A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from March 13, 2018
Whack Ass Queens or Whack Ass Queenz (Queens)

"Crack is Wack” is a famous Manhattan mural that was painted by Keith Haring (1958-1990) in 1986. “Wack” or “whack” comes from “wack” or “whacky,” meaning, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “absurdly or amusingly eccentric or irrational : CRAZY.” “Whack-ass” (also “whack ass” or “whackass") means the same as “whack,” but more so.

“Whackass” has been applied to the borough of Queens, New York, since at least 2009:

wack ass queens—Twitter, April 6, 2009.
WACKASS QUEENS—Twitter, May 4, 2009.
whack ass queens—Twitter, May 17, 2009.
whack ass queenz—Twitter, July 27, 2009.
wackass queenz—Twitter, August 7, 2009.
whack-ass Queens—Twitter, October 26, 2009.
wack ass queenz—Twitter, October 27, 2009.
wack-ass queens—Twitter, December 3, 2009.
whackass queens—Twitter, January 4, 2010.

Wikipedia: Queens
Queens is the easternmost and largest in area of the five boroughs of New York City. It is geographically adjacent to the borough of Brooklyn at the southwestern end of Long Island, and to Nassau County farther east on Long Island; in addition, Queens shares water borders with the boroughs of Manhattan and the Bronx. Coterminous with Queens County since 1899, the borough of Queens is the second-largest in population (after Brooklyn), with a census-estimated 2,333,054 residents in 2016, approximately 48% of them foreign-born. Queens County also is the second-most populous county in the U.S. state of New York, behind the neighboring borough of Brooklyn, which is coterminous with Kings County. Queens is the fourth-most densely populated county among New York City’s boroughs, as well as in the United States. If each of New York City’s boroughs were an independent city, Queens also would be the nation’s fourth most populous, after Los Angeles, Chicago, and Brooklyn. Queens is the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary
adjective \ ˈwa-kē \
variants: or less commonly whacky
: absurdly or amusingly eccentric or irrational : CRAZY wacky ideas a wacky comedian

Know Your Meme
Crack Is Wack
“Crack is Whack” is mural painted in the 1986 by Keith Haring that inspierd a quote by Whitney Houston in a 2002 interview with Diane Sawyer making the words infamous.
In the interview Sawyer asked Houston if her sickly appearance was due to the use of drugs, Houston’s over the top reply quickly spread across the media and was the targeted by “The Late Show” and was made an utter laughing stock.

Urban Dictionary
crazy, ridiculous
Your mom flushed your stash? that’s whack!
by baccarati May 14, 2002

Urban Dictionary
whack-ass shit
The act or state of being generally unacceptable or undesireable.
damn that burrito was some whack-ass shit
by Mr. Saturn May 13, 2004

Urban Dictionary
1. To be of low or dubious quality. Origin: comes from ‘whacky’, which evolved to ‘whacked’ or ‘whacked out’. Eventually shortened to ‘wack’. The ‘h’ is usually dropped to differentiate the meaning from ‘whack’, which is to hit something hard or, kill (old wise guy terminology).
Yo, my dog, those shoes are wack.
by Paul October 13, 2004

Lester Diamond
somebody save me from wack ass queens
2:58 PM - 6 Apr 2009

9:03 PM - 4 May 2009

@EBBSbaby hey hey hey don’t be hatin on bk cuz u live in whack ass queens lmao it’s ok we still love u tho
12:28 PM - 17 May 2009

Urban Dictionary
when someone is whack, just a harsher version of it. comes from root word whack which means dumb or a word to define someone who is obviously exaggerating. can mean wrong. usually meant in a playful sense.
joe: i shot the president !!!
bob: man, you such a whackass.

by mmbaby. May 26, 2009

Michael B.
Replying to @mz_angel
@mz_angel Lmao… I didn’t Say Whack Ass Queens, I was Born In Queens, I Said “This Whack ass Part Of Queens” I Live In SpringField Gardens
2:26 PM - 20 Jun 2009

Nelson Jimenez
Replying to @Tee_Bellzz
Same here son, stuck in whack ass queenz! When u go back?@SmooveAszNgga
10:15 PM - 27 Jul 2009

Replying to @UKaYHip
@WeirdKidd tru im all the way in wackass queenz lol
8:44 PM - 7 Aug 2009

Jazmyn Shaneé
What are the demographics of MoCo???...since all I hear about it New York’s, preferable whack-ass Queens. -_-
2:01 PM - 26 Oct 2009

Stevie Crak
@DaQu33nCi aint shit jus coolin n maxxin u bak out here or u in wack ass queenz lol
3:31 PM - 27 Oct 2009

Messy Jesse
Replying to @Hardcore4
@Hardcore4 im in wack-ass queens down the street from @jah3!! whats good?
9:22 PM - 3 Dec 2009

Blanco 🇭🇹
@DieRichPretty whackass queens
5:57 PM - 4 Jan 2010

Sam! 🤩
Your not from new york if you didn’t know these nicknames:
•Money Makin Manhattan
•Boogie Down Bronx
•Whack Ass Queens
6:21 PM - 6 Dec 2016

Yonkers/Mt Vernon less corny than Long Island cuz they got the BX to bite off of while LI got wackass Queens
4:11 PM - 30 Jul 2017 from Yonkers, NY

Posted by Barry Popik
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