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Entry from August 10, 2006
“No Brag, Just Fact”

“No brag, just fact” is sometimes said to be an old Texas saying, but it originated on the short-lived television western The Guns of Will Sonnett (1967). Will Sonnett (played by Walter Brennan) would tell old western stories and often say that he was the fastest gun in the west. Sonnett would then quickly add that his comments were “no brag, just fact.”
The television catchphrase has long outlived the television series.
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Of course Texas is a great place! No brag, just fact.
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“The Guns of Will Sonnett” (1967)
Ex-cavalry scout and gunfighter Will Sonnett and his grandson, Jeff, search the West for Will’s son - and Jeff’s father - Jim Sonnett, a former lawman and gunslinger, who has avoided seeing his son in order to keep him away from the assortment of killers and bounty hunters who are after him. 

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“No Brag, Just Fact!” - Favorite expression of grizzled cavalry scout Will Sonnett (Walter Brennan) who sought the location of his son James “Jim” Sonnett (Jason Evers), a wanted gunman and killer on the western adventure THE GUNS OF WILL SONNETT/ABC/1967-69. Occasionally, when facing down a nasty gunman, Will put the fear of God in his opponent by saying “Some say Jim is fast. Well he ain’t. I am. No brag, just fact.” 
30 December 1967, Chicago Tribune, “TV Mailbag,” pg. B2:
Being sincere devotees of good westerns we submit our appreciation for one of the newest and best to come along, Guns of Will Sonnett. No brag—just fact. W. B.
19 December 1976, Los Angeles Times, pg. T27:
Q. What was the name of that old western series starring Walter Brennan where he’d always say, “No brag, just fact?”
G.M., Long Beach
A. Guns of Will Sonnett, which lasted only one season.

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