A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from December 07, 2020
Waccine (wack + vaccine)

The 2019-20 COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic resulted in much talk about a vaccine. Some people mocked “virus” as “wirus,” and “vaccine” as “waccine” or “waxxine.” This speech is similar to that of the fictional cartoon character Elmer J. Fudd.

“Hecking wiruses shoulda gotten a waccine” was posted on Twitter by Jonathan Howard on August 9, 2018. “Waccines didn’t exist in the 14th century” was posted on Twitter by StormyStrife on May 29, 2019. “Oh yeah, believe the ones pushing the waxxines” was posted on Twitter by Karl Heinrich Marx on December 10, 2019.

“Where’s the Corona Wirus Waccine” was posted on Twitter by littlenuts21 on February 28, 2020. “WIRUS AND WACCINE LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL” (in response to a comedy video where these terms were used) was posted on Twitter by Anj Baig on April 9, 2020. 

“Aka the Waccine… you get it… like wack” was posted on Twitter by FlavorFwank on December 2, 2020. The word “wack” also plays a part in “waccine"/"waxxine."

“Waccinate,” “waccination,” “waxxine,” “waxinate" or “waxxinate” or “waxxxinate,” and “waxination" or “waxxination” are similar terms.

Wikipedia: COVID-19 pandemic
The COVID-19 pandemic, also known as the coronavirus pandemic, is an ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), first identified in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. The outbreak was declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern in January 2020 and a pandemic in March 2020.

Wikipedia: Elmer Fudd
Elmer J. Fudd is a fictional cartoon character in the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies series, and an adversary of Bugs Bunny. He has one of the more disputed origins in the Warner Bros. cartoon pantheon (second only to Bugs himself). His aim is to hunt Bugs, but he usually ends up seriously injuring himself and other antagonizing characters. He speaks in an unusual way, replacing his Rs and Ls with Ws, so he often refers to Bugs Bunny as a “scwewy” or “wascawwy (rascally) wabbit”. Elmer’s signature catchphrase is, “Shhh. Be vewy vewy quiet, I’m hunting wabbits”, as well as his trademark laughter.

Wiktionary: wack
(comparative wacker, superlative wackest)
1. Exceptionally bad, egregious.
2. (hip-hop slang) Bad (not good), inauthentic, of an inferior quality, contemptible, lacking integrity, lame, or strange.
3. (slang) Crazy, mad, insane.
4. Cool, bizarre, and potentially scary.

The awesome day when The Vaccines and Noah And The Whale combined to make ‘The Waccines.’ ("The Waccines” is a band name.—ed.)
5:58 PM · Jan 7, 2012·Mobile Web

Jonathan Howard
Replying to @DotEd and @zemnmez
Hecking wiruses shoulda gotten a waccine
1:19 AM · Aug 9, 2018·Tweetbot for iΟS

Replying to @plasmarob
Waccines didn’t exist in the 14th century, fucking Also it didn’t fucking vanish, we still have it, we’re just immune now. Well, most people.
There are still some very few poor souls who get the plague every year in the USA.
11:56 PM · May 29, 2019·Twitter Web Client

Karl Heinrich Marx
Replying to @bportersailing @dsonoiki and @TrumpWarRoom
Oh yeah, believe the ones pushing the waxxines.
8:09 AM · Dec 10, 2019·Twitter Web App

Simon Černelč
Replying to @leytedriver
Cancer doesn’t come only from the waccines. It comes from all kinds of drugs: Dissecting the CDC Whistleblower Documents: A Study in Corruption - Dr. Brian Hooker
Dissecting the CDC Whistleblower Documents: A Study in Corruption -...
3:57 PM · Dec 20, 2019·Twitter Web App

Replying to @bikinatroll
Measles vs Measles waccine i would Doctor High Fever with that May shut down systems
In then becomes very body unabl
3:13 PM · Jan 8, 2020·Twitter for Android

Replying to @BBCBreaking
Man made virus patented in 2015!
Patent just run out!
Waccine is nearly ready! How convenient!!!
7:23 AM · Jan 22, 2020·Twitter for Android

mario antonio
Replying to @LotusOak2 and @thinkfree55
If waccines work why be afraid of unvaccinated?
2:10 PM · Feb 23, 2020·Twitter for Android

Where’s the Corona Wirus Waccine
1:45 PM · Feb 28, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

Anj Baig
Quote Tweet
Paul Chowdhry
· Apr 8
5G Conspiracy Theory
2:53 PM · Apr 9, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

Xia Jin Jimini,AIRYAL exclusive,Luda Descandant
after watching @BBCNews and the news reel on the #waxxine of #corona—the words “the waxxxine will ‘ellicit’?a strong antibody response” gets me a funny feeling. A strong antibody response could mean that all immune systems go above and beyond normal action.#hayfeverdeluxe?????
10:53 PM · Apr 23, 2020·Twitter Web App

Jonathan Williams
If the WHO said that you can catch the wirus for a second time, what happens if you recover for the second time? Do you still need a waxxine? So you catch it for the 3rd time just to be immune? So the first 2 times your body doesn’t create antibodies but 3rd time is the charm?
5:11 AM · May 20, 2020·Twitter Web App

Jonathan Williams
Hint: I find a lot of my info by changing the filter on YouTube or Duckduckgo by seeing the most recently posted (Before it’s deleted) or anything that’s 4 years old that’s related to issues today. This way you’ll avoid anything that talks about the Wirus and Waxxines by MSM.
9:12 PM · May 23, 2020·Twitter Web App

Replying to @realDonaldTrump
We dont want ANY WACCINES
6:25 PM · Oct 31, 2020·Twitter for Android

Griff Johnson
It would of been mine exswept for that wascally wirus.
Now there’s a waccine the ewection is mine.
Wucky me!
GIF (Elmer Fudd of Looney Tunes cartoons is shown.—ed.)
8:19 AM · Nov 11, 2020·Twitter Web App

Aka the Waccine… you get it… like wack
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adaeze ♡
· Dec 2
do not take that vaccine
Show this thread
12:54 PM · Dec 2, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

Andrea Cravinhos
List of waxxines that have aborted fetal tissue in them, and ethical alternatives, where available.
7:18 PM · Dec 5, 2020·Twitter for Android

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