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Entry from January 01, 2008
Cowtown Wolf Turds (bacon-wrapped stuffed jalapeños)

"Cowtown Wolf Turds” are hollowed-out jalapeños stuffed with cream cheese (“Armadillo Eggs”) wrapped in bacon, with a smoked sausage added in the middle. They were named “Cowtown Wolf Turds” in 2000 by Jeff Wheeler ("bigwheel") of Fort Worth, Texas. (“Cowtown” is an old nickname for Fort Worth.)

Wheeler explained this in a December 28, 2007 post (below): “It’s a long story. An old boy named Mike Gunter who lived around here come into the local watering hole one day with some grilled Japs wrapped in bacon and stuffed with super thin soy marinated pork loin strips rolled up like a newspaper. We ate em up like little piglets of course. The story was he got the recipe out of some unknown magazine but there wasnt no name for em. So..I named em Cowtown Wolf Turds and started spreading the recipe as Mike described it. Always giving him full credit of course.”

Another name for “Cowtown Wolf Turds” (or simply “Wolf Turds") is “Atomic Buffalo Turds (ABTs).” If habaneros are substitued for the jalapeños, they’re called “Dragon Turds.”

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From: (G Wiv)
Date: 2000/11/17
Subject: Cowtown Wolf Turds: Was-Thanksgiving Menu

Cowtown Wolf Turds
By Bigwheel

30-40 jalapeno Peppers
Pork Loin—slice thin strips (I used tenderloin)
Soy Sauce
Bacon Strips cut in half
Lemon Pepper or Greek Seasoning

Split seed and devein peppers
Marinade pork in soy sauce
Stuff peppers with marinated pork
Wrap with bacon using toothpicks to hold together
Dust with seasoning

Smoke or grill till done.

If you like very hot food use habanero peppers in place of jalapeno and change name to Cowtown Dragon Turds

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From: “Cuchulain Libby”
Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2000 20:20:22 GMT
Local: Sat, Dec 23 2000 3:20 pm
Subject: Re: New Years Eve—What to eat ? 

Serve appetizers and cheese boards. Here is an appetizer that is simple and very good, even if the name leaves something to be desired.

Cowtown Wolf Turds:

pork tenderloin, cut in strips
wooster or soy sauce
thick bacon
jalepenos, halved de-veined
lemon pepper or your favorite rub

Marinade pork for a bit, place in chile halves, wrap with bacon and secure
with toothpick. Prior to cooking sprinkle with LP or rub
Grill until bacon is cooked to desired doneness.

Habeneros may be substituted in which case the name is ‘Dragon Turds’

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From: “Cuchulain Libby”
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 16:54:30 -0500
Local: Tues, Sep 10 2002 4:54 pm
Subject: Re: Stuffed Peppers

I like Wolf Turds. ½ jalepeno with a slice of marinaded pork t’loin wrapped with ½ slice thick bacon. I saw a perforated pan for smoking stuffed peppers but lost the url. The holes were big enough to hold a pepper upright. Someone here should have it. Came from either the bbq or chile head list.

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From: “Jack Schidt”
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 10:29:23 GMT
Local: Thurs, Oct 10 2002 5:29 am
Subject: VT cook-in - Stuffed Chiles

I won’t call these rellenos because they’re not fried and I won’t call them wolf turds because I used poblanos instead of jalapenos.

fresh poblano chiles for some
fresh cubanelle chiles for others

stuffed with

diced pork loin (I grilled up some pork tenderloins previously)
ancho chile powder
diced garlic
chopped white onion
diced granny smith apple
mex oregano
smoked mozzerella (you knew there hadda be cheese in there someplace, no?)

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From: “The Fat Man®²°°³”
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2003 22:03:34 -0400
Local: Fri, Sep 5 2003 9:03 pm
Subject: Re: Unemployed BBQ’er needs advice

I can’t recommend anything, cause food ain’t on my mind when I’m in a bar. It would have to be something unique and damn good to entice me away from my glass.  Maybe Atomic Wolf turds®

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From: “Cuchulain Libby”
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 05:58:11 GMT
Local: Wed, Sep 24 2003 12:58 am
Subject: Re: Wolf Turds

> Help!  Somehow I lost my recipe for Wolf Turds.

Seasoned pork loin, 1/2 jalepeno, wrapped in 1/2 slice thick bacon secured w/a toothpick. Dragon Turds call for habaneros…

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From: “TFM®”
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 22:49:05 GMT
Local: Wed, Jul 28 2004 5:49 pm
Subject: Re: Wolf Turds

John O wrote:
> I plan to do some wolf turds this weekend for the in-laws, at their
> place in Northern Michigan. I did a test run last night, stuffed two
> pickled jalepenos with cheese and wrapped them in bacon. Baked them
> in a toaster oven. (more elaborate stuffing in a couple days...)

> I used toothpicks to keep them upright, but one of them just didn’t
> want to stay at attention. Part of the cheese leaked out, not a big
> deal since that leaked cheese made a nice little snack as I waited
> for the buggers to cool down. They were really good.

> Aside from those special gizmos made for this task, how do I keep the
> stuffing inside the peppers? Is it a matter of wrapping the bacon
> over the top snug enough to serve as a lid? More toothpicks? ???

> -John O

First and foremost, don’t use pickled ones.....ick!

Put the cheese in first, then plug it with fresh ground sausage.  That’ll keep the cheese from leaking even if they’re layed on their sides.

Half a slice of bacon over the top with a toothpick through the whole assembly.

They’re done when the bacon’s done.

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From: Bruce
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 16:03:40 GMT
Local: Thurs, Jul 29 2004 11:03 am
Subject: Re: Wolf Turds

>Bruce wrote in message
>> I use a piece of expanded metal. I prop it up on the 4 corners. Works
>> great. I also wrap the bacon over the top. When I make the Wolf Turds
>> I use sausage inside. You might put the cheese in first, follow up
>> with a little piece of sausage and then wrap with bacon over the top.

>> Bruce

>Is the sausage pre cooked or raw ground variety?

I use raw.

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From: “Kurt Lucas”
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007 16:28:24 -0800
Local: Fri, Dec 28 2007 7:28 pm
Subject: RE: [BBQ] Origins of ABTs?

I asked bigwheel, and this is his reply:

It’s a long story. An old boy named Mike Gunter who lived around here come into the local watering hole one day with some grilled Japs wrapped in bacon and stuffed with super thin soy marinated pork loin strips rolled up like a newspaper. We ate em up like little piglets of course. The story was he got the recipe out of some unknown magazine but there wasnt no name for em. So..I named em Cowtown Wolf Turds and started spreading the recipe as Mike described it. Always giving him full credit of course. There was another fella up in Amarillo named Wiley “Coyote” Mixon..a proud Klose owner might I add..who say he had been making the same type thing since Old Shep was still a pup but he stuffed his with cream cheese instead of pork loin..and his didnt have no name either. Think we come to a gentlemanly type agreement that he would call his Atomic Buffalo Turds..whilst the loin stuffed variety would remain to be called Cowtown Wolf Turds. Seems like the ABT terminology was a bit more catchy to cover the entire genre of such things..which where either of em came from originally I aint got a clue. Figger they was invented by some drunk injun or guest worker back in the good old days. Have floated down the old Whiskey River a few times since all that was going onsmile Aint heard from the old Coyote in quite some time but he used to post on here fairly often. Hoping he still kicking and doing well. Thats about all I know on the topic then folks started using Habs instead of Japs and they got turned into Atomic Dragon Turds or some such thing. It’s all good and as King Solomon was sometimes heard saying...There aint nothing new under the sun..paraphrasing of coursesmile


The Pit Talk Forum
Posted by Wiley smokincoyote on December 29, 2007 at 07:51:05:
In Reply to: Well… posted by bigwheel on December 28, 2007 at 17:56:57:

I’m still alive and kickin up here in Amarillo. I read this forum and another one everyday but don’t post much anymore. I do remember the “turd” story though. It was 2000, I just got me brand spankin new Klose and I entered my very first cook off here with a group of fellas that own a pool hall and wanted to cook. They make them peppers to give out to customers on occasion so we made some at the cook off. While we were indulging in a few adult drinks I told them about a guy (Bigwheel) that I know from a bbq e-mail group that makes peppers and calls them Cowtown Wolf Turds. Well we had to name ours too so after a few more drinks somehow we came up with atomic buffalo turds. I do remember when I posted about the cook off and mentioned the turds it started quite a little flame war. I didn’t plan on that as I was just tellin tales about my first cook off. I got e-mails saying I stole a recipe or I copied a name and took credit for it. Me and Bigwheel never had harsh words about it and we are still friends. I even give him an extra tray at chow time when he comes up this way and ends up in the grey bar motel. I don’t know why it ticked so many other people off though. Like bigwheel said people probably been making these things since dirt was invented. We came to an agreement about the names and I guess Atomic Buffalo Turd just stuck somehow. Whatever you want to call them or put in them they still pretty tasty.

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From: “Gary Wiviott”
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2007 09:00:01 -0600
Local: Sat, Dec 29 2007 10:00 am
Subject: Re: [BBQ] Re: Origins of ABTs?

First reference I have for Cowtown Wolf Turds is July 2000 from Bigwheel and used pork tenderloin. He had a few variations, Dragon Turds, Cowtown Pregnant Wolf Turd and Cowtown Pregnant Virgin Turds. (recipes below) My current variations are dried date with chorizo and dried fig with Italian sausage, bacon wrapped of course.


Posted to the Porch BBQ List 7/30/2000
Cowtown Wolf Turds
By Bigwheel

30-40 Fresh jalapenos (large ones)
1 raw pork tenderloin.  (may substitute loin)
1lb bacon
soy sauce
lemon pepper.

Slice pork loin into thin wafers
Marinate in soy sauce.
Split, seed and devein peppers*
Stuff peppers with pork slices.
Wrap with half slice of bacon and pierce with toothpick.**
Dust with lemon pepper seasoning.
Grill or smoke till done.

Cowtown Dragon Turds
Substitute habanero peppers.

* heat can be adjusted by removing the veins in the peppers.
* The next time I make them I will use bamboo skewers and leave a space between them. When serving cut between turds.  This should speed up the labor process.

Bought a pound of ground pork.
Marinated it with a little soy sauce.
Stuffed some jalapeno peppers with it and then inserted a garlic
clove. I call these Bigwheel’s Cowtown Pregnant Wolf Turds.

I also stuffed a couple of cherry peppers with the same thing. I call these Bigwheel’s Cowtown Pregnant Virgin Turds.

Posted by Barry Popik
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