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Entry from October 08, 2007
“Need no teef to eat my beef” (House Park Bar-B-Que, Austin)

“Need no teef to eat my beef” is the non-trademarked slogan at the House Park Bar-B-Que in Austin, at West 12th Street near Lamar Boulevard. House Park has been around since 1943; there’s no date claimed for the slogan, but it’s been on the restaurant’s sign for decades. Some barbecue eaters claim that if the beef isn’t falling apart, it isn’t tender enough.
“Meat so tender, you can leave your teeth at home” is the slogan of the Pit Stop BBQ in Waxahachie, Texas.
Houston Press
Barbecue in Black and White:
Carving the racism out of Texas barbecue mythology
By Robb Walsh
Published: May 1, 2003
“Need no teef to eat my beef” is a favorite slogan of black Texas barbecue men. If the beef isn’t falling apart, then it simply isn’t done enough. Black East Texas barbecue has its own aesthetic. If you’re judging it by the standards of white barbecue, then you don’t get it. Put some of that falling-apart brisket on a bun with barbecue sauce, pickles and onions and think of it as Texas’s answer to a Carolina pulled-pork sandwich. Suddenly, you’ll understand. 
Google Books
Legends of Texas Barbecue Cookbook
by Robb Walsh
San Francisco, CA: Chronicle Books
Pg. 115:
A slogan made famous by the legendary barbecuer C-boy Parks on a sign in front of House Park Bar-B-Que in Austin.
need no teef
(Photo of sign—ed.)
the house park bar-b-que sign, 900 w. 12th st., austin, tx
i’ve yet to eat there and i LOVE bbq. it is only open for lunch during the weekday. cash only.
Texas BBQ Review
House Park Bar-B-Que - Austin, Texas
Address 900 W 12th, Austin TX 78703(map)
Phone 512-472-9621
Open M-F 11-2:30 PM
Date Visited January 22, 2007
Reviewer Tex
Serving Q since 1943, this is an old school style BBQ Joint.  No fancy frills, they just focus on cooking meat and feeding the lunch crowd….my kind of place and one of the best slogans ever with “Need no teef to eat my beef”. 
Austin Chronicle
HOME: MARCH 1, 2007: FOOD  
Smoke Trail
Central-city barbecue spots
House Park Bar-B-Que
900 W. 12th, 472-9621
Monday-Friday, 11am-2:30pm
House Park may be the closest thing within the city limits to an old-time country barbecue joint – it’s small, smoky, utterly without pretension, and plays by its own rules. Open since 1943 and named for the venerable high school football stadium nearby, House Park only serves weekday lunch (or maybe breakfast, depending on the hours you keep), and the weathered picnic tables resolutely face the noisy street rather than picturesque Shoal Creek, which runs just behind the building.
House Park’s slogan, which has graced the marquee for decades, is probably better known than the excellent mesquite-smoked bill of fare. “Need no teef to eat my beef” is attributed to the late C-Boy Parks, longtime Austin pit-master, kitchen boss of the late Night Hawk No. 2 on the Drag, and mentor to many an Austin cook and restaurateur. Several generations of ACC students, courthouse lawyers, and neighborhood residents and businesspeople have depended on House Park for their lunchtime barbecue fix.

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