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Entry from September 22, 2007
“Fuck Texas”

"Fuck Texas” is not exactly original or inventive. It is, however, a popular t-shirt design on People proudly wear t-shirts with curse words against Texas?

Some consider this a response to the popular slogan “Don’t Mess With Texas,” sometimes interpreted as “Don’t Fuck With Texas.”

See also “Tuck Fexas” and “Fuck Y’all, I’m from Texas!”
Air Capital Superstore : Lefty Stuff : Fuck Texas!

A polluted, corporate-dominated, racist, homophobic, misogynistic, backward hellhole: That’s Texas now, and if the Bush White House has its way, that’s America tomorrow. What can I say? Fuck Texas!

Fuck Texas:

Fuck Texas:

Fuck Texas (Yes On Prop 69!):

Fuck Texas:

Fuck Texas:

Fuck Texas:
Fuck Texas
From The Store that Evil Built

From the Designer
“I hate Texas, fuck it.”

Product Details
Fit: Standard
Not too tight, not too loose.
The most comfortable t-shirt ever! Our 100% cotton, Hanes Authentic Tagless T-Shirt is preshrunk, durable and guaranteed.
Fuck Texas
From the Designer
“Fuck Texas Bumper Sticker”

Product Details
Tell the world how you feel! Our bumper stickers are perfect for expressing yourself while cruising down the highway or just for posting on the wall. Made of durable vinyl and measuring a generous 10” x 3” these stickers are made for adding style to any surface. 

Fuck Texas
“Fuck Texas” pamphlet
Please note that this rant was originally written sometime in 1997. I dragged my Texan bride north in March of ‘98 and have only been back to Houston for occasional visits to the in-laws. No need to tell me “git yer yankeee ass out and do’nt come back!!!” when you sign the guestbook.

posted by Deidzoeb @ 7/27/2007 10:55:00 PM
[Website of the author of the “Fuck Texas” pamphlet above—ed.]

I think a solid ad revenue stream has just been revealed to me. After signing up with Google Analytics a few days ago, I discovered that hits on some of my pages were the results of searches for the following sets of keywords:
“fuck texas”
“stupid bitch”

However, when I googled those phrases, using quotation marks, the very highest results on motherfucking GOOGLE, number one top results for each of those phrases, were pages from my website. It’s a long story. If I were Deputy Barney Fife right now, I would be thumbing my suspenders so hard that my shirt would rip off.

Not something I want to brag to gramma about, but it is something I want to take advantage of, by putting some google ads on those pages. Hell to the yes. Unless Google restricts them, the advertisers are bound to be pornographers. Oh well. It’s just text ads. If anyone complains, I’ll pretend it will be a surprise. ...and I’ll hope they aren’t able to find this blog post admitting that I’m not surprised.

I’m not the kind of person who uses those phrases (anymore) or endorses their use by anyone else, but I’m confident that people will keep looking up the keyword phrases “stupid bitch” and most especially “FUCK TEXAS” for eons to come.

I love you!

Google Groups:
From: (Red_brick)
Date: 1998/03/09
Subject: Re: COMPUSA Horror or ‘Safe in Texas’

I heard a rumor that the original slogan was supposed to be:

DON’T FUCK WITH TEXAS!  ....but I guess “don’t mess with Texas.”
is okay with me. 

Google Groups: alt.graffiti
Newsgroups: alt.graffiti
From: (Ncyclopdea)
Date: 1998/11/05
Subject: Re: experiences in stores with people while buying paint.

hey slug...i saw a “don’t FUCK with texas” bumper sticker on the back of a pickup truck today…

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From: “Irishman - WhoopDonkey Two, Tulsa WhoopDonkeys”
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 05:13:43 GMT
Local: Mon, Jan 20 2003 1:13 am
Subject: Re: Fuck Texas

I saw a “Fuck Texas” bumper sticker on a car tagged with a Maryland license plate.

Not sure what that proves...but I think the sentiment may be national.

Posted by Barry Popik
Texas (Lone Star State Dictionary) • (4) Comments • Saturday, September 22, 2007 • Permalink

Dude, nobody in Texas actually sounds like that. If you have a “Fuck Texas” t-shirt or bumper sticker and you parade it around, you should really hope you’re not in Texas. Texans have pride in their state and more guns than any other state in the U.S. I’m pretty sure that’s why they say, DON’T FUCK WITH TEXAS. Suck on that, BITCH.

Posted by Blaine Eric Juergens  on  05/26  at  02:50 PM

Just in case that last comment I posted somehow doesn’t get there, I’d just like to notify you guys that nobody in Texas actually talks like that…

Posted by Blaine Eric Juergens  on  05/26  at  03:01 PM

I have seen so many t-shirts and stickers of “FUCK TEXAS”, its really getting very popularity in youngsters.

Posted by boat parts  on  02/21  at  02:32 AM

The best I feel about wearing “FUCK TEXAS” I can feel that attitude in me which I would never feel not wearing it.

Posted by Forex Broker  on  05/10  at  07:10 PM

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