A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from May 03, 2020
Big Harma (Big Pharma + harm)

“Big Pharma” is a term used to refer collectively to the global pharmaceutical industry. “Big Harma” (Big Pharma + harm) is a term used by those who believe that Big Pharma pushes expensive and dangerous health solutions.
“Big Harma” was posted on Twitter by Evidence Matters on July 9, 2009. “I’ve just been asked to do an interview with al jazeera on H1N1 and big harma ethics” was posted on Twitter by Nick Johnson on October 8, 2009.
“Big Pharmafia” (Big Pharma + mafia) is another Big Pharma nickname.
Wikipedia: Big Pharma conspiracy theory
The Big Pharma conspiracy theory is a group of conspiracy theories that claim that the medical community in general and pharmaceutical companies in particular, especially large corporations, operate for sinister purposes and against the public good, and that they allegedly cause and worsen a wide range of diseases.
History and definition
The term Big Pharma is used to refer collectively to the global pharmaceutical industry. According to Steve Novella the term has come to connote a demonized form of the pharmaceutical industry. Professor of writing Robert Blaskiewicz has written that conspiracy theorists use the term Big Pharma as “shorthand for an abstract entity comprising corporations, regulators, NGOs, politicians, and often physicians, all with a finger in the trillion-dollar prescription pharmaceutical pie”.
Evidence Matters (be social, keep your distance)
@fuzztwin I was toying with Big Harma - but, too like Pharma and skating too close to unintentioned libel (albeit not a named entity)
5:13 AM · Jul 9, 2009·Twitter Web Client
Nick Johnson
I’ve just been asked to do an interview with al jazeera on H1N1 and big harma ethics
8:13 AM · Oct 8, 2009·Twitter Web Client
Gen Extra
Big harma? http://mypict.me/71w7L
8:35 PM · May 13, 2010·Twitter Web Client
So is the ANH a front for Big Harma?
9:11 AM · Jul 10, 2011·Twittelator
jean harrington
Drug Dosage Was Approved Despite Warning: http://nyti.ms/GIsvos
Big Pharma, Big Harma
10:11 PM · Mar 22, 2012·Twitter for Websites
@bonsomme Big Pharma. More like Big Harma!
4:30 PM · Sep 27, 2012·Twitter Web Client
ObamaCare is all about promoting Big Pharma (BIG HARMa) and SickCare Corporations + pills (ILLS)...that’s why… http://fb.me/2eRTbFegA
5:31 AM · Jan 19, 2013·Facebook
Big Pharma (should read Big “Harma”) is using its money and clout to try and stop states from enacting tougher… http://fb.me/8eASmTfVM
9:57 AM · Sep 19, 2016·Facebook
Beyond Awake
· June 23, 2018 ·
Posted by u/ExSqueezeIt March 15, 2019
Big Harma
When your pharmacist has turned tote dark side.
(“Harmacist” instead of “Pharmacist” is shown.—ed.)
Phoneclip Papi
Big pharma more like big HARMA
(“Harmacy” instead of “Pharmacy” is shown.—ed.)
12:48 AM · Dec 14, 2019·Twitter for iPhone
Big Pharma.\
Get rid of the P and you have what they really are.
Big Harma!
6:18 AM · Mar 7, 2020·Twitter Web App
NW Rambler
Drop the P.
Big Harma
2:27 PM · Apr 2, 2020·Twitter for Android
WTC 6 Matt
A most important film. They want mandatory vaccines because Big Harma cannot afford a bunch of super healthy & smart un-vaxxed kids running circles around the vaxxed. We all believed in vaccines at one time…we’re ex-vaxxers! #TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide
Vaxxed II: The People’s Truth (2019)
3:30 PM · Apr 27, 2020·Twitter Web App
I’ve watched her and I think she knowingly lies with her absurd and harmful recommendations which only benefit Big Harma.
10:35 PM · May 2, 2020·Twitter Web App

Posted by Barry Popik
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