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“I live in the South ......  where lightning bugs use their blinkers more than most drivers” (8/7)
“You might be Texan if you base your restaurant decisions on its chips and salsa” (8/3)
“Don’t judge a book by its cover, but always judge a Tex-Mex restaurant by their chips and salsa” (8/3)
“Texan (noun): A person who chooses restaurants based on their chips and salsa” (8/3)
“Texan: A person who chooses a restaurant based on their chips and salsa” (8/3)
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Entry from August 14, 2006
H-Town (Houston nickname)

“H-Town” ia hip-hop nickname for the city of Houston. Several cities were called “h-town” in CB language that existed in the 1970s. However, hip-hop probably didn’t borrow from CB slang when the “H-Town” term was popularized, about 1990.
Urban Dictionary
H-Town (AKA Hustle Town, AKA Houston) is where all the best Rappers come from.
Somebody:Hey yo Flip whatchu reppin?
Lil Flip:H-Town nigga.
by Devilish Eminem Jun 18, 2003
Google Groups: alt.rap-gdead
From:  ucc34
Date:  Wed, Feb 20 1991 4:50 pm


Posted by Barry Popik
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