A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from February 14, 2009
“We Cure Our Own Corned Beef; Our Chicken Soup Cures Everything Else” (Ben’s Deli)

Ben’s is a deli located in Manhattan at 38th Street, between Seventh and Eighth Avenues. Ben’s began in the 1970s on Long Island, specializing in curing its own corned beef.

“We Cure Our Own Corned Beef—Our Chicken Soup Cures Everything Else” is Ben’s slogan, advertised in New York magazine in 1993.

We Cure Our Own Corned Beef…
Our Chicken Soup Cures Everything Else.

Google Books
8 March 1993, New York magazine, pg. 84, col. 1 ad:
We cure our corned beef.
But our chicken soup could cure everything else.
Twenty years of careful curing.
Only at Ben’s Kosher Delicatessen.
933 Atlantic Avenue
Baldwin, New York

New York (NY) Times
A LA CARTE; A Stalwart of Old-Fashioned Deli Fare
Published: January 18, 1998
‘’When I went into business,’’ he recently recalled, ‘’no one had pickled their own corned beef and tongue. For 50 years, everybody bought it from a commercial house. Even though it means holding onto large inventories of expensive kosher meat for two or three weeks, we pickle ours.’’
At the group’s only Manhattan restaurant on 38th Street, where the fabled Lou G. Siegel’s was for 70 years, even onion rolls and desserts are turned out in a bakery under the store. Then there is the chicken salad, which it turns out is actually made from turkey scraps at many eating places. It is the real thing at Ben’s.

The lack of recognition accorded Ben’s Kosher Delicatessen Restaurants in comparison to other longtime Manhattan and Queens eateries will change if Mr. Dragoon has anything to say about it, and he does. The ebullient, bearded, Brooklyn College graduate is eminently quotable and seemingly never met a promotion or a gimmick he did not like. He is currently celebrating Ben’s’ 25th year with a matzoh-ball eating contest and an anniversary sweepstakes.

Ben’s chicken soup emergency delivery vehicle, an ambulance purchased from the Jericho Fire Department, with the warning ‘’keep back, hot soup’’ painted on its rear panels, recently whizzed up to the front entrance of the Waldorf Astoria to ceremoniously deliver some chicken soup to Dr. Ruth of television fame.

Among his more colorful Ronnieisms are ‘’Who said a nosh can’t be posh?’’ ‘’Everything from soup to nuts! Taste our soup and go nuts.’’ ‘’We cure our own corned beef. Our chicken soup cures everything else.’’

And for Ben’s anniversary, ‘’Celebrating 25 years of noshes and nourishment.’’

Google Books
The Back Stage Guide to Broadway
By Robert Viagas
New York, NY: Back Stage Books
Pg. 97:
Ben’s Delicatessen (Jewish delil Just past the southern end of the theatre district is this kosher Everest. Oak paneled dining rooms on two levels serve up big, fat deli sandwiches of pastrami, lox, etc. Their slogan: “We cure our corned beef ourselves. Our chicken soup cures everything else.” Who could argue? 309 West 38th St. (between Seventh and Eighth Aves.).

Manhattan - Chowhound
What place has the slogan “Our Chicken Soup Cures Everything”
The GF is sick and I promised to bring her chicken soup from this place, but I can’t remember which of the many Jewish Delis in Manhattan has this slogan.
Wingman Dec 28, 2005 01:45PM

Ben’s Deli. (37th or 39th and 7th).
The slogan i believe is “We cure our corned beef. Our chicken soup cures everything else.
CDB Dec 28, 2005 01:59PM

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