A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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G-Slope (Gowanus + Park Slope)

G-Town (Galveston nickname)

Gaaafe or Gaaaffe ("What about your gaffes?")

GAFI (Grab Ankles For Israel)

Gag in the Bag (Jack in the Box nickname)


"Gal reminds me of the highway between Fort Worth and Dallas. No curves." (Foghorn Leghorn)

"Galaxy Counters are a poor man's Minstrels"

Gallerina (gal + art gallery + ballerina)

Galvatraz (Galveston nickname)

Galvestonian (inhabitant of Galveston)

Galvo (Galveston nickname)

"Gambling addiction hotlines would do so much better if every fifth caller was a winner"

"Gambling has brought our family together. We had to move to a smaller house"

"Gambling is only considered an addiction if you are bad at it"

"Game on"

"GameStop implies the existence of GameCollaborate and GameListen"

"GameStop implies the existence of GameDrop and GameRoll"

"GameStop implies the existence of GameGo"

"Gamestop implies the existence of Gamesbottom"

"GameStop implies the existence of GameStart"

Gang Buster or Gangbuster

Gang Green (New York Jets nickname)

Gang of 500

Gangplank Willies (reporters covering ship news at the trans-Atlantic docks)

Gangster Government

Ganjapreneur (ganja + entrepreneur)

Gapers' Block

Gapers' Block

Gaphattan (Gap + Manhattan)

Garage Mahal

Garbage Bread

Garbagia Land

Garden Apartment

Garden City (Chicago nickname)

Garden Spot of the World (Greenpoint, Brooklyn)

Garden State (New Jersey nickname)

"Gardeners always know the ground rules"

"Gardening is just another day at the plant"

"Gardening: Just another day at the plant"

"Gardening season is off to a great start: I planted myself in front of a TV..."

Garibaldi (sandwich)

Garlandite (inhabitant of Garland)

"Garlic and onion powder go on everything"

Garlic Knots (Pizza Knots)

"Garlic powder and onion powder go on everything"

"Garlic powder goes on everything"

Garment Center (Garment District; Fashion Center; Fashion District)


Garrison Finish

"Gas, Grass or Ass -- Nobody rides for free"

Gas House District

"Gas is finally affordable and we can't go anywhere"

"Gas is finally affordable and we have no where to go"

"Gas is finally affordable and we have nowhere to go"

"Gas station car washes are the McDonald's ice cream machines of traveling" (often broken)

Gas Tourism (Gas Tourist)

"Gaslighting doesn't exist. You made it up 'cause you're fucking crazy"

"Gaslighting is not real. You're just crazy"

"Gaslighting is not real. You're just imagining things again"

"Gaslighting isn't a real word. You're just crazy"

"Gaslighting isn't even a real word. You sound crazy"

"Gaslighting isn't real, you crazy bitch"

Gasoline Machine (Phillips 66 refinery in New York harbor)

Gasoline-on-a-Stick (Texas trees and wildfires)


Gastrocrat (gastronomy + aristocrat/bureaucrat)


"'Gastronomy' implies the existence of an occult science of gastrology"


Gatbush (Flatbush)

(Gate) Crasher

Gate Night (October 30th)

Gate Rape

Gate-to-Plate ("From farm gate to dinner plate")

Gateway of the Mississippi Valley (New Orleans nickname)

"Gateway to Discovery" (or "Gateway to the Moon")

Gateway to Queens (Queens Plaza)

Gateway to Success (Corinth slogan)

Gateway to the Rolling Hills (Schulenburg nickname)

"Gather those rosebuds"

"Gatorade is a drink for both world class athletes and hungover drunks..."

"Gatorade is a drink for either world-class athletes, hungover drunks, or folks with a colonoscopy"

Gatorade Shower (Gatorade Bath)

Gatsby (sandwich)

"Gay and proud" ("I'm gay and I'm proud")

Gay Bar

Gay Boulevard

Gay Boy (Gayboy)

Gay Greenwich Village

Gay Nineties (1890s)

Gay Paree

Gay Pride Week (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender PRIDE March; Moment of Silence)

Gay Set

Gay Street (Greenwich Village)

Gay White Way (Broadway)

Gaystapo (gay + Gestapo)

Gefilte Fish

"Gefilte fish is a vehicle for horseradish"

Gelato District

"Gender neutral non-binary older sibling is watching you"

General Replacement Untrained ("grunt" backronym)

"General Tso Tso's chicken is just okay"

General Tso's Chicken

"Generals always fight the last war" ("Economists fight the last depression")

Generation Debt

Generation Greed (Generational Theft)

Generation Perspiration

Generation Remuneration

Generation Screwed

Generation Snowflake

Generation XL

Genitalian (someone who votes based on a candidate's sex)

Genius Row (Washington Square South)

Genius School (Baby Genius School)

"Gentleman from Odessa (TX)"

Gentleman's C

Gentleman's Sweep (4-1 series win)

Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden ("golf" backronym)

Gentlemen's Sweep (4-1 series win)

"*gently puts my mental health in rice*"

"Gently resisting change since 1872" (Gruene slogan)

"Geology rocks, but Geography is where it’s at"

"Geometry is actually pretty cool. You just have to look at it from the Right Angle"

George Eddy (customer who doesn't leave a tip)

George Spelvin (pseudonym)

"George Washington is the only president to have been drawn and quartered"

"George Washington is the only president who didn't blame the previous administration"

"George Washington slept here"

Georgetowner (inhabitant of Georgetown)

Georgette Spelvin (pseudonym)

Georgia: Buzzard (nickname)

Georgia: Empire State of the South (nickname)

Georgia Ice Cream (grits)

Georgina Spelvin (pseudonym)

German Chocolate Cake

German Belt

German Broadway or German Boulevard (East 86th Street in Yorkville)

"German by blood. American by birth. Patriot by choice"

"German food puns have always been very spätzle to me"

German Nachos

German Taco

Gerxit (Germany/German + exit)

Gestapolemics (Gestapo + polemics)

"Get a $100 lock and a $50 bike" (bicycle adage)

"Get a foot in the door" (get an opening to an opportunity)

"Get a room!" (excessive public affection or praise)

"Get at least eight hours of beauty sleep. Nine, if you're ugly"

"Get back to the big apple" (Ebony magazine, 1968)

"Get big, get niche or get out" (business adage)

"Get crackin'" or "Get cracking" (removing shells from eggs, nuts)

"Get 'em while they're hot"

"Get fit to play sports — don't play sports to get fit"

"Get in good trouble, necessary trouble"

"Get It First, But First Get It Right" (International News Service)

"Get me a crocodile sandwich, and make it snappy" (joke)

"Get me a table near a waiter" (restaurant joke)

"Get me an alligator sandwich, and make it snappy"

"Get Met. It Pays" (Metropolitan Life)

"Get off my phone!" (radio talk show saying)

"Get off the cross, we need the wood"

"Get out of Dodge"

"Get re-elected" (First Law of Officeholders/Incumbents)

Get-rich-quick (Get-rich-quickly; Get-rich-quicker)

"Get stoned. Drink wet cement"

Get the hook!

"Get the U.S. out of the U.N. and the U.N. out of the U.S."

"Get while the gettin's good"

"Get woke, go broke"

"Get your chef together"

"Get your dad what he really wants this Father's Day by turning off the lights when you leave a room"

"Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please"

"Get your head in the game" (act smarter)

"Get your head out of your apps" (smartphone message)

"Get your head out of your apps" (transportation message)

"Get your hero up a tree, throw stones at him, then get him down" (playwriting adage)

"Get your popcorn ready" (prepare to watch something exciting)

"Getting a tattoo of pi would be irrational"

"Getting fat? Just say no. Calories cannot legally enter your body without your consent"

"Getting good players is easy; getting them to play together is the hard part"

"Getting infected? Just say no. Coronavirus cannot legally enter your body without your consent"

"Getting mugged? Just say no. Your robber legally cannot take any of your possessions"

"Getting offended by something on the internet is like choosing to step in dog crap"

"Getting offended by something on the internet is like choosing to step in dog poop"

"Getting offended by something on the internet is like choosing to step in dog shit"

"Getting offended by something posted on the internet is like choosing to step in dog shit instead of walking around it"

"Getting on the check"

"Getting on the draw"

"Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars -- let go to move forward"

"Getting ready to change from my daytime pajamas into my nighttime pajamas"

"Getting robbed? Just say no. Your robber legally cannot take any of your possessions"

"Getting something done is an accomplishment; getting something done right is an achievement"

"Getting there is half the fun" (Cunard)

Ghost Chicken (Gu Jji or Guiji)

Ghost Kitchen

Ghost Light

Ghost Money

Ghost Restaurant

Ghost Voting (Button Punching; Button Pushing)

Ghost Yard (207th Street maintenance yard)

"Ghostbusters" (1984, 1989)

Ghostbusters Building (55 Central Park West)

"Ghosts and goblins, spooks galore. Scary witches at your door"

Ghoul Pool (Obituaries)

Giant Backside of Texas (parody of Lubbock slogan)

"Giant cannibals were soaking me in vinegar when I shouted, 'Pickle someone your own size!'"

"Giant Meteor -- Just end it already" (jocular presidential slogan)

Giant Side of Texas (Lubbock slogan)

"Giant sized bag of candy: I'm resealable. Me: That won't be necessary."

Giants (National League baseball team, now in San Francisco)

Giants (NFL football team)


Gibson (cocktail)

Gig Economy

"Gig 'em, Aggies!"

Gilmerite (inhabitant of Gilmer)

Gimlet (cocktail)

"Gin and Tonic (noun) -- magic water for fun people"

"Gin (noun): The glue holding this shitshow together"

Gingerbread City (Waxahachie nickname)

Gingerbread House (Bay Ridge, Brooklyn)

Ginnie Mae (Government National Mortgage Association)

Gintern (gin + intern); Ginternship

Gippy Tummy or Gyppy Tummy (traveler's diarrhea)

"Girl, are you a popsicle?" (joke)

Girl Friday (Gal Friday)

Girl-inside-cake (bachelor party surprise)

"Girls are like phones. We love to be held and talked to, but if you press the wrong button..."

"Girls just wanna have sun" ("Girls just want to have sun")

Girther (someone suspicious about another's weight)

Girther (someone suspicious about another's weight)

"Git-R-Done" or "Git-'er-Done" ("Git-R-Dun," "Git-'er-Dun," "G.E.D.")

"Give a cannibal a dead scientist and he'll eat faraday..."

"Give a cannibal a physicist and he'll eat Faraday"

"Give a cannibal access to a physics conference and he'll eat Faraday"

"Give a cannibal the discoverer of electromagnetic induction and he'll eat Faraday"

"Give a homeless person counterfeit money. They'll go to prison and no longer be homeless"

"Give a hoot, don't pollute"

"Give a hungry man a science textbook and he will eat Faraday"

"Give a jackass an education and you get a smartass"

"Give a man a duck and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to duck & he’ll avoid low flying objects"

"Give a man a duck and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to duck and he won't walk into a bar"

"Give a man a fish and he eats for a day; give a man a welfare check and he'll vote for a Democrat"

"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime"

"Give a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day... Unless he ordered steak, then you're a shit waiter"

"Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he can rob the world"

"Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. Give a man a central bank and he can rob the world"

"Give a man a gun and he'll rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he'll rob the world"

"Give a man a job, you have an employee. Teach him how to shift blame, you have a manager"

"Give a man a plane ticket and he’ll fly for a day" (joke)

"Give a Nigerian a fish and he'll eat for a day. Teach a Nigerian to phish and he becomes a prince"

"Give a Texan an enema, and you can bury him in a matchbox"

"Give a weed an inch and it will take a yard"

"Give away the store" (conceding too much in a transaction)

"Give blood -- play hockey" ("Give blood -- play rugby")

"Give 'em pumpkin to talk about" ("Let's give them pumpkin to talk about")

"Give, get, or get off" ("Give, get, or get out")

"Give him someone else's fish and he'll vote for you"

"Give me a dime for a sandwich."/"Let me see the sandwich first."

"Give me a gun and I can rob a bank. Give me a bank and I can rob the world"

"Give me a handful of Texas Aggies, and I'll win a war!" (General George S. Patton quote?)

"Give me a T" (tea joke)

"Give me all your money or you're geography!" (bank robbery joke)

"Give me an athlete and I can turn him into a lacrosse player"

"Give me coffee to change the things I can, and the beach to accept the things I can’t"

"Give me four years to teach the children, and the seed I have sown shall never be uprooted"

"Give me golf clubs, fresh air, and a beautiful partner"

"Give me liberty. That's it. I can handle the rest"

Give me your tired, your poor ("The New Colossus")

"Give My Regards to Broadway" (1904)

"Give 110%" (100% plus 10% extra -- to give maximum effort)

"Give peace a chance" ("Give war a chance")

"Give the lady what she wants" (Marshall Field slogan)

"Give up carbs? Over my bread body"

"Give your co-workers the silent treatment by sending them blank emails"

"Given enough coffee, I could rule the world"

Giverment (giver + government)

Givernment (giver + government)

"Giving a fuck doesn't go with my outfit"

"Giving a fuck doesn't really go with my outfit today"

"Giving every man a vote has no more made men wise and free than Christianity has made them good"

Giving Tuesday (Tuesday after Thanksgiving)

"Giving up collecting Icelandic, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish coins so I don’t get Kronervirus"

"Giving up on privacy because you've got 'nothing to hide' is like giving up on freedom of speech because you've got nothing to say"

"Giving up on your goal because of one setback is like slashing your other tires because of a flat"

"Glad I didn't waste my money buying a planner for 2020" (2019–20 coronavirus pandemic)

Glambling (glamorous + gambling; glam + bling)

Glance Journalism

Gland Canyon (Broadway at Times Square)

Gland Canyon (Broadway at Times Square)

"Glass buildings are just really elaborate sand castles"

Glass Ceiling

Glass Cliff

Glass Zoo (United Nations Building)

Glatt Kosher

Gliberal (glib + liberal)

Glibertarian (glib + libertarian)


Glittering Grotto in the Sky (530 East 72nd Street)

Glizzy (hot dog)

Glizzy Gladiator

Global Billionaires Club (One57)

"Global warming doesn’t care if you believe in it or not"

"Global warming is a joke. Even the Antarctic ice sheets are cracking up"

"Global warming is now thought to be a leading cause of documentaries"



Globaloney (global + baloney)

Globe Square and Telegram Square (formerly in lower Manhattan)

Globocrat (global + bureaucrat)

Globull (global + bull); Globull Warming

"Glock: The original point and click interface"

Gloomy Gus

"Glorifying the American Girl" (Ziegfeld Follies)

Glory Hole

Glory Road

Glory Road (Eighth Avenue, between 42nd and 44th Streets)

Glou Glou Wine (glug glug wine); The Big Glou (natural wine fair)

Glovetard (glove + retard)

Glue Guy (team player)

Glutard (gluten + retard)

"Glutes for the sloots" (weightlifting saying)

"Glutton — A person who takes the piece of French pastry you wanted"

"Gmail: Someone has signed into your account!" (joke)


"Go big or go home" (motivational saying)

Go Bulworth or Going Bulworth (Full Bulworth)

Go Cup

"Go Dutch?"/"OK. 'Mag ik dan de rekening alstublieft?'"

"Go east until you smell it, south until you step in it" (Texas directions)

"Go easy on the spicy Chinese food. It'll practically Szechuan fire"

"Go fight city hall" (proverb)

"Go for the gusto"

"Go ham" or "Go ham and cheese" (go hard)

"Go hang a salami! I'm a lasagna hog!" (palindrome)

"Go hard or go home" (motivational saying)

"Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail"

Go On TV (GOTV nickname)

"Go peddle your papers!" (go away)

"Go Round Rock" (Round Rock slogan)

Go Spend it All (General Services Administration or GSA nickname)

"Go the whole hog"

"Go vote! If dead people can do it, so can you!"

Go West, Young Man

"Go where you're celebrated, not where you're tolerated"

"Go woke, go broke"

"Goals change games" (soccer adage)

"Goals follow goals" (soccer adage)

"Goals that are not written down are just dreams"

"Goals that are not written down are just wishes"

"Goat cheese is the GOAT cheese"

Goat-choker (an overly long article)

G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time)

"Gobble 'til you wobble" (Thanksgiving dinner saying)

Gobbledygook (Maury Maverick WWII term)

Gobblegeddon (gobble + Armageddon)

GoCaGa (Gowanus-Carroll Gardens)

"God bless my little kitchen, I love its every nook..." ("My Kitchen Prayer")

"God Bless New York City, My Big Apple Pie" (song by Y'all, 1995)

"God Bless New York City, My Big Apple Pie" (song by Y'all, 1995)

"God bless Texas" ("God blessed Texas")

"God bless West, Texas" (West, Texas slogan)

God Box (Interchurch Center)

"God couldn't be everywhere, so he created grandmothers"

"God couldn't be everywhere, so he created mothers"

"God created Brooklyn" (joke)

"God created Gentiles so there'd be somebody to buy retail"

"War is God's way of teaching Americans geography"

"God didn't call you to a playground, but a battleground"

"God. Family. Country. Coffee"

"God has finally answered my prayers for winning the $15 million lottery. The answer is no"

"God first, family second, career third" (Mary Kay)

"God gave us Mondays to punish us for the things we did over the weekend"

"God gives every bird its food, but does not throw it into the nest"

"God, grant me the serenity to accept the terms and conditions I do not read"

"God, grant me the serenity to accept the terms and conditions I will not read"

"God. Guns. Guts. Glory"

"God helps those whom God has helped"

"God is a frequency. Stay tuned"

"God is a frequency that exists within you. Tune in"

"God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve"

"God made heaven and earth, and the rest was made in China"

"God made police so firefighters would have heroes"

"God made Texas on his day off, for pure entertainment..." (Mary Lasswell)

"God please give me patience, if you give me strength I will just punch them"

"God put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things..."

God Rewards Our Work ("grow" backronym)

"God shared his grapes with me" ("America the Beautiful" mondegreen)

God Shot (perfect shot of espresso)

Godfellas (God's work + Goodfellas); Goldfellas (Goldman Sachs + Goodfellas)

Godman Shafts or Goldman Shafts (Goldman Sachs nickname)

God's Big Acre (Texas nickname)

God's Dorm (St. Ann's Church facade and NYU dorm)

God's Gravy (natural juices)

God's Row (White Plains Road, Wakefield)

God's Waiting Room

Godzillatron (Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium scoreboard)

GoEffMe or GoFuckMe or GoFMe (GoFundMe + fuck)

GoFMe or GoFuckMe or GoEffMe (GoFundMe + fuck)

GoFraudMe (GoFundMe + fraud)

GoFuckMe or GoEffMe or GoFMe (GoFundMe + fuck)

GoFuckYourself (GoFundMe nickname)

"Goin' to hell."/"Get off at Hempstead." (joke)

"Going all city" (graffiti slang)

"Going back to your ex is like reheating McDonald's fries"

"Going back to your ex is like reheating your McDonald's fries"

"Going broke safely"

"Going camping is like being homeless for fun"

"Going cheese hunting this weekend. Just me and some close friends, shooting the bries"

"Going from vegetarian to vegan just left me irate, on reflection"

"Going Galt" or "Going John Galt" ('Go Galt" or "Go John Galt")

"Going to church doesn't make you a Christian; sitting in a garage doesn't make you a car"

"Going to McDonald's for a salad is like going to a crack house for vitamins"

"Going to McDonald's for a salad is like going to a prostitute for a hug"

"Going to McDonald's for health food is like going to a crack house for vitamins"

"Going to the city" (Manhattan)

Going Up (forgetting lines)

"Going Your Way" (MTA slogan)

"Going...going...gone!" (baseball home run call)

Gold 2.0 (bitcoin nickname)

"Gold, bitchez!" or "Silver, bitchez!" (financial catchphrase)

Gold Coast


Gold for Nerds (bitcoin nickname)

"Gold, girls and glory" (three things that can destroy a preacher)

"Gold is for royalty, silver is for gentlemen and copper is for the working man"

"Money is gold, and nothing else" ("Gold and silver are money -- everything else is credit")

"Gold is no one's liability"

"Gold is the devil's fishhook"

"Gold is the money of kings; silver of gentlemen; barter of peasants; debt is the money of slaves"

"Gold medals are made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts"

Goldbug or Gold Bug (gold enthusiast)

Golden Apple (Dept. of Health award)

Golden Arches (McDonald's nickname)

Golden Boot

Golden Brown and Delicious (GBD)

Golden Corridor

Golden Edge (110th Street); Hollywood Heights (St. Nicholas Place)

Golden Globalist (Golden Globe + globalist)

Golden Gloves (boxing)

Golden Handcuffs

Golden Handshake

Golden Hello

Golden Horde

"Golden oldie"

Golden Parachute

"Golden retrievers don't retrieve gold"

Golden Rule ("Do unto others before they do unto you")

Golden Rule ("He who has the gold makes the rules")

Golden Sacks (Goldman Sachs nickname)

Golden Slacks (Goldman Sachs nickname)

Golden Spread (Texas Panhandle and Amarillo high plains)

Golden Tacos (Tacos Dorados)

Golden Triangle (Beaumont, Orange, Port Arthur)

Golden Triangle (Dallas, Houston, San Antonio)

Golden Westerner Cake (Amber Westerner Cake)

Goldenfreude (gold + schadenfreude)

Goldie Mac (Goldman Sachs + Freddie Mac)

Goldilocks Economy (Goldilocks Recovery; Goldilocks Scenario)

Goldman Sachsony (Goldman Sachs + Saxony)

Goldman Sucks or Goldman Sux (Goldman Sachs nickname)

Goldmanite (Goldman Sachs employee)

Goldmine Sacks or Goldmine Sachs (Goldman Sachs nickname)

Gold's Little Brother (silver nickname)

"Gold's father is dirt, yet it regards itself as noble"

"Golf and sex are about the only things you can enjoy without being good at it"

Golf Clap (moderate applause/enthusiasm)

"Golf is a game in which you yell 'fore,' shoot six, and write down five"

"Golf is a game of a lifetime"

"Golf is an endless series of tragedies obscured by the occasional miracle"

"Golf is deceptively simple and yet endlessly complicated"

"Golf is just the adult version of an Easter egg hunt"

"Golf is like taxes" (joke)

"Golf is like taxes" (golf joke)

"Golf is tee-rific" ("Golf is tee-rrific")

"Golf Rules for Beginners" (joke)

"Golf: The adult version of an Easter egg hunt"

"Golfer: I'd move heaven and earth to break 100 on this course" (joke)

"Golfer: The doctor says I can't play golf. Caddy: Oh, he's played with with you, too?"

"Golfer's Diet: Live on greens as much as possible"

Gondola Sandwich

Gone to Texas (GTT)

"Gongs are just really flat bells"

"Gonna ask my momma if that offer to slap me into next year is still on the table"

"Gonna go lay under the Christmas tree to remind my family that I am a gift"

Gonorrhea Lectim or GonorrheaLectim (Gonna re-elect ‘em)

Goo Goo (Good Government)

GOOB (Going Out Of Business)

Goober Burger or Goober Hamburger (hamburger with peanut butter)

Goobermint (Gooberment)

"Good Ale, Raw Onions and No Ladies" (McSorley's Ale House)

Good As You ("gay" backronym)

"Good bass players stay out of treble"

"Good boards are created by good chairmen"

"Good Boys Do Fine Always" (GBDFA music mnemonic)

"Good bread, good meat, good God, let's eat"

"Good Burritos Don't Fall Apart" (GBDFA music mnemonic)

"Good Burritos Don't Fall Apart" (GBDFA music mnemonic)

"Good cannot unite with evil. Right cannot unite with wrong"

"Good coffee is a pleasure. Good friends are a treasure"

Good Country Living (Lindale slogan)

"Good days start with a great cup of coffee"

Good Enough Diploma ("GED" backronym)

"Good evening to everyone who puts the oven at 200 no matter what. You’re my sort of people"

"Good food = good mood" ("Good food equals good mood")

"Good food, good wine, good friends, good times"

"Good food is good mood"

Good Food Movement (Farm Aid)

"Good friends are like fine wine -- that's why I keep mine locked in the cellar"

"Good friends give you food. Best friends take your food"

"Good girls are made of sugar and spice. Country girls are made of whiskey on ice"

"Good goaltenders make for good coaches" (hockey adage)

Good Gosh (G or GG subway line)

"Good government is good politics"

"Good grades, enough sleep, or a social life -- pick any two"

"Good help is hard to find"

"Good horses make good jockeys" (horse racing adage)

"Good Humor man: sundae driver"

"Good ideas don't require force"

"Good intentions don't move mountains, bulldozers do"

"Good judgment comes from experience -- and that comes from bad judgment"

Good Karma Jar (tip jar)

"Good! Like Nedicks!" (Nedicks Restaurants)

"Good moms have sticky floors, dirty ovens, and happy kids"

"Good moms let you lick the beaters. Great moms turn them off first"

"Good morning class. Today’s lesson is on Whole Numbers and I need your undivided attention"

"Good morning. Don't forget to drink water and mind your own business today"

"Good morning. I see the assassins have failed"

"Good morning, I'll take a large iced fuckoffee with a shot of stresspresso"

"Good morning, inmates" (2019–20 coronavirus pandemic quarantine)

"Good morning, self-isolation inmates! Anyone know how much vodka goes in scrambled eggs?"

"Good morning. Today's Saturday and I like to be what I call 'comfortably caffeinated'"

"Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite"

"Good people drink good beer"

"Good pitching will always stop good hitting, and vice versa"

"Good players inspire themselves; great players inspire others"

"Good teams win. Great teams cover" (sports adage)

"Good theatre can be made with two boards and a passion" (theatre adage)

"Good thing we've still got politics in Texas - finest form of free entertainment ever invented"

"Good things come to those who bait" (fishing proverb)

"Good things come to those who lift weights"

"Good things come to those who sweat"

"Good things come to those who wade" (fishing proverb)

"Good things come to those with weights"

"Good things happen in an instant" & "Be ready" (New York Lottery Instant Games)

"Good things happen to cheap stocks" (Wall Street adage)

"Good things happen when you put the puck on the net" (hockey adage)

Good-time Charlie (Good-time Charley)

"Good to the last drop"

Good Willie's or Uncle Willie's (Goodwill Industries nickname)

"Goodbye, cruel world!" (drinking saying)

Goodfellas & Wise Guys

Goodge (opposite of "badge")

"Goodnight, Austin, Texas, wherever you are"

Gooey Butter Cake

"Google before you tweet is the new think before you speak"

Google censorship of BarryPopik.com

Google censorship of BarryPopik.com, “The Big Apple”

"Google image results are like a party that starts off exactly how you expected and gets weirder"

"Google now hiring! No need to apply. We already have all of your data"

"Google now hiring! No need to apply, we already have all your information"

"Google + Wikipedia = Homework"

"Google + Wikipedia = Homework"

Googleberg (Google + Bilderberg Group)

Goolag (Google + gulag)


Goonion (goon + labor union)

GOOP (GOP nickname)

"Goose is cooked"

Goosey Night (October 30th)


GOPtard (GOP + retard)

GOPbagger (GOP + teabagger)

GOPe or GOP-e

GOPer (member of the GOP)

GOPolitico (GOP + Politico)

Gordie Howe Hat Trick (one goal, one assist and one fight)


Gorilla Bread

Gorp (Granola, Oats, Raisins, Peanuts; Good Old Raisins and Peanuts)

Goshen: Slow-Motion Goshen (nickname)

Gospel Brunch

"Gospel is about God; blues is about women"

"Gossip always travels fastest over grapevines that are slightly sour"

"Gossip columnist -- One who writes other's wrongs"

"Gossip is news running ahead of itself in a red satin dress"

"Gossip is the art of saying nothing in a way that leaves practically nothing unsaid"

"Gossip is when you hear something you like about someone you don't"

"Got a cold and it’s making me purchase new vehicles each day. Must be the 'car owner' virus"

"Got a job as a human statue. It's a permanent position"

"Got home from work today to find my kids have been on eBay all day..." (joke)

"Got my first shot. Going to get my second shot as soon as the bartender comes back"

"Got my Pfizer vaccine this morning. Pfeeling pfine!"

"Got Tea?" (tea party variant of "Got Milk?")

"Got thrown out of Coffee Club. I turned up wearing a tea shirt"

"Got thrown out of Mime Club yesterday. Must have been something I said"

"Got thrown out of the Stock Exchange for sitting in a bath full of Scrumpy, In cider trading"

"Got up at 6 am today, went to the gym, ran 10 miles, finished my Christmas shopping..."

"Got up this morning and ran around the block 5 times. Then I got tired, so I picked up the block"

Gotcha Journalism


Gotham City

"Gotham criminals should only do crime on cloudless nights"

Gothamist (inhabitant of Gotham)

Gothamite (inhabitant of Gotham)


"Gotta go to Mo's!" (Modell's Sporting Goods)

"Gotta say that the Class of 2020 outdid themselves with Senior Skip Day this year"

GOTV (Get Out The Vote)

Goulash Alley or Goulash Avenue (Second Avenue, between 79th and 86th Streets)

Goulash Avenue (Houston Street)

Gourdgeous (gourd + gorgeous)

Gourmaise (gourmet + mayonnaise)


"Gourmet burrito is an oxymoron"

Gourmet Gas Station (gourmet food + gas station)

Gourmonster (gourmet/gourmand + monster)

"Govern me harder, daddy"

Governmedia (government + media)

Governmedia (government + media)

“Government: An institution of war, theft, murder, rape and predation, the absence of which..."

"Government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have"

"Government can't profit from self-sufficient people"

"Government creates the crises so it can 'rescue' you with the loss of freedom"

"Government creates wealth the way ticks create blood"

"Government does not solve problems -- it subsidizes them"

"Government expands to absorb revenue, and then some" (Wicker's Law)

"Government: Ideas so good they have to be mandatory"

"Government: If you think the problems we create are bad, just wait until you see our solutions"

"Government is a corporation in the limit"

"Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure"

"Government is an insurance company with an army"

"Government is inherently incompetent"

"Government is like a baby, with a big appetite at one end and no responsibility at the other"

"Government is like fire; when controlled, it warms you"

"Government is not reason, it is not eloquence — it is force!"

"Government is organized crime"

"Government is simply the name we give to the things we choose to do together"

"Government is sports for nerds"

"Government is the biggest corporation, with a monopoly on violence"

"Government is the enemy until you need a friend"

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex"

"Government is the mafia pretending to be a human rights organization"

"Government is the violation of free will masquerading as the protection of it"

'Government: It doesn't matter how many resources you have. If you don't know how to use them..."

"Government may be the only thing that can fail miserably and then get bigger as a result"

Government Motors (General Motors or GM nickname)

"Government philosophy: If it ain't broke, fix it 'til it is"

"Government -- Protecting and serving the hell out of you"

Government Sachs (Goldman Sachs nickname)

"Government schools are indoctrination camps"

"Government schools are indoctrination centers"

"Government schools are woke indoctrination camps"

Government Sucks (Government Sachs + Goldman Sucks; Goldman Sachs nickname composite)

"Government: The brilliant idea that we should stop lunatics from lying, murdering, and stealing..."

Governmentland (government + land)

"Governments are the only vessels that leak from the top"

"Governments can't profit from self-sufficient people"

"Governments & corporations can't profit from self-sufficient people"

"Governments create wealth the same way ticks create blood"

Governor Stuyvesant's Tree (pear, not apple)

Governor's Mansion Recipes (Lemon Yogurt Cake, Peach Tea Punch, Wonton Ravioli)

Govidiot (government + idiot)

Gov't Squad (Geek Squad nickname)

Gowned Clown (judge nickname)

"Grab life by the beans"

Gracie Mansion

Gracie Mansion Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

"Gradually, the unthinkable becomes tolerable, then acceptable, then legal, then praised"

"Graduates are hotter because they have more degrees"

"Grammar is the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're shit"

Grammar Nazi

Grammstanding (grandstanding, after Senator Phil Gramm)

Gramurray (Gramercy Park + Murray Hill)

Grand Canyon of Texas (Palo Duro Canyon nickname)

Grand Central of Downtown (Chambers Street, Fulton Street)

Grand Central of the Jet Age (TWA Terminal/Hotel nickname)

Grand Central of the Jet Age (TWA Terminal/Hotel nickname)

"Grand Dame of Madison Avenue" (Roosevelt Hotel)

Grand Obstructionist Party (Grand Old Party or GOP nickname)

Grand Old Party

Grand Old Tea Party (GOTP)

Grand Prairian (inhabitant of Grand Prairie)

Grand Sample Station & Breadway & Snacks in the City (Trader Joe's)

Grand Slam (horse racing)

Grand Slam (tennis)

Grandest Canyon (Broadway at Times Square)

"Grandfathers are for loving and fixing things"

Grandma Pizza (Grandma Slice)

"Grandmas are moms with lots of frosting"

"Grandmas never run out of hugs or cookies"

"Grandmother -- a wonderful mother with lots of practice"

"Grandpa leapt around in his undies on the 4th. It was his In-Depends-Dance Day"

Grandpa Pizza (Grandpa Slice)

Granny's Potatoes or Grandma's Mashed Potatoes (Laonai Yangyu)

"Granola bars are edible particle boards"

Granville: Colored Slate Capital of the World (nickname)

"Grape or grain, but never the twain"

Grape-vine or Grapevine ("I heard it through the grapevine")

"Grape: Wine in pill form"

"Grapefruit is a fruit named after a fruit"

Grapefruit League (Grapefruit Circuit, Grapefruit Loop)

"Grapefruit tastes like it's trying to kill you"

Grapeviner (inhabitant of Grapevine)

Grasp at Good Luck (Chinese dish of shredded chicken with carrots)

"Grass grows by inches, but dies by feet" (groundskeeping adage)

Grasshopper (cocktail)

Grasshopper Pie; Grasshopper Ice Cream Sandwich


"Gratitude is for favors yet to be received"

Gravesender (inhabitant of Gravesend, Brooklyn)

Graveyard Bouquet

Graveyard Market

Graveyard of Champions or Graveyard of Favorites (Saratoga Race Course)

Graveyard Shift

Graveyard Stew (milk toast)


"Gravity doesn’t care if you believe in it or not"

"Gravity fighter sounds much cooler than weightlifter"

"Gravity is one of the most fundamental forces in the universe. What do you get when you remove it?"

"Gravity is what you get when you eat too much and too fast"

"Gravy boat implies the existence of a gravy fleet"

"Gravy boats imply the existence of gravy planes, gravy trains, and gravy automobiles"

"Gravy boats imply the existence of gravy rivers and gravy lakes"

Gravy Train (Gravy Boat)

Gray Knight (Grey Knight)

Gray Lady/Grey Lady; Paper of Record; All the News That's Fit to Print (New York Times)


Greasy Spoon ("dirty spoon" restaurant)

"Great abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym"

Great Accumulation

Great American Eclipse

Great American Job Machine (Texas nickname)

"Great attitude is like a perfect cup of coffee. Don't start your day without it"

"Great attitude is like a perfect cup of coffee. Don't start your day without it"

Great Bright Way (Broadway)

Great Bright Way (Broadway nickname)

Great Compression

Great Contraction

Great Dark Way (Broadway, during theater closures)

Great Dark Way (Broadway nickname, during theater closures)

Great Debasement

Great Default

Great Deformation

Great Depression

Great Disconnect (Grand Disconnect)

Great Disorder

Great Divergence

Great Divider

Great God Beef Dish (chicken fried steak)

Great Green Turtle of Auditorium Shores (Austin's former Palmer Auditorium)

"Great housekeepers aren't born, they're maid"

"Great ideas don't require force or coercion"

"Great ideas don't require force or subsidies"

"Great ideas originate in the muscles"

Great Lawn (Central Park)

"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people"

"Great minds drink alike"

"Great minds think alike. Unfortunately, so do stupid minds"

"Great minds think alike. Unfortunately, so do stupid ones"

Great Mistake of 1898 (Brooklyn view of New York City unification)

Great Moderation

Great Orange Satan (Daily Kos nickname)

"Great people talk about ideas, average people talk about things, and small people talk about wine"

Great Plains

"Great players aren't always great; they're just great when they have to be"

Great Rebalancing

Great Recession

Great Reckoning

Great Replacement (Grand Replacement)

Great Reset

Great Resignation (workers leaving jobs during Covid-19 pandemic)

Great Resist

Great Right Hope (Great White Hope)

Great Rotation (from bonds to stocks)

"Great Scott!"(exclamation)

"Great Seafood, Not a Lot of Clams" (Rockfish Seafood Grill slogan)

Great Shrinkage

Great Stagnation

Great State of Chicago (Chicago nickname)

Great Stone Toilet Bowl (Guggenheim Museum)

"Great teams don't lose twice in a row"

"Great teams don't rebuild -- they reload"

"Great trade! Who'd we get?"

Great Under Major Pressure (GUMP)

Great Unravelling

Great Unrecovery

Great Unwind (Great Unwinding)

Great Walk Way (Broadway without vehicular traffic)

Great Wall of Texas (border wall)

Great White North (Arctic; Canada)

Great White South (Antarctica)

Great White Way (Broadway)

Great White Way (Broadway nickname)

"Great wine is like great jazz. It confuses me and I'm pretty sure it's all the same"

"Great wine is like great jazz. It confuses me and I'm pretty sure it's all the same"

"Great wines are made in the vineyard" (wine adage)

Greater Fool Theory

Greater New York

Greater New York Orchid Show

Greater Recession

Greatest Depression

Greatest Free Show on Earth (Mardi Gras in New Orleans)

"Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth" (Maker Faire slogan)

"Greatest Show on Earth"

Greatly Ridiculous Exam ("GRE" backronym)

Greece of the Caribbean (Puerto Rico in financial crisis)

"Greed is good"

Greedy Geezer

Greedy One Percent (Grand Old Party or GOP nickname)

Greek "Anthora" Coffee Cup

"Greek by blood. American by birth. Patriot by choice"

Greek Independence Day Parade

Greek Nachos (Mediterranean Nachos; Pita Nachos; Pitachos)

Greek Salad

"Greek yogurt is just regular yogurt that joined a frat"

"Greek yogurt is just sour cream that joined a fraternity"

"Greek yogurt is just sour cream that's joined a sorority"

"Greek yogurt is really just sour cream"

Greekovery (Greek + recovery)

"Green Acres Theme" (1965)

Green Apple Music & Arts Festival

Green Book (Official Directory)

Green Chile Burger/Green Chile Cheeseburger (Green Chili Burger/Green Chili Cheeseburger)

Green Chili Burrito "Saddle Style"

Green Circle (chicken)

Green Fairy or Green Lady (absinthe nickname)

Green Falafel

Green Giant (Condé Nast building at 4 Times Square)

"Green is no, yellow is wait, red is go. Tomatoes work the opposite than street lights"

"Green is the new red" ("green" climatism is the new "red" communism)

Green Jade (broccoli, string beans and snow peas)

Green Jade Chicken

Green Jade Scallops

Green Lantern Theory of Geopolitics

Greenhorn (green Texas Longhorn)

Greeniac (green + maniac)



Greenpointer (inhabitant of Greenpoint, Brooklyn)

Greenspan Put (Fed Put)

"Greenwich Village, home of short-haired women and long-haired men"

Greenwich Villager (inhabitant of Greenwich Village)

Greenwood Heights

Grexit (Greece/Greek + exit)

"Grey Goose is my spirit animal"

Greyhound Bus of the Sky (Spirit Airlines nickname)

Greyhound Bus with Wings (Spirit Airlines nickname)


"Gridlock is good"

Grievance Theater




"Grilled cheese > chilled grease"

Grilled Cheese Sandwich (Toasted Cheese Sandwich)

"Grilled cheese sandwiches are just cheese sandwiches that have been interrogated"

"Grilled cheese sandwiches aren't even grilled. They are generally pan fried"

"Grilled cheese with tomato soup is basically deconstructed pizza"

Grilled Pizza

Grimbo (Greece/Greek + limbo)

Grinder (sandwich)

Gringa (tacos al pastor; salsa gringa)


"Gringo conversions: 12 enchiladas = 1 footilada"


"Grinning like a jackass eating briars"

Grip-'n'-grin (Grip-and-grin)

Gristede's Mega Store (Gristede's)

GRIT (Girl Raised In Texas)

Grits and Grunts

GRITS (Girl Raised In The South)

"Grits is the shit" ("Grits are the shit")

grOANN (One America News Network or OANN nickname)

Groath (growth)

"Grocers earn a meager celery, come home beet and just want to turnip the covers endive into bed"

Grocerant (grocery + restaurant)

"Grocery shopping has become a real life version of PAC-Man. Avoid everyone, get the fruit"

"Grocery store workers ask 'paper or plastic' because baggers can't be choosers"

"Grocery stores advertise 'restaurant style'; restaurants advertise 'homestyle'"

"Grocery stores should have baskets in the middle of the store..."

"Groom dogs, not kids"

Grope and Fail (Globe and Mail nickname)

Grosstedes (Gristedes nickname)

"Ground beef implies the existence of sky beef"

"Ground cinnamon implies the existence of sky cinnamon"

"Ground pepper implies the existence of sky pepper"

Ground Zero

Ground Zero Mosque

"A group for cyclists who ignore red lights: 'Cyclists Unable to Notice Traffic Signals'"

Grouponista (group coupon user)

"Grow gardens, not government"

"Grow vegetables, not government"

"Grow what you can and can what you grow"

"Grow your own dope -- plant a politician"

"Growing up, we didn't have a lot of money. I had to use a hand-me-down calculator with no multiplication symbol..."

"Growing your own food is like printing your own money"

Grubberment (grubber + government)

Grunning (running + gunning)

Guac (guacamole)


"Guacamole is just avocado salsa"

"Guacamole is just avocado hummus"

"Guacamole is just Mexican mashed potatoes"

"Guacamole is just Mexican pesto"

"Guacamole is Mexican hummus"

Guacapocalypse or Guacpocalypse (guacamole + apocalypse)

Guacward (guacamole + awkward); Awkward Guacamole

Guantanamo on the Hudson (Little Gitmo) or Club Med on the Hudson (Pier 57)

Guaran-damn-tee or Guaran-dam-tee (a firm guarantee)

Guardian Angels

"Guards win games, but forwards win championships" (basketball adage)

Gubberment (Gubbermint)

Gubmint or Gub'mint (Gubment or Gub'ment)

Guess the Religion

"Guess what?"/"Chicken butt."

Guesstimate or Guestimate (guess + estimate)

"Guilty until proven slave"

Guinea Gangplank or Guinea Gang Plank (Verrazano-Narrows Bridge)

"Guinness doesn't travel well" (drink adage)

Gulf Coast Coffee (BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico)

Gulp of Mexico (tequila; Margarita cocktail; Corona beer; Tecate beer)

"Gum is a chew toy for humans"

Gumbo City (New Orleans nickname)

"Gummy bears are much smaller than gummy worms in the gummy universe"

Gun City (gun + Fun City)

"Gun control is like trying to reduce drunk driving by making it tougher for sober people..."

"Gun control is not about guns -- it's about control"

"Gun control is the belief that becoming a victim is morally superior to defending yourself"

"Gun control -- it only ends well for those who control the guns"

"Gun control means a steady aim"

"Gun control? Oh yes, the theory that becoming a victim is morally superior to defending yourself"

"Gun control only ends well for those who control the guns"

"Gun control only works out well for those who control the guns"

"Gun Control: the theory that becoming a victim is somehow morally superior to defending yourself"

"Gun free zone = easy victim zone"

"Gun-free zones are really 'easy victim zones'"

"Gun rights are women's rights"

Gundamentalist (gun + fundamentalist); Gundamentalism

Gunpocalypse (gun + apocalypse)

"Guns cause shootings like cameras cause pornography"

"Guns cause violence like cameras cause kiddie porn"

"Guns don't kill people. Abortions kill people"

"Guns don't kill people. Dads with pretty daughters do"

"Guns don't kill people. Drivers on cell phones do"

"Guns don't kill people. Drivers with cell phones do"

"Guns don't kill people. Drivers with cellphones do"

"Guns don't kill people. Husbands who come home early kill people"

"Guns don't kill people -- people kill people"

"Guns don't kill people. Planned Parenthood does"

"Guns don't kill people. Planned Parenthood kills people"

"Guns don't kill people. The government does"

"Guns don't make us unsafe. A government that bans them does"

"Guns only have two enemies; rust and politicians"

"Guns Up" (Texas Tech)

"Guns won't fill the emptiness of your soul. You'll also need ammo"

Gunset Park (Sunset Park)

Gunshine State (gun + Sunshine State)

Gunslinger (or Gun Slinger)

Gunspoint or Gangspoint (Greenspoint District, Houston nickname)

Gunverment or Gunvernment (gun + government)


"Gushers are just gummy ravioli"

"Gushers are just sweet ravioli"

Gustnado (Gust + Tornado)

Gut Bomb (Gutbomb; Gut Bomber)

Gutter Bunny (bicycle commuter)

Gutter Café (Gutter Dining)

"Guy about to invent soy sauce: 'Sure wish I could drink salt'"

Guy Friday (Man Friday)

"Guys who cook will do that thing you like... They'll make you food"

"Guys who say women belong in the kitchen obviously don't know what to do with them in the bedroom"

"Gvt. creates the crises so it can 'rescue' you with the loss of freedom"

GWB (George Washington Bridge, not G. W. Bush)

Gym Bunny

Gym Candy

"Gym hair, don't care"

"Gym? I thought you said gin"

"Gym? I thought you said gin"

Gym Rat

Gym Shoe Sandwich (Jim Shoe Sandwich)

"Gym update: Not there"


"Gymnastics: Flying without wings" (gymnastics saying)

"Gyms are just tailors for birthday suits"

"Gyms must remain open. The Constitution guarantees freedom of the press"

Gymtimidation (gym + intimidation)

Gyoza (Japanese Ravioli)

"Gyozas are just Japanese pierogies"

Gypsy Cab

Gypsy Moth Republican

Gypsy Robe (Legacy Robe)