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“Lubbock is in the middle of everything” (joke) (9/19)
“Why did the cowboy get a hot seat?"/"Because he rode the range.” (9/17)
“Why is Texas called the Lone Star State?"/"It’s their Yelp rating.” (6/29)
“Why do Mexicans never cross the border in groups of three?"/"Because a sign says ‘No Trespassing.‘“ (4/28)
“How do you tell if a person is a level-headed country boy?"/"Snuff runs out of both sides.” (4/18)
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The Lone Star State. An etymological dictionary investigating the origins of Texas words, names, quotations and phrases, specializing in modern slang, nicknames, slogans, proverbs, adages and aphorisms. A web site by Barry Popik.

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Western Sandwich (Denver Sandwich; Denver Omelet) (10/17)
Westerned (10/20)
Wet Burrito (Burrito Enchilada Style) (10/20)
Wetback (Wet Back) (10/25)
Wham Bam Tram or A Streetcar Named Disaster (Houston’s MetroRail) (7/8)
Wheatheart of the Nation (Perryton slogan) (9/14)
Where Dallas Goes for Fun (Addison slogan) (1/27)
Where Everybody Is Somebody & Home of Cowboys and Legends (Hico slogans) (1/28)
Where Quality Meets Life (Pflugerville slogan) (11/16)
Where Texas Became Texas (Washington-on-the-Brazos slogan) (3/28)
Where thousands live the way millions wish they could (Needville slogan) (7/20)
Where Yee-Hah Meets Olé (Eagle Pass slogan) (1/27)
Whiney Orange (Whiny Orange) (8/26)
Whiskey Ding (3/5)
Whiskey-taw Falls (Wichita Falls nickname) (6/18)
White Chili ("bowl of white") (11/7)
White Texas Sheet Cake (6/6)
Whole Wallet (Whole Foods nickname) (5/27)
Wichitan (inhabitant of Wichita Falls) (1/5)
Wild and Woolly (1/17)
Wild West (Wild Wild West) (1/17)
Wimberleyite (inhabitant of Wimberley) (12/30)
Wind City, USA (Roscoe nickname) (7/13)
Wind Energy Capital of Texas (McCamey nickname) (1/30)
Windsor Stew (10/12)
Wine Root Stock Capital of the World (Denison nickname) (1/29)
Winter Texan (1/28)
Wishbone Offense (football formation) (9/4)
Woodstock of Gaming (QuakeCon in Dallas) (5/1)
Wop Salad (2/29)
World’s Largest Hotel Lobby (San Antonio River Walk nickname) (7/3)
World’s Richest Acre (oil-rich acre in Kilgore) (6/29)
World’s Toughest Boat Race (Texas Water Safari) (7/27)
Wow Boys or Wowboys (Dallas Cowboys nickname) (10/29)
Wrecking Crew (Texas A&M football defense) (8/3)
Wronghorns (satire of UT “Longhorns” nickname) (8/11)
XIT City (Dalhart nickname) (9/25)
Y’all (12/30)
Y’all Mahal (Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington) (9/6)
YallQaeda or Y’all Qaeda (y’all + al-Qaeda) (1/4)
Yamboree (12/8)
Yankee Burger (hamburger with ketchup) (2/19)
Yankee Dime (a kiss) (9/14)
Yeehaw (Yee-ha; Yee-haw) (3/11)
Yeehawd (yeehaw + jihad); Yeehawdist (yeehaw + jihadist) (1/3)
Yellow Velvet (corn and squash dish) (12/25)
Yokelhoma or Yokelahoma (Oklahoma nickname) (10/5)
You Have No Idea (El Paso slogan) (4/26)
You’ll Love Lufkin (Lufkin motto/slogan) (5/31)
Yoyos or Yo-Yos (Mexican pastries) (12/12)
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