A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from January 29, 2018
“Avocado salsa is just guacamole”

Guacamole contains avocados; avocado salsa contains avocados. Guacamole is not the same as avocado salsa—salsa is usually hotter—but many people believe that they are the same.
“Or make Guacamole by adding salsa to a mashed avocado” was posted on the newsgroup alt.food.barbecue on September 25, 1997. “Guacamole salsa (...) Ooops… that should say ‘avocado salsa’... I’ve been in this country too long, I’m starting to call guacamole anything with avocados in it” was posted on the newsgroup alt.food.mexican-cooking on February 2, 1999.
“Guacamole is just avocado salsa” was posted on Twitter on January 10, 2016. “Isn’t guacamole just avocado salsa?” was posted on Reddit—Shower Thoughts on January 29, 2018.
“Turns out that ‘avocado salsa’ is just guacamole” was posted on Twitter on October 4, 2010. “Disney, avocado salsa is just a fancy way of saying guacamole” was posted on Twitter on May 16, 2014. “Avocado salsa is guacamole” was posted on Twitter on April 28, 2015. “‘Avocado salsa’ is called guacamole” was posted on Twitter on November 9, 2017.
Wikipedia: Guacamole
Guacamole (Spanish: [wakaˈmole]; or [ɡwakaˈmole]; sometimes informally referred to as “guac” in North America) is an avocado-based dip, spread, or salad first developed by the Aztecs in what is now Mexico. In addition to its use in modern Mexican cuisine, it has become part of international and American cuisine as a dip, condiment and salad ingredient.
Wikipedia: Salsa (sauce)
Salsa is the Spanish, Italian, Greek, and Turkish (salça) term for sauce. In English-speaking countries, salsa usually refers to the sauces typical of Mexican cuisine known as hot salsas or salsas picantes, particularly those used as dips. Salsa is often tomato-based, a heterogeneous mixture that includes ingredients such as onions, chilies, beans, corn, and various spices. It is typically piquant, ranging from “mild” to “extremely hot”.
Google Groups: alt.food.barbecue
Salsa Receipes/ 13 pages
Or make Guacamole by adding salsa to a mashed avocado.
Google Groups: alt.food.mexican-cooking
Victor M. Martinez
Victor M. Martinez

>I serve them with a guacamole salsa (2 avocados, half a white onion,
Ooops… that should say “avocado salsa”... I’ve been in this country too long, I’m starting to call guacamole anything with avocados in it… 😊
Google Groups: rec.food.cooking
The French Laundry Cookbook
The avocado salsa seemed like guacamole to me.
Polly Jane Hyde‏
Replying to @Schofe
@Schofe avocado salsa? otherwise known as guacamole, surely?
5:21 AM - 9 Feb 2009
Avocado salsa; don’t call it guacamole
This recipe, borrowed from my mom, won first prize for me and my business associates in the salsa competition at the California Rodeo in Salinas in 1997. Just don’t call it guacamole, please. That’s for Super Bowl Sunday and, perhaps, your wannabe neighborhood Mexican restaurant.
Making avocado salsa aka guacamole
5:28 PM - 9 May 2010
turns out that “avocado salsa” is just guacamole. #fb
2:45 PM - 4 Oct 2010
Avocado Salsa? It’s called guacamole #Nigella….
2:26 PM - 2 Dec 2010
Melissa Darch‏
My guacamole is more chunky avocado salsa. #Buthomemadeyall
10:17 PM - 11 Dec 2010
Michael Boyink‏
Replying to @lisajill
@lisajill avocado + salsa = guacamole!
10:11 AM - 24 Mar 2011
Avocado salsa? YOU MEAN GUACAMOLE?
Translate from Spanish
7:15 AM - 27 Jun 2011
bad boy mowers‏
so last night i was at this mildly fancy restaurant n they referred to guacamole as “avocado salsa”
12:13 PM - 6 Oct 2011
T Cakes‏
“Avocado Salsa…... Isn’t that guacamole?”
11:56 PM - 10 Oct 2011
Kid Prodigy Chloe Park stan‏
Also, guacamole is really just avocado salsa #thinkaboutit #idkwherethesethoughtscomefrom
7:29 PM - 30 May 2013
Vidushi Goyal‏
Disney, avocado salsa is just a fancy way of saying guacamole.
5:49 PM - 16 May 2014
Jake Sornsin‏
Avocado salsa is guacamole.
1:22 PM - 28 Apr 2015
Erin Corrine‏
guacamole is just avocado salsa
1:39 PM - 10 Jan 2016
Ariel Amador‏
let’s be honest avocado salsa is just fancy guacamole
9:27 PM - 8 Sep 2016
Avocado salsa is just guacamole with more tomatoes
6:30 PM - 10 Oct 2016
Sydni Donovan‏
Guacamole is just avocado salsa
10:13 AM - 20 Jul 2017
Drucilla Mindset‏
PSA: avocado salsa is not guacamole. it’s far superior.
8:06 PM - 5 Oct 2017
roxane gay‏
First of all, “avocado salsa” is called guacamole. Second of all, NO. Ugh. So upsetting.
3:55 PM - 9 Nov 2017
Reddit—Shower Thoughts
Isn’t guacamole just avocado salsa?
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