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Entry from October 24, 2008
German Nachos

“German nachos” is an invention of Oma’s Haus Restaurant in New Braunfels. Sausage is added to tortilla chips, topped with jalapeño and cheddar cheese.
Oma’s Haus Restaurant also serves a “German taco” of summer sausage and jalapeño cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla.
Oma’s Haus Restaurant (New Braunfels, TX)
German Nachos
Our own invention of sausage on toasted tortilla chips topped with jalapeno and cheddar cheese. “Schmeckts Gut!”
German Tacos
Thinly sliced Summer sausage and melted jalapeno cheese rolled up in a flour tortilla. 
18 September 1994, New Braunfels (TX) Herald-Zeitung, “Traditional, original dishes make Oma’s Haus special,” pg. 6A:
Rodney Reagan didn’t know what he was getting into back in 1977 when he started selling sausage and cheese just to make a few bucks for college at Texas A&M.
Now, in 1994, that little business has turned into Oma’s Haus Restaurant, open seven days a week.
“I started as kind of a summer job for college,” he said. “We’ve grown a little each year.”
To say the least.
Oma’s Haus (German for Grandma’s House) sits on Hwy. 46, just off IH-35 and Exit 189. Reagan moved to the present location in 1981 which seated 21 people. Today, it seats 160 and includes a gift shop and meeting rooms to accommodate any organization or group.
Oma’s Haus is a classic hometown Texas-German restaurant offering a variety of dishes from German to American to “originals,” such as Dortmunder, a combination of roast beef with potato gravy and melted cheese. There are also “German Nachos” and even “German Egg Rolls.”
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Anyway, even though I’ve never actually been to Oma’s Haus, I’ve heard they have some very unusual & uniques dishes, such as “German Nachos”, “German Egg Rolls”, & “The Whole Thing Dinner” (a little bit of everything), as well as traditional German schnitzels, sausage, & sauerkraut.  Also, be sure to check out their gift shop, which includes homemade food & bakery items (as well as unique Texas items).
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