A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from December 14, 2022
“Thank you, 5” ("Thank you, five")

"Thank you, five” (or “Thank you, 5") is a theater saying that has been printed on many images. A stage manager walks around just before the opening curtain and says, “Five minutes!” Actors respond with, “Thank you, five!”

“It’s intermission and the actors are getting a pep talk, ending in ‘5 minutes until curtain’. Me: THANK YOU FIVE” was posted on Twitter by Allison Hill on April 24, 2009. “Five minutes to places. Thank you, Five” was posted on Twitter by Benji Cotter on August 9, 2009. “Someone just yelled out ‘five minutes’ to which someone else responded ‘thank you five minutes’. Clearly a theater dork” was posted on Twitter by jess on October 27, 2009. “‘Thank You Five’ is sooo annoying. I don’t know why. Why do nervous actors have to say it super loud ten times? We. Get. It” was posted on Twitter by Anonymous Actress on March 21, 2010.

Thank You, Five! (2013) is the title of a short film. Thank You 5 (2020) is another film title.

Allison Hill
It’s intermission and the actors are getting a pep talk, ending in “5 minutes until curtain”. Me: THANK YOU FIVE.
11:28 PM · Apr 24, 2009

Benji Cotter
Five minutes to places. Thank you, Five.
9:03 AM · Aug 9, 2009

Someone just yelled out “five minutes” to which someone else responded “thank you five minutes”. Clearly a theater dork.
11:57 PM · Oct 27, 2009

Aron Altmark
Thank you five to places. LX ready. Standing by for opening night. (and drinking thereafter)...
6:55 PM · Jan 29, 2010

Anonymous Actress
“Thank You Five” is sooo annoying. I don’t know why. Why do nervous actors have to say it super loud ten times? We. Get. It.
2:55 PM · Mar 21, 2010

Randy Wyatt
The conductor called out “chicago five minutes” and I actually had to stop myself from saying “thank you five”.
12:02 PM · May 27, 2010

Google Books
Jacob and Jack
By James Sherman
New York, NY: Dramatists Play Service, Inc.
Pg. 40:
DON. We’re at five minutes, please.
ROBIN. Thank you, five.

Not Liz No Ma’am
Replying to @TheActorProbs
@TheActorProbs @OnlyoneHoma Story of my life having grown up a child actor-turned stage manager. Will prob raise kids who say “thank you 5!”
7:07 PM · Dec 29, 2012

A theatre NYE party: a stage manager going around calling five minutes to the ball drop, and folk responding with “thank you five.”
12:58 AM · Jan 1, 2013

I can’t wait until I graduate 😒 ima crip walk across the stage ! & say “ thank you five “ 👋
7:57 AM · Jan 2, 2013

Thank You, Five!
Five minutes before curtain, three idiot actors wait backstage to make their appearance as walk-ons in a major production of an undetermined Shakespearean play.
Director Elizabeth McQuern
Writer Jenni Lamb
Stars Robert Buscemi, Tasha Anne James, Jenni Lamb

Sierra Rein (s/h) I validated myself this morning.
Humor is when the house manager of a MOVIE Theater says the film will start in 5 minutes, and about 10% of you reply, “Thank you five!”
1:01 AM · Aug 23, 2013

Why do actors say “thank you five” I’ve seen a lot of… — A lot of times before a show, stage managers will go ... http://ask.fm/a/6q5i7ai7
8:23 PM · Sep 28, 2013

Des Conway
thank you five!--the best reply to stage managers if you don’t want your head bitten off #theatretechclass #hvcctheatre
2:23 PM · Nov 20, 2013

Dimitri Toscas
Every stage manager in NYC: five minutes, Mr. Ball.
New Year Ball: thank you, five.
#behindthescenes #NYE
11:55 PM · Dec 31, 2013 from Santa Monica, CA

amery ellein smile
When the stage manager calls five!
Others: “thank you five!”
(This is also shown on images .—ed.)
7:09 PM · Jan 22, 2014 from Salisbury, NC

Rosalba Rolon
#theaterstuff “5 minutes!” truly means 5 minutes! So make sure you holler “thank you 5!” back. Tht will make ur Stage Manager very happy.
5:50 PM · Mar 22, 2014

There’s nothing quite like the backstage “5 minutes!” “thank you 5!” exchange between a stage manager & performers. #showtime #emergence
6:56 PM · Dec 12, 2014

Google Books
Places in Five
By M.G. Davidson and Jason Pizzarello
New York, NY: Stage Partners
Pg. 10:
ELSA: Thank you, five.

Google Books
Music Direction for the Stage:
A View from the Podium

By Joseph Church
New York, NY: Oxford University Press
Pg. 325:
“Thank you, five; thank you places,” are the actor’s traditional responses, an indication to the stage managers that they have heard the call.

K (taylors version)
So basically In any plays there’s this thing where stage manager says 5 minutes and you say “thank you 5”
1:29 AM · Feb 11, 2017

Mirror Stage Theatre
House is open!
(Thank you house!)
Places in 5!
(Thank you 5!)
Just enough time for all the well-worn backstage rituals before curtain up!
3:24 PM · Aug 13, 2017

Thank You, 5
TV Series
Community theatre: the stakes are high, but the expectations are low.
Creator Stafford Douglas
Stars Peter Diseth, Stafford Douglas, David Devereaux

Buccal Fanta
[Backstage before a show]
Stage manager: 5 minutes!
Me, a serious actor: Thank you 5!
[Clears throat]
Sinema’s cinnamon cinema enema
Sinema’s cinnamon cinema enema
Sinema’s cinnamon cinema enema
Sinema’s cinnamon cinema enema
10:02 AM · Nov 13, 2018

Lin-Manuel Miranda Teaches You Broadway Slang | Vanity Fair
Vanity Fair
Nov 27, 2018
Vanity Fair cover star Lin-Manuel Miranda teaches you Broadway slang.

Vanity Fair
Lin-Manuel Miranda Teaches You Broadway Slang
Vanity Fair cover star Lin-Manuel Miranda teaches you Broadway slang.
Released on 11/27/2018
Thank you five.
Thank you five is five minutes to places.
Thank you five means like, all right, wrap it up,
like put your costume on.

Missy Rose
Replying to @broadwaycom and @Lin_Manuel
“Thank you 5 means put your costume on,” stresses out the stage manager in me. 😮
1:04 AM · Nov 29, 2018

The Rose Theater
Check out Chloe Irwin’s feature on Thank You 5! She discusses her most challenging roles throughout her busy, albeit early, stage career and lets us in on why she would love to sit down and chat with William Shakespeare! http://bit.ly/2KbU1p0
12:21 PM · Aug 3, 2019

Andrea 🎪
In theatre during performances, you say “thank you - insert what the stage manager said.” House is open: “Thank you, house.” Places in 5: “Thank you, 5.” On Friday, the SM said we being too loud backstage after the house opened, so we responded with, “Thank you, loud bitches.”
5:59 PM · Sep 9, 2019

🎯Szyael the Tactical Genius🎯
Sometimes I wish I had superpowers like telekinesis. But then I realize that I’m a freaking stage manager! My superpower is that I have a SM kit with sewing supplies: I can mend my jeans and look presentable for an audience at the theatre. All in 5 minutes! Thank you 5!!!
11:55 PM · Dec 3, 2019 from Los Angeles, CA

Jenny submitted her dissertation
Replying to @clairewillett and @AndreaNLam
I love that it’s an international theater kid thing. The shakeouts are different, the warmups are different, but “thank you, five” is universal.
2:23 PM · Dec 31, 2019

Thank You 5
1h 53m
A theater production struggles to survive to opening night, enduring the eccentric personalities of the director, cast members and crew.
Directors Michael Barnard, Reid Estreicher
Writers Michael Barnard, Reid Estreicher
Stars Reid Estreicher, Meghan Murphy, Richard Kallus

Protest Scene
A person at the back of the group pointed a laser at a tree up ahead and yelled “there’s a drone behind the tree.”
And someone at the front of the group calmly yelled “thank you, drone.”
I could just miss theater, but it gave me “5 to places” “thank you 5” energy.
2:59 AM · Jul 26, 2020

Trending: Christmas is in 5.
Unemployed Theater People: Thank you 5.
12:32 PM · Dec 20, 2020

Replying to @therunchat
Thank you, 5 min! (I’m a theater person)
9:55 PM · Feb 21, 2021

Taffeta V.
That’s ok! In live theater, the Stage Manager comes through the various areas (wings, dressing rooms, etc) and lets everyone know how long until curtain. There is a customary call/response of “5 minutes!” from the SM and “Thank you 5 minutes!” from cast/crew to acknowledge
8:13 PM · Jun 29, 2021

David Marcus
In theater when a stage manager tells an actor the curtain is in 5 minutes the response is “Thank you 5,” not “Ok,” not “Got it,” but “Thank you 5,” which makes both parties completely clear in the instruction. It’s a small thing that has saved many performances.
4:28 PM · Aug 1, 2021

So am I an official theater kid when I instinctively say “thank you 5” when I hear to take 5 minutes
11:09 AM · Sep 27, 2021

Mr friend: I’ll call you in 5
Me a middle school theater kid: Thank you 5
4:06 PM · Apr 1, 2022

@megueyb@dice.camp on Mastodon
A friend once expressed astonishment that I could say “leaving in 5!”, the kids would say “thank you 5!”, actually go get their shoes & coats and we would be out of the house 5 minutes later. [Thank you, theater crew!]
9:03 AM · Jul 24, 2022

One of my favorite things I learned about theater, being someone was never in it, is when everyone thanks the stage manager for the time reminders. Sometimes I just randomly say “thank you 5” when people FYI me and it thoroughly entertains me and only me.
11:47 PM · Nov 9, 2022

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