A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from October 05, 2007
Yokelhoma or Yokelahoma (Oklahoma nickname)

"Yokelhoma” or “Yokelahoma” is an unflattering nickname from people who think that Oklahoma or the University of Oklahoma is filled with a bunch of “yokels.” The term is not a common one, but it is one of many nicknames used at the Texas-Oklahoma football game known as the Red River Rivalry.

Other nicknames that Texans have used for Oklahoma and Oklahoma University include Chokelahoma, Jokelahoma, Mobilehoma, and Zero U.

(Oxford English Dictionary)
A contemptuous term for a (stupid or ignorant) countryman or rustic; a country bumpkin. Also quasi-adv., as yokel-stubborn.
1812 J. H. VAUX Flash Dict., Youkell, a countryman or clown. 

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From: (Apuleius)
Date: 1996/01/21
Subject: Re: Good news to the question of Homosexuality

»»after she married me would know that they were written by the same person. My
»»wife has an earned Ph.D. in history from Oklahoma State University, where we
»»was ordained. I also have an earned Ph.D. in history from Oklahoma State

Yokelhoma. It figures. The Yale of the Yatahoochee.

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From: (Apuleius)
Date: 1996/03/03
Subject: Re: Confessions of St. Cheryl, or: Mother Superior Jumps the Gun

GIVE EXAMPLES that clearly illustrate the meaning you attach to it. No more of your “he told me” crap. That might be passing at Yokelhoma state, but not here!

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From: (James Lloyd Hill)
Date: 1997/11/16
Subject: Re: Another X-Files / Homicide Crossover

I’ve manfully refrained from watching “M.E., Myself, and I” a second time, but I have a vague recollection that she blew insouciantly into Baltimore from Texas or Yokelahoma or some such place. 

Austin American-Statesman
Yokelhoma: high culture at Big Bob’s
Author: John Kelso, Austin American-Statesman
Date: October 5, 2001 Publication: Austin American-Statesman (TX) Word Count: 602

A hearty round of Bronx cheers to the many sourpuss Oklahoma football fans who got their Twinkies all atwitter over my Tuesday column, in which I jokingly renamed the state Jokelahoma and Mobilehoma. As a native son of Yokelhoma, I realize from all the vitriolic e-mail I received that I should have homed in on some of the state’s top tourist attractions, like Big Bob’s Lease-a-John in Lawton.

Austin American-Statesman
Oklahoma, land of pigs and cow pies
Author: John Kelso, American-Statesman Staff
Date: October 8, 2002 Publication: Austin American-Statesman (TX) Word Count: 550

Folks around these parts are talking about just two subjects: invading Iraq and the invasion of Dallas on Saturday by a bunch of Oklahoma Gomers for the Texas-OU game (prediction: Texas 24, OU 20). So let’s get on with our annual sophomoric yet therapeutic spanking of Okrahoma, Jokelahoma, Mobilehoma, Brokelahoma, Chokelahoma, Croaklahoma or whatever you prefer to call it.

Austin American-Statesman
Gooo Horns. And that’s all I have to say
Date: October 8, 2004 Publication: Austin American-Statesman (TX) Word Count: 559

I hate to disappoint you University of Texas football fans, but I won’t be trying to help your cause in Saturday’s big game in Dallas by hurling insults at the entire state of Oklahoma this year. Oh, I realize that every October, it has become a tradition for me to compose tasteless, crude, nasty, mean-spirited, vile, juvenile, unfair, lowdown, slimy, rotten and, yes, immature sophomoric material about the folks of Oklahoma right before the OU-Texas game.
Even though I have referred to Oklahoma as Yokelhoma, Jokelahoma, Manufactured-Homa, Chokelahoma and Brokelahoma, every year Texas gets pounded by the ... 

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From: Bobby Galvez
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 21:36:05 GMT
Local: Tues, Feb 28 2006 5:36 pm
Subject: Re: Tell me why…

Over three years as a starter at Texas they lost all of 2 games, both of them to Yokelahoma. Both in years where OU either won the championship or played for it. 

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