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Great Plains (11/11)
Texas Twinkies (bacon and brisket wrapped cream cheese-filled jalapeño poppers) (10/20)
“Cowboys don’t roll joints. They tumble weed” (9/1)
Hillbilly (Hill Billy) (8/14)
“If a cowboy dies and comes back to life, is it called reintarnation?” (7/19)
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The Lone Star State. An etymological dictionary investigating the origins of Texas words, names, quotations and phrases, specializing in modern slang, nicknames, slogans, proverbs, adages and aphorisms. A web site by Barry Popik.

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“Just so you know, we’re ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas” (Dixie Chicks) (12/5)
“Katz’s Never Kloses” (Katz’s Deli and Bar slogan) (9/9)
“Keep Abilene Boring” (3/9)
“Keep Austin Weird” (8/10)
“Keep College Station Normal” (1/21)
“Keep Dallas Douche” (10/3)
“Keep Dallas Plastic” (3/4)
“Keep Dallas Pretentious” (2/24)
“Keep Denton Chido” (10/2)
“Keep Georgetown Normal” (12/18)
“Keep Houston Dirty” (3/11)
“Keep Lubbock Flat” (2/23)
“Keep Round Rock Mildly Unusual” (12/18)
“Keep San Antonio Lame” (1/21)
“Keep Texas Wild” (3/29)
“Keep Waco Wacko” (1/21)
“Keep Wimberley Weirder” (3/1)
“Keep your guns—Come to Texas” (10/18)
“King of Beverages” (Dr. Pepper slogan) (10/29)
“Knock off its horns, wipe its ass, and throw it on the plate” (Texan ordering “rare” steak) (12/31)
“Land of Tall Women and Virgin Pines” (Piney Woods, East Texas) (11/14)
“Lear jet needs fuel” or “Lear jet out of fuel” (Austin panhandler sign) (9/18)
“Let he who is without stock cast the first rock” (Governor Preston E. Smith) (9/19)
“Let the bastards freeze in the dark” & “Drive 80 mph and freeze a Yankee” (7/6)
“Let’s have a level playing field” (9/18)
“Liberate Texas next—they’ve got oil, too” (6/2)
“Life in Lubbock, Texas taught me two things…” (Butch Hancock) (11/25)
“Life is like a jar of jalapeños; What you do today may burn your ass tomorrow” (8/23)
“Life’s short. Eat more pie!” (Texas Pie Company in Kyle) (6/24)
“Life’s too short to live in Dallas” (8/14)
“Lift up the cow’s tail and look the situation squarely in the face” (LBJ?) (8/23)
“Light as air, stronger than whiskey, and cheap as dirt” (barbed wire) (10/26)
“Like Grant took Richmond” (7/29)
“Live Large. Think Big” (Dallas slogan) (8/10)
“Live Strong” (Lance Armstrong Foundation) (12/6)
“Load your brain before you shoot off your mouth” (10/6)
“Long live cowboys” (12/10)
“Long Live Longnecks” (Lone Star Beer slogan) (11/17)
“Lost in Austin” (8/9)
“Low and slow” or “Slow and low” (barbecue motto/dogma) (5/22)
“Lubbock is in the middle of everything” (joke) (9/19)
“Lubbock Or Leave It” (2/23)
“Lubbock, Hub City of the Plains (slowest moving part of the wheel)” (5/14)
“Lust in the Dust” (overly romantic western movie) (10/28)
“Mad as a wet hen” (very mad) (6/9)
“Madder than a wet hen” (very mad) (6/8)
“Made in Texas by Texans” (12/31)
“Maid in the living room, cook in the kitchen, whore in the bedroom” (Jerry Hall) (2/2)
“Make Austin Normal” (3/1)
“Make it a Blockbuster night” (Blockbuster) (7/9)
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