A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from July 04, 2021
Texaholic (Texas + -aholic)

"Texaholic” (Texas + -aholic) is a word that has been printed on many images. The term usually means a person who loves Texas, but can also mean someone from Texas who drinks a lot of alcohol (Texas + alcoholic).

“Direct from the Lone Star State, it’s the liquored-up lunacy of The Texaholics—a band name—was printed in the L.A. Weekly (Los Angeles, CA) on October 14-20, 1988.

“I’d have to say I’m more of a Texaholic than a Texpatriate” was printed in the Texas Monthly in May 1998. “Texaholic (teks a’hôlic): One who obsessively loves Texas and isn’t ashamed to show pride in the Lonestar State” was posted on Twitter by Texas Life on July 6, 2015. “Texaholic Texas Tee” (a T-shirt design that includes a long definition of the word) was posted on Twitter by Texas Two Boutique on March 9, 2017. “Texaholic = a person addicted to all things Texas! #bluebell #bluebonnets #waylonandwillie…” was posted on Twitter by The Texas Edge on March 29, 2017.

“Texaholic” was trademarked with a claimed first use on May 11, 2017.

14-20 October 1988, L.A. Weekly (Los Angeles, CA), pg. 120, col. 3:
Tues.—Direct from the Lone Star State, it’s the liquored-up lunacy of The Texaholics.

May 1998, Texas Monthly, “The texpatriates” by Michael DiLeo, pp. 86-92:
Janet Peery’s relationship with the state is less ambivalent than Scofield’s or Hearon’s. “I’d have to say I’m more of a Texaholic than a Texpatriate,” she says with a laugh. “I just can’t seem to get enough of Texas. It’s a place like no other. You can go from Kansas to Colorado and the borders just blur, but when I see `Entering Texas,’ I feel my soul expand.”

Dick Murphy
I wish Texaholics & Californicators understood that 4Wd + speed = 4 wheel slide.
1:10 PM · Dec 30, 2010·Twitter SMS

Charlene Moultrup
@chelseasaxe I turned the channel to MTV. It read “True Life: I’m a Texaholic.” Turns out it meant texting lover rather than a Texas lover..
2:59 AM · Feb 7, 2012 from Buffalo, NY·Twitter for iPhone

Big Mike
Bout to ride to this!
In my lonestar state of mind. I’m a #texaholic
#texasswag #texaslegends #suc #djscrew http://instagr.am/p/Q2LQJBrluV/
10:33 AM · Oct 16, 2012·Instagram

Texas Life
Texaholic (teks a’hôlic): One who obsessively loves Texas and isn’t ashamed to show pride in the Lonestar State
6:27 PM · Jul 6, 2015·Twitter for iPhone

Texas Two Boutique
Texaholic Texas Tee in Mint (S-XL) - Texaholic! 
Mint Tee with all the thing… http://texastwoboutique.com/products/texaholic-texas-tee-in-mint-s-xl
7:11 PM · Mar 9, 2017·Boutique Window

The Texas Edge
Texaholic = a person addicted to all things Texas! #bluebell #bluebonnets #waylonandwillie… https://instagram.com/p/BSOLgRsl7nn/
8:11 AM · Mar 29, 2017·Instagram

Today I wore a shirt to class that said Texaholic BUT was briefly interpreted as Sexaholic in front of my whole class.. fml
5:36 PM · Sep 18, 2017·Twitter for iPhone

Nate Esquivel
My name is Nathan Esquivel and I’m a texaholic
(A T-shirt is shown with a long definition of “Texaholic.”—ed.)
12:52 PM · Feb 19, 2018 from San Antonio, TX·Twitter for iPhone

Valerie Bahm, Realtor
August 19, 2018 at 11:05 AM ·
I am a Texaholic
(A T-shirt is shown with a long definition of “Texaholic.”—ed.)

Right anger bubble
There’s a woman at the airport with a “Texaholic” shirt and I want it
8:34 AM · May 20, 2019·Twitter for Android

Derrick G. Jeter
Aug 2, 2019
Texas Definitions
Tex-a-hol-ic \ ‘tek-ā-hȯl-ik \ n [syn Tex-centric (M. Ivins)] a: a terminal affliction with Texaholism b: a person 1836 percent addicted to all things Texas—to bluebonnets, piney woods, coastal plains, desert mountains, Panhandle farmland, and hill country sunsets; to longhorns, mockingbirds, Blue Lacies, armadillos, Mexican free-tailed bats, and horned frogs; to Dr Pepper, Shiner and Lone Star beer, sweet tea, chili (without beans), BBQ, tacos, Tex-Mex, jalapeños, chicken fried steak, Whataburger, pecan pie, and Blue Bell ice cream; to cowboy boots, spurs, chaps, cowboy hats, pearl snap shirts, and blue jeans; to red dirt music, Waylon, Willie, and King George, honky-tonks, and two stepping; to pickup trucks, country roads, rodeoing; and floating the Frio and Guadalupe; to rooting for high school football on Friday nights and college football on Saturday afternoons; to Caddos, Comanches, and Kiowa; to the old 300, Stephen F. Austin, Sam Houston, James Bowie, William B. Travis, David Crockett, James Butler Bonham, James Fannin, Juan Seguín, José Antonio Navarro, and all the sons and daughters who went before; to March 2, 6, 27 and April 21; to the Republic; to “Come and Take It,” “Remember the Alamo,” “Remember Goliad,” “Don’t Mess with Texas,” and “Texas Forever;” to the hidy sign, “Howdy,” “Y’all,” “Bless Your Heart,” an East Texas twang and a West Texas drawl; to the Alamo, the San Jacinto Monument, the Battle Ship Texas, Big Tex, the Yellow Rose, and the Lone Star Flag; to “Texas, one state under God, one and indivisible;” to moseying, swagger, and valor; to God Bless Texas!

Google Books
Title Texaholic: Texas Spirit Journal Gift for Him / Her Softback Writing Book Notebook (6 X 9 ) 120 Lined Pages
Author Tina Pay
Publisher Independently Published, 2019
ISBN 1698057342, 9781698057347
Length 122 pages

Texas Memes
Texaholic - someone addicted to all things Texan including BBQ, bluebonnets, tacos, Whataburger, Buc-ee’s, H-E-B, floating the River, outdoor concerts, sweet tea, boots…
10:51 AM · Dec 27, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

Saw a lady today wearing a shirt that said “Texaholic”
Poor lady is addicted to Texahol
12:05 AM · May 10, 2021·Twitter for Android

Goods and Services IC 025. US 022 039. G & S: Clothes, namely, shirts. FIRST USE: 20170511. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20170511
Standard Characters Claimed
Serial Number 87319598
Filing Date January 31, 2017
Current Basis 1A
Original Filing Basis 1A
Published for Opposition August 15, 2017
Registration Number 5536599
Registration Date August 7, 2018
Owner (REGISTRANT) Taylor, Mary Ellen INDIVIDUAL UNITED STATES 2500 Oak Run Drive Wimberley TEXAS 78676
Attorney of Record Charles W. Blount, III
Type of Mark TRADEMARK
Live/Dead Indicator LIVE

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