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Entry from January 04, 2007
“I feel safer on a racetrack…than on Houston expressways” (A. J. Foyt)

A. J. Foyt is a racing driver from Houston.  He once said that he felt safer driving on the racetrack than driving on Houston expressways. The Foyt quote is on many internet sites, but usually without a date and with the incorrect wording.

Wikipedia: A. J. Foyt
A. J. Foyt (born Anthony Joseph Foyt, Jr., January 16, 1935 in Houston, Texas) is considered by many as the greatest American automobile racing driver of all time. He holds the all-time USAC career wins record with 159 victories.

16 January 1989, Elyria (OH) Chronicle-Telegram, pg. A5:
TODAY’S QUOTE: “I feel safer on a racetrack with the traffic going in the same direction and good drivers behind the wheels than I do on Houston expressways.”—A. J. Foyt

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