A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from July 06, 2011
Union des Bandits Suisses (UBS nickname)

UBS (originally the Union Bank of Switzerland) is one of the world’s largest banks and has several branches in Manhattan. The French nickname of UBS, “Union des Bandits Suisses” ("Union of Swiss Bandits"), has been cited in print since at least 2001.

Other UBS nicknames include “U’ve Been Sacked” (cited in print since 1997) and “Union Bank of Swindlers"/United Bank of Swindlers” (cited since at least 2009).

Wikipedia: UBS
UBS AG (SIX: UBSN, NYSE: UBS) is a Swiss global financial services company headquartered in Basel and Zürich, Switzerland, which provides investment banking, asset management, and wealth management services for private, corporate, and institutional clients worldwide, as well as retail clients in Switzerland. It operates in more than 40 countries and considered as the world’s second largest manager of private wealth assets, with over CHF 2.2 trillion in invested assets. UBS operates in all of the major financial centers worldwide with offices in over 50 countries and 64,000 employees around the world. UBS traces its heritage, through its predecessors, to 1854.

UBS was originally an abbreviation for the Union Bank of Switzerland, one of its predecessors; however, UBS ceased to be considered a representational abbreviation after its 1998 merger with Swiss Bank Corporation.

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From: (Philippe L. M. Matyus)
Date: Thu, 04 Oct 2001 19:04:38 GMT
Local: Thurs, Oct 4 2001 2:04 pm
Subject: Re: Jeudi 4 octobre 11:22

La Swissair ne reçoit plus d’argent de ses principaux bailleurs de fonds (UBS: Union des Bandits Suisses ?) ; elle s’était engagée auprès de plusieurs compagnies (TAP, SABENA) et ne parvient pas à tenir ses engagements !

Suisse Romande
01-06-2003 17:24
Auteur : from tsr.ch
La responsable de la police genevoise, Mme Micheline Spoerri dérape à nouveau. 
En parlant des actions directes qui ont eu lieu samedi soir à Genève, Micheline Spoerri, parle de “jeunes brigands qui viennent casser”.
Décidément, Mme Spoerri, proche de l’Union des bandits suisses (UBS) n’en est plus à un dérapage verbal prêt.

Tribune de Genève
Union des Bandits Suisses...
07:39 01.10.2007, dernière mise à jour 12:03
L’UBS plonge en raison des “subprimes”, mais reste dans le noir

Reggie Middleton’s BoomBustBlog.com
Thursday, 03 July 2008
CDS stands for Credit Default Suckers…
Marc Authier 2008-07-07 06:43
In french there is a pun circulating on the french speaking blogs; I coined the nickname. “Union des Bandits Suisses” Bandits under investigation by the IRS, but also very very dumb bandits. The thing is going to 5$. And I am really generous.

Tribune de Genève
Grosses magouilles chez UBS à Genève
Scandale | Des collaborateurs de la première banque helvétique auraient détourné des millions aux dépens de clients domiciliés hors de Suisse.

Philippe Rodrik | 09.06.2011 | 15:01
Par Sleemy le 09.06.2011 - 19:34
Quelqu’un l’a déjà dit quelque part: UBS= Union des Bandits Suisses.

Posted by Barry Popik
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