A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from August 29, 2009
“Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?”

“Animal crackers” (crackers made in animal shapes) have been sold commercially since the late 19th century. In an April 2, 1996 “Family Circus” comic strip, young Billy eats from a box and asks, “Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?” The 1996 comic strip popularized this question, but jokes about vegetarians and animal crackers date back to at least 1915.
Animal crackers that contain milk and shortening are not eaten by vegans. The popular animal crackers by Nabisco (Barnum’s) and Keebler are both vegan.
Can vegetarians eat animal crackers?
Some brands of animal cracker biscuits have shortening in them. Shortening is traditionally the word which referred to any solid fat, including butter, lard and suet. Lard is the rendered fat of a pig, so obviously unsuitable for vegetarians and vegans. These days shortening can also refer to solid fat made from vegetable oil and this version would be suitable for vegetarians. Read the ingredient label correctly on the animal cracker biscuits or contact the biscuit manufactures, if the shortening is lacking a proper explanation. good joke though!
Q: Can vegetarians eat animal crackers?
A: Yes!!!!!! Provided they do not contain gelatin or other animal-derived ingredients that sometimes turn up in very odd places, especially sweets.
Yes but it would be really ironic if they do eat them.
i guess so people eat gingerbreadmen
Q: Can a vegitarian eat animal crackers or gummy bears?
A: They could eat animal crackers, so long as the chocolate on them did not contain WHEY.
Gummy bears no, as they contain GELATIN.
‘Do vegans eat animal crackers?’ and other absurd questions
April 27, 2009 2:42 AM
Atlanta Vegan Examiner Alyse Smith
Vegans do NOT eat animal crackers. This is not because they have the word animal in the name, but rather because they contain milk and shortening. Many have thought that Barnum animal crackers were vegan, but they actually contain whey. For a delicious vegan animal cracker recipe: feedingmaybelle.blogspot.com/2008/03/vegan-animal-crackers.html
Google Books
April 1915, Lippincott’s Magazine, pg. 136, col. 1:
“I understand the Blanks are strict vegetarians.”
“Strict! I should say they are. Why, they won’t even let their children eat animal crackers.”—Boston Transcript.
Google Books
Chafed Elbows
By Robert Downey
New York, NY: Lancer Book
Pg. 74:
As you know, I’m such a committed vegetarian that I won’t even eat animal crackers.
Google Books
Quote Unquote
By Lloyd Cory
Wheaton, IL: Victor Books
Pg. 353:
Could Caroline Cory be carrying her vegetarianism too far? She won’t even eat animal crackers.
2 April 1996, Chilicothe (MO) Constitution-Tribune, “Family Circus” comic strip, pg. 9:
“Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?”
Pittsburgh (PA) Tribune-Review
Circus food: Animal crackers turn 100
By Jennifer Frey, The Washington Post
Wednesday, March 20, 2002
PETA is very clearly anti-circus, given that it has created an entire Web site (http://www.circuses.com) to detail circus-related sins. Its press office was happy to provide an official statement of its position on this subject, which reads as follows:
“We are glad that the cookies are vegan, but sad that they promote circus animal misery — if only they’d make whip, chain and bull-hook cookies to show kids the full story.’’
Almost Vegan
November 03, 2004
Animal Crackers
George Bush beats John Kerry? Animal crackers!
Yes, these old favorites, Nabisco Animal Crackers are vegan. I just ate a giraffe.
Posted by Denise at November 3, 2004 01:38 PM

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