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Entry from July 03, 2008
Giant Backside of Texas (parody of Lubbock slogan)

“The Giant Side of Texas” has been a slogan of the city of Lubbock since 2004. The perhaps inevitable parody of the slogan has been: “The Giant Backside of Texas.”   
Wikipedia: Lubbock, Texas
Lubbock is the 10th-largest city in the state of Texas. Located in the northwestern part of the state—a region known historically as the Llano Estacado—it is the county seat of Lubbock County. According to an estimate by the U.S. Census in 2005, the city population was 209,737. The Lubbock metropolitan area, however, has a population of 257,663.
Lubbock’s nickname is the “Hub City” which derives from being the economy, education, and health care hub of a multi-county region commonly called the South Plains.The area is the largest contiguous cotton-growing region in the world and is heavily dependent on irrigation water drawn from the Ogallala Aquifer.
Lubbock is pronounced “LUB uck”, with the ə sound in both syllables.
Lubbock Chamber of Commerce
Welcome to Lubbock, TX…..The land of Giant dreams that stretch from horizons as wide as the eye can see. From wide open spaces to our downtown Depot district and everywhere in between, Lubbock is the ideal place to live, work and play. We truly are the Giant Side of Texas.
The Daily Toreador (Texas Tech)
Lubbock is the giant side of what?
Trey Caliva
Issue date: 2/20/07 Section: Opinions
Nothing says West Texas hospitality like a pair of cold handcuffs on your wrists and a tour of downtown Lubbock from the backseat of a squad car.
Certainly that’s not the “Giant Side of Texas” the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce hopes to impress upon visitors. Yet, it’s exactly the kind of welcome that left eight Chippendale’s dancers glad to see Lubbock in their rearview mirror.
George Gant
posted 2/19/07 @ 11:52 PM CST
Let’s put things into perspective: LUBBOCK - The Giant Backside of Texas!
The Daily Toreador (Texas Tech)
George Gant
posted 1/09/08 @ 11:49 AM CST
How will Lubbock look in 2018? Same as today. Same as 1998. Same as 1968, etc. Lubbock will always be “Lubbock-the Giant Backside of Texas.”
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Lubbock - The Giant Backside of Texas.
Posted by: wingswest at Mar 15, 2008 at 07:34:29 PM

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