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Entry from September 22, 2021
Little Austin (Denton nickname)

Denton is a city that is the country seat of Denton County, Texas. Denton has been nicknamed “Little Austin” since at least 2009 because, like the Texas city of Austin, it has many college students and music festivals.

“Denton, TX (little Austin)” was posted on Twitter by Tdunc on September 3, 2009. “We’ve read all over that Denton is a little Austin” was posted on Twitter by Nancy Dietz on January 18, 2010. “It’s good to be back in Denton-town, AKA, Little Austin” was posted on Twitter by Todd Lollar - on March 23, 2010.

“it’s Denton, which is little Austin, which is little Portland” was posted on Twitter by chris on December 8, 2012. “Denton is neither little austin nor Portland. It is simply another hipster cesspool surrounded by suburbs and hicks” was posted on Twitter by Tweak on December 9, 2012.

Another Denton nickname is “Little D.”

Wikipedia: Denton, Texas
Denton is a city in and the county seat of Denton County, Texas, United States. With a population of 139,869 as of 2020, it is the 27th-most populous city in Texas, the 197th-most populous city in the United States, and the 12th-most populous city in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex.
Nicknames: Little Austin, Little D, Redbud Capital of Texas

Wikipedia: Austin, Texas
Austin is the capital city of the U.S. state of Texas, as well as the seat and largest city of Travis County, with portions extending into Hays and Williamson counties. Incorporated on December 27, 1839, it is the 11th-most populous city in the United States, the fourth-most-populous city in Texas, the second-most-populous state capital city after Phoenix, Arizona, and the most populous state capital that is not also the most populous city in its state.

@RachaelCD101 thanks for the follow, listening in Denton, TX (little Austin) right now! hollaaaa
9:54 PM · Sep 3, 2009·Twitter Web Client

Nancy Dietz
Work for festival starts in earnest: Denton Record Chronicle
“We’ve read all over that Denton is a little Austin, ...
2:14 AM · Jan 18, 2010·twitterfeed

Todd Lollar -
It’s good to be back in Denton-town, AKA, Little Austin.
4:38 PM · Mar 23, 2010·Twitter Web Client

Topix Denton News
Dentoning.....: For a while now, people have been describing Denton as “little Austin”. Though I appreciate the ...
12:46 PM · Sep 14, 2012·twitterfeed

Bar hopping in Denton Texas,
or little Austin
11:02 PM · Oct 24, 2012 from Denton, TX·Twitter for iPhone

“it’s Denton, which is little Austin, which is little Portland”
12:07 AM · Dec 8, 2012·Twitter for iPhone

Replying to @crashFbaby
@crashFbaby Denton is neither little austin nor Portland. It is simply another hipster cesspool surrounded by suburbs and hicks.
7:40 PM · Dec 9, 2012·Echofon

Texas Standard
How Many of These Texas City Nicknames Do You Know?
By W.F. Strong & Emily Donahue July 29, 2015 10:01 am
Denton is known as “Little Austin.” It is the birthplace of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and therefore respectably weird itself.

D magazine
Before You Head to 35 Denton, A Look Back at the Denton That Was
If you remember Denton before the Fry Street Fire, then these old photos uploaded to Alec Williams’ Flickr account will more than prick your nostalgia.

This weekend, the fifth installment of the music festival currently called 35 Denton will take over the “little Austin” north of Dallas.

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance
Fun fact: #Denton is often called “Little Austin” because of its vibrant music scene. Learn more in our #CitySpotli…
12:50 PM · Sep 6, 2016·D Custom

endora bullshit
if you’re watching true detective tonight - that’s my home. that’s why i can’t stop trying to get y’all to visit northwest arkansas. it’s just fucking gorgeous (and is a little little denton, aka a little little little austin, aka a little x 6 portland)
8:43 PM · Jan 13, 2019·Twitter Web Client

Darrin Everitt
Replying to @ephoustonbill @DENTONCBC and 15 others
Denton has been tagged little Austin, weird, artsy and home to UNT. Lots of bars and independent boutique shops and lots of fun.
6:46 PM · Feb 23, 2019 from Lewisville, TX·Twitter for Android

A Confederacy of Fools sola dosis facit venenum
Replying to @JoshuaFechter and @TexasTribune
Denton County needs to call in all their loans to Dallas County. And they damn sure better not make any new ones. City of Denton may be trying to be little Austin, Denton County’s in Texas not in California.
3:31 PM · Aug 11, 2021·Twitter for Android

Dallas (TX) Observer
The 5 Best North Texas City Nicknames (and Some of the Worst)
Other terrible city nicknames include Arlington’s “The American Dream City,” Gainesville’s “The Front Porch of Texas,” Denton’s “Little Austin” (a name that sounds like if Verne Troyer played Austin Powers’ Mini-Me instead of Dr. Evil’s) and the Hurst-Euless-Bedford tri-city area’s nickname of “HEB.” (We don’t need two entities named “HEB” in Texas.)

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