A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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“Car rides by yourself with loud music be so therapeutic” (7/19)
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Entry from August 07, 2021
CryingAir or Cryanair or Cryinair (Ryanair nickname)

Ryanair is an Irish ultra-low-cost carrier founded in 1984. Ryanair has been nicknamed “Cryanair,” “Cryinair” and “CryingAir.”
“CryinAir” was posted on the newsgroup uk.media.radio.archers on July 30, 2003. “Cryinair” was posted on Twitter by Whistlingduck on October 24, 2009.
“CryanAir” was posted on Twitter by John Thompson on October 3, 2008. “Cryanair” was posted on Twitter by David McNamara on March 31, 2009.
“Crying Air” was posted on Twitter by Webtv123 on April 1, 2009. “Crying Air” was posted on Twitter by Georgie Kukielka on September 9, 2009.
Ryanair has also been called “Lyanair”/“Lyinair”/“Lyingair.”
Wikipedia: Ryanair
Ryanair DAC is an Irish ultra-low-cost carrier founded in 1984. It is headquartered in Swords, Dublin, with its primary operational bases at Dublin and London Stansted airports. It forms the largest part of the Ryanair Holdings family of airlines, and has Ryanair UK, Buzz, and Malta Air as sister airlines. In 2016, Ryanair was the largest European budget airline by scheduled passengers flown, and carried more international passengers than any other airline.
Google Groups: uk.media.radio.archers
A mystical silence broods…..
Jul 30, 2003, 6:10:44 AM
badriya wibbled ...
> Now personally I’ve flown Easyjet, some years ago to Amsterdam a few
> times, and they were fine. I am so nervous about missing flights I
> usually get there before the checkin time.
With the SleazyJet/CryinAir systems, this is the way to do things; turn up in good time, check-in, then sit around for a little while drinking espresso.
John Thompson
Airline (Sterling) that let me down last night has offered free return flight to Europe in compensation. Look and learn SleazyJet/CryanAir
12:33 PM · Oct 3, 2008·Twitter Web Client
David McNamara
Cryanair restarting direct DUB <->

VLC flights in June. Get bookin’!
4:01 PM · Mar 31, 2009·Twitter Web Client
Stansted is getting worse. Crying Air are a disgrace. What chaos and confusion. A bloody nightmare. Rant over.
1:09 AM · Apr 1, 2009·Twitter Web Client
Georgie Kukielka
Crazzzzy times they schedule these flights on ‘Crying Air these days… just worked out I gotta be at liverpool st at 5am on friay…. Eeek!
10:10 AM · Sep 9, 2009·Twitter Web Client
Whistlingduck@whistlingduck·Oct 24, 2009
@RyanCHutchings Cryinair, not Ryanair, surely?
Darryl Peterson
Ryan air is now officially now named crying air! I love the authentic BO smell and ear abuse!
6:16 PM · May 22, 2010·Twitter Web Client
we are actually boarding before the plane has landed #cryinair
9:56 AM · Aug 15, 2010·Twitter Web Client
Arve Podsada Krognes
Man leser “lave priser og bra service” i #Ryanair sin reklame. Finn én feil. #CryingAir #LyingAir
Translated from Norwegian by Google
You read “low prices and good service” in #Ryanair its advertising. Find a mistake.#CryingAir#LyingAir
12:06 PM · Oct 25, 2011 from Oslo, Norway·Twitter for iPhone
ĦȺns ɇn nɨɇŧ Ⱥnđɇɍs
CryingAir #Ryanair
2:36 AM · Sep 28, 2017·Twitter Web Client
Duchess Stef of Esqbridge(Still HRH)
$15 for the word free and $10 for the paper you printed the boarding pass yourself. Crying Air @Ryanair
Quote Tweet
· Mar 25, 2019
Replying to @Ryanair and @British_Airways
For free? Or are you going to charge them for that aswell?
6:56 AM · Mar 27, 2019·Twitter Web App
Replying to @nelejenny
Shitting hell luv! That’s defo not Sleazyjet or Cryinair
2:26 PM · Nov 30, 2019·Twitter for Android
Just Stuart
Replying to @Ottojizzmark
CryingAir or SleazyJet
8:24 AM · Jan 16, 2021·Twitter for iPhone
Flying Cryanair? They’re in cahoots with ‘RANDOX health’ for your obligatory cov19 tests. AVOID! -I paid £48!!! for a test-kit, duly returned to RANDOX by G’teed next day delivery, (£7) but HAVE YET to receive the result! Sent 17th JULY. USE ‘C19 testing’ by CERULEAN. (£29) A1!!
6:02 AM · Aug 5, 2021·Twitter Web App

Posted by Barry Popik
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