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Entry from August 13, 2006
Screwston (Houston nickname)

"Screwston” is a modern nickname for the city of Houston. It’s not an official nickname, of course.

Urban Dictionary
1. Screwston
Houston Texas!
Birth & Restin place of the WORLD changin DJ Screw!!! (RIP)


Home of an assortment of ORIGINAL words & terms which started here.. in SCREWSTON, Plexus
by DuckSauce713 Dec 4, 2003

2. screwston
city of dank, syrup city, old H-Town HOUSTON TEXAS
by anonymous Sep 10, 2003

3. screwston
City of Syrup
by Skinner Sep 9, 2003

Google Groups:
From:  Bay Way 41510
Date:  Sat, Sep 29 2001 11:18 pm

I’m out here in that Oakland trying to vibe, but I can’t file-share no more, so let me know what’s goin’ on out in that Screwston.

Google Groups: alt.rap
From:  Rodrigo
Date:  Sun, Feb 17 2002 6:58 pm

Reppin Houston, 20 inch subs on 20 inch dubs Screwston, H Town, Hustle Town, whatever…

Posted by Barry Popik
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