A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006.

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Entry from September 24, 2016
“What does a vegan zombie eat?"/"Graaaiinns!”

Zombies eat brains, but there’s a joke:

Q: What does a vegan/vegetarian zombie eat?

“Which reminds me: what do vegetarian zombies eat?  (A: GRAAAIINNNZZZ!!!)” was posted on the newsgroup alt.comics.2000ad on November 14, 2004. “Q. What do vegan zombies eat? A. Grainzzzzzzzz” was posted on the newsgroup alt.wrestling.wwf on December 2, 2004.

Google Groups: alt.comics.2000ad
Toothwatch Releases Thingy : 11.11.04
Dee Cassidy
: Which reminds me: what do vegetarian zombies eat?  (A: GRAAAIINNNZZZ!!!)
You should go to a Zombie Demonstration sometime.
What do we want? BRAAAAAINNNNS!
When do we want them? BRAAAAAINNNNS!

Google Groups: alt.wrestling.wwf
I’m Impressed
Jim Connick
Q. What do vegan zombies eat?
A. Grainzzzzzzzz

Steve Greenberg
My wife’s Joke of the Day:
What do vegan zombies eat? 
3:37 PM - 7 Jan 2008

What does the vegan zombie say?  GRAAAAAIIINNNNNNSSSSSS.....
10:20 PM - 22 Jan 2009

Wez Furlong
What does a vegan zombie crave?  Graaaiiinns!  Graaaiinns!
6:58 PM - 11 Feb 2009

still laughing at this one: “What does a vegan zombie eat?”
3:05 PM - 20 Feb 2009

26 November 2009, Chicago (IL) Tribune, “Nerd-tastic ideas” by Elliott Serrano, pg. 15:
Pop quiz: What do vegetarian zombies eat? GRAAAAAINS!

Google Books
The Part-Time Vegan:
201 Yummy Recipes that Put the Fun in Flexitarian

By Cherise Grifoni
Avon, MA: Adams Media
Pg. 117:
What do vegan zombies eat?
(Get it?)

Google Books
By Stacy Kingsley
Lulu Press (Lulu.com)
Pg. ?:
“What do vegetarian zombies eat?” Without waiting for a response the young man giggled and answered, “Grains, man! Fresh grains!”

the dissected frog
26 Hilarious Jokes That Need No Explanation*
MARCH 11, 2014 ~ AJ KNOX
7.  What do vegetarian zombies eat?  Graaaaains.
This joke rests on the fact that the zombie as we know it today (not the Haitian zonbi) hungers for human brains as sustenance, and furthermore, that they chant “Braaains” as they pursue their victims.

What do vegan zombies eat? (self.cleanjokes)
submitted September 23, 2014 by Just_a_Sloth_Here

Google Books
Fat Poo’s Vegetarian Jokes
By Peter Crumpton
PeteyRF Creative
Pg. ?:
What does a vegan zombie eat?

30 Terribly Wonderful Jokes Your Friends Will Love
Aug 15, 2016 At Wheaton College (Massachusetts)
8. What would a vegan zombie eat?

Posted by Barry Popik
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