A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from November 06, 2014
Problem - Reaction - Solution

"Problem-Reaction-Solution” (also called Diocletian’s Problem/Theory and often said to be a form of the Hegelian Dialectic) is a control system where an entity can achieve its aims by creating the problem, getting a reaction, and then providing a solution. For example, citizens might be against a war, but a false flag attack can create the problem, people will then demand a reaction (something must be done!) and war will be the solution.

English author David Icke mentioned “problem-reaction-solution” in ... And the Truth Shall Set You Free (1995) and in other books and videos. “I mention in the book a mass mind-controlling technique which is used all the time, which I call the ‘problem-reaction-solution,’” Icke said in an interview in 1996.

Ethics Wiki
Problem Reaction Solution (Latin: Ordo ab Chao) is a mass mind control system. It is used to make changes to the law that the citizens would not accept otherwise.

1. Create a problem
. Terrorism, financial crisis, etc.
2. Manufacture a reaction
. Let the mainstream media only broadcast/print the side of the problem you want to show
3. Provide a solution
. wars, corporate tax-cuts, welfare budget cuts, etc.

Wikipedia: David Icke
David Vaughan Icke (/aɪk/; ike, born 29 April 1952) is an English writer, public speaker and former professional footballer. He promotes conspiracy theories about global politics and has written extensively about them.
... And the Truth Shall Set You Free. Bridge of Love Publications, 1995. ISBN 0-9538810-5-9

Biblioteca Pleyades
Spiritual Answers to Global Conspiracies
by David Icke
Interview by Publishers Diana and Kenneth Burke,
Leading Edge Newspaper, July/August 1996
LE: Can you give a specific example of how the media is used to influence public opinion?

David: I mention in the book a mass mind-controlling technique which is used all the time, which I call the “problem-reaction-solution.”

A problem is covertly created and you (whoever is doing it) make certain that someone is blamed for the problem. This might be a war. It might be a run on the currency, or a government collapse. It can be anything.

You then use the media to stimulate public opinion in relation to your created problem, so that the public cries out:
“Something must be done!”

At that point, the public will accept anything… as long as something is done!

LE: Okay. What next?

David: At that point, those who have created the problem got exactly the public reaction they wanted. They then openly, in the public arena, offer the solution to the problem that THEY created, and get the solution that they wanted all along.

Google News Archive
1 April 1998, The Deseret News (Salt Lake City, UT), “Global warming: The sacrifice of sanity” by Rainer Huck, Citizens sec. pg. 1, col. 3:
The global warming “crisis” is a classic example of the problem-reaction-solution principle employed by our rulers for countless generations to build popular support for the power they intend to misuse.

Google Groups: alt.fan.starwars
My thoughts (possible spoilers)
J. Kim
I also heard a good theory of manipulation that many conspiracist and possibly government could use called Problem Reaction Solution theory.Where if you want anything to really change, just make a problem where the end solution ends up being what you want the final solution to be ...like tighter control of what people do...more police...thus a rise in violence problem (created by you) in your society causes this need to be solved, and more people will demand for police.  Its something even Nicolli Machivelli would have been proud of.

OCLC WorldCat record
Police state II : the takeover
Author: Alex Jones
Publisher: Austin, Tex. : Alex Jones, ©2000.
Edition/Format: VHS video : VHS tape Visual material : English
Database: WorldCat
“Alex Jones exposes the problem--reaction--solution paradigm being used to terrorize the American people into accepting highly controlled and oppressive society from children in public schools being trained to turn in their peers and parents, to the National Guard and Army patrolling our country’s highways, the Takeover reveals the most threatening developments of police state control in our age."--Www.infowars.com.

OCLC WorldCat record
Alice in wonderland and the World Trade Center disaster : why the official story of 9/11 is a monumental lie
Author: David Icke
Publisher: Ryde, Isle of Wight, UK : David Icke Books, 2002.
Edition/Format: Book : English
The real agenda behind 9/11 --
The Bush crime family --
Born to be king --
“Big Dick” Cheney --
Rest of the gang --
Play it again, scam --
Problem-reaction-solution --

Google Groups: alt.magick
the illuminati use a tactic called the problem reaction solution, first they will create the problem connected to what they want to achieve, such as the world trade center attack to further strengthen millitary, then they wait for the public to react, demanding immediate action, then the problem is solved, such as increasing millitary power, and the public thinks they want it but instead the illuminati get precisely what they wanted.

Google Groups: uk.transport.london
Bombings - Problem Reaction Solution Paradigm
The Problem Reaction Solution Paradigm
1) The government creates or exploits a problem blaming it on others

2) The people react by asking the government for help willing to give up their rights

3) The government offers the solution that was planned long before the crisis

Google Books
The Art of Memetics:
The tactics of applying memetics, marketing, masterminding, & cybernetic theory

By Wes Unruh and Edward Wilson
San Francisco, CA: Creative Commons
Pg. 88:
There are a few ways in which memes can be forced into a body, the most obvious being Diocletian’s Problem-Reaction-Solution model, also known as the thesis/antithesis/synthesis pattern.

OCLC WorldCat record
Freedom or fascism. : Disk 1 the time to choose
Author: David Icke; New Science Ideas (Firm); UFO TV (Firm)
Publisher: Venice, CA : Distributed by UFO TV, [2008]
Edition/Format: DVD video : English : UFO TV Special ed
Database: WorldCat
David Icke reveals how a Hidden Hand is behind world-changing events like the attacks of 9/11 and the manufactured wars in the Middle East, as part of a mass mind manipulation technique he has dubbed problem-reaction-solution.

Google News Archive
8 July 2009, Victoria (TX) Advocate, “Independence Day and other myths don’t tell the truth” by Chad Byrd, pg. C5, col. 4:
Government gains power extremely efficiently through the Problem-Reaction-Solution dynamic. It creates the problems (inflation, poverty, business cycles, monopolies, etc.), you provide the reactions (save us from capitalism!), and it already has the solutions (I’ll take that, thank you very much).

Problem, Reaction, Solution: Diocletian’s Theory Explained
Published on Sep 3, 2013
A description of mass manipulation techniques using the media based on The Hegelian Dialectic, or Diocletian’s Theory.

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