 25, 2014·iOS

a skeleton
Replying to @the_damn_muteKi
4:57 PM · Aug 19, 2014·Twitter Web Client

Posted by u/_just_a_dude_ November 9, 2014
Sriracha is hipster ketchup

Internet Explorer
#Siracha is just hipster ketchup, and I’m ok with that.
1:22 AM · Dec 18, 2014·Twitter for iPhone

CSP Daily News
From ‘Rooster Sauce’ to ‘Hipster Ketchup’
Sriracha watchers chart condiment’s rise as retail bellwether

Apr. 14, 2015
ROCKVILLE, Md.—Huy Fong Foods’ “Rooster Sauce,” a Southeast Asian style hot sauce with beguiling garlic notes, simmered in the foodservice marketplace for decades as an Asian restaurant (and kitchen staff) favorite. But beginning in 2008 came shoutouts from Gourmet, The New York Times and Bon Appétit (which crowned sriracha as 2010 Ingredient of the Year). A heat wave of sriracha, dubbed “hipster ketchup,” followed, said Packaged Facts.

Britt Trippett
“Sriracha is hipster ketchup.” - Hetzer
1:02 AM · Jun 14, 2015·Twitter for iPhone

Carlo Rossi
Siriacha is just hipster ketchup.
1:29 AM · Jun 25, 2015·Twitter Web App

sriracha is just hipster ketchup
7:29 PM · Jun 29, 2015·Twitter for iPhone

Phil Anthony
Sriracha is hipster ketchup #AltonBrownLive
6:35 PM · May 8, 2016 from Minneapolis, MN·Twitter for iPhone

Robin Morley
Oh, for the love of… Sriracha is just hipster ketchup!
There. I said it. No taking it back.
Whew! I feel better.
That’s it.
Carry on.
11:01 PM · Sep 17, 2017·Twitter for iPad

Sriracha is just hipster ketchup.
Change my mind.
1:24 PM · Mar 26, 2018·Twitter for iPhone

Savor Podcast
NEW EPISODE: Sriracha! Sometimes called rooster sauce or hipster ketchup, this spicy, tangy, and a-little-bit-sweet condiment is massively popular and has a fascinating history, including the Great Sriracha Panic of 2013. Listen now! https://shows.howstuffworks.com/foodstuff/the-awesome-sauce-sriracha-episode.htm
6:00 PM · Apr 30, 2018·Salesforce - Social Studio

Joe McIntyre
Siracha is just hipster ketchup
1:06 AM · Nov 12, 2018·Twitter for iPhone

Replying to @PackBenPack
Ketchup is bad and sriracha is just hipster ketchup. Fite me.
4:04 PM · Jan 19, 2019·Twitter for Android

Richard A Wagner
Sriracha is just hipster ketchup…
2:17 PM · Apr 9, 2019·Twitter for iPhone

pisces iscariot
Sriracha is hipster ketchup
10:45 PM · Sep 22, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

Lucy $10 Dropbox
Sriracha is just hipster ketchup
4:24 PM · Sep 24, 2021·Twitter for Android

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