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“Pollen is the snow of the south” (1/2)
“The only thing in Texas that changes faster than the weather is a woman’s mind” (12/6)
“Women today are like the weather in Texas. You will never understand them” (12/5)
“Texas women are like the weather in Texas—unpredictable and bipolar” (12/5)
“Texas women are like the weather—so hot” (12/5)
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The Lone Star State. An etymological dictionary investigating the origins of Texas words, names, quotations and phrases, specializing in modern slang, nicknames, slogans, proverbs, adages and aphorisms. A web site by Barry Popik.

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“Goodnight, Austin, Texas, wherever you are” (2/6)
“Great Seafood, Not a Lot of Clams” (Rockfish Seafood Grill slogan) (11/3)
“Grinning like a jackass eating briars” (8/9)
“Gun control means a steady aim” (10/31)
“Guns Up” (Texas Tech) (11/25)
“Hair, Horns and Holler” (ingredients of a cowboy stew) (9/8)
“Half of Louisiana is under water and the other half is under indictment” (9/25)
“Handy as hip pockets on a hog” (9/4)
“Happiness is a Texan headed south with an Okie under each arm” (3/11)
“Happiness is Lubbock, Texas, in my rear view mirror” (7/17)
“Harder than eating red beans with a pitchfork” (8/25)
“Harelips the governor” ("hare-lips the governor") (7/5)
“Have a big time in Texas” (Texas slogan) (4/22)
“He ain’t fit to tote guts to a bear” (10/15)
“He couldn’t hit a bull in the butt with a banjo” (10/13)
“He couldn’t sell watermelons with the highway patrol blocking traffic” (3/8)
“He was addicted to cowboy line dancing and entered a two-step program” (11/30)
“He’ll do to ride the river with” (11/1)
“He’s got more guts than you can hang on a fence” (7/13)
“Hello, poison control? I just drank unsweet tea” (7/2)
“Hello, sucker!” & “Give this little girl a big hand!” (Texas Guinan) (12/24)
“Here Everything’s Better” & “HEB-ing” or “Hebbing” (8/12)
“Here I sit, cheeks a-flexin’, giving birth to another Texan” (bathroom graffiti) (12/29)
“HI, HOW ARE YOU” (Daniel Johnston artwork) (9/6)
“Hide from wind, run from water” (hurricane adage) (6/20)
“Home of the free 72-oz. steak” (Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo) (12/28)
“Honk if I’m an Aggie” (bumper sticker) (9/13)
“Hook “Em Horns” & “Hook ‘Em Cows” (12/31)
“Hoover Hog,” “Poor Man’s Pig,” “Poverty Pig” (armadillo nicknames) (8/24)
“Horse high, bull strong, and pig tight” (qualities of a Texas fence) (10/15)
“Hotter than a Laredo parking lot” (Dan Rather, election night 2000) (12/30)
“Hotter Than a Stolen Tamale;” “Hotter Than a Fur Coat in Marfa” (10/31)
“Houston—The Real Texas” (10/8)
“Houston is actually an hour away from Houston” (7/6)
“Houston is an hour away from Houston” (7/6)
“Houston is Los Angeles with the climate of Calcutta” (Molly Ivins?) (7/30)
“Houston is two hours away from Houston” (7/7)
“Houston Proud” (9/24)
“Houston’s Hot” (10/8)
“Houston, we have a problem” (8/6)
“Houston. It’s Worth It” (2/24)
“How ‘bout them Cowboys?” (1/10)
“How about them cookies?” (10/4)
“How do you pronounce the name of this place?” (Mexia) (9/29)
“How do you tell if a person is a level-headed country boy?"/"Snuff runs out of both sides.” (4/18)
“How does a cowboy start his day?"/"He reboots.” (12/14)
“How hard could it be?” (2006 Kinky Friedman campaign slogan for governor) (7/6)
“How many Aggies/Texans does it take to eat an armadillo?” (8/24)
“How many Austinites does it take to change a light bulb?” (joke) (7/27)
“How the cow ate the cabbage” (12/31)
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