A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from August 16, 2008
Dirty Third (Dirty 3rd)

Houston rappers have named their turf the “Dirty Third” or “Dirty 3rd”—taken from the terms “Dirty South” (current from 1995) and “Third Coast” (current from the late 1970s and early 1980s). The term “Dirty Third” is cited in print from 1999.
“Dirty Third” does not reference Houston’s Third Ward, although the term could possibly be extended to include this area.
Urban Dictionary
1.  dirty third
The third coast, part of the South that has coastline on the Gulf of Mexico.
The dirty third roll candy, ya haters and ya hoes can’t stand it.
by Paul Wall Mar 7, 2004
2.  dirty third
Sometimes used as a synonym for the Dirty South; derived from the terms “Dirty South” and “Third Coast”
This ain’t New York. This ain’t L.A. This is the Dirty Third.
by dirtythird Oct 15, 2006
3.  Dirty Third
Its Simply.. Texas,
You know i rep da Dirty Third.
by Zackery Clark Jul 26, 2006
4.  dirty third
For those who hate dirty started in Texas and those states that aint on the coast aint a part of the dirty 3rd and if you aint part of the dirty south you aint dirty 3rd
Fuck all you aints but i know you gonna hate but fuck you anyways
by DSGB Sep 9, 2004
Urban Dictionary
1.  Dirty 3rd
Slang for Houston, TX. The Dirty 3rd coast.
Im reppin that dirty 3rd cuz. hol up, po some drank up!
If you aint it heard, its that dirty 3rd, where tha G’z sip syrup!! Thas them Optimo soldiers out that dirty 3rd!

by Big Ram Aug 20, 2006
2.  dirty 3rd  
The dirty 3rd is the coast near the houston area.
I was born and raised in the dirty 3rd you dont know about the hoes down thur
by big nig raider Jul 24, 2008
Dirty Third Streets
What’s the point?
Posting flicks. Interviewing artists. Talking shit. Working towards a sense of place, an understanding of regionalism as it pertains to street art in the Dirty South, aka the Third Coast, aka the Dirty Third.
Why focus on the South?
Because the Southern states seem to get overlooked by most street-art books and blogs, and I think that’s a goddamn shame.
Why are so many posts about Houston?
That’s where I live. If you’d like to start writing dispatches from another city, drop me a line.
Third Ward, Houston, Texas
The Third Ward is one of the six historic wards of Houston, Texas, United States.
The Third Ward, located inside the 610 Loop is immediately southeast of Downtown Houston and to the east of the Texas Medical Center. The ward became the center of Houston’s African-American community.
The People’s Party II, an activist group led by Carl Hampton was organized in the Third Ward in the Spring of 1970 to address police brutality on Blacks in the community.
Third Ward is traditionally known for its high crime rate and being one of Houston’s poorest, most crime infested neighborhoods. Third Ward is also known for immense drug trafficking.
Houston (TX) Press
The age of rapping movies in Houston is now

By Anthony Mariani
Published on December 02, 1999
Though long in coming, the moviemaking bug has finally infected the Houston rap community. Two other independent films created by two talented rap labels will be in local theaters next year. But unlike earlier rap-related releases, which were mostly national in scope and distribution, these three flicks—Wreckshop Records’ The Dirty Third, Dope House Records’ Hustletown and Gardiner’s 4 Deep—are Houston-based and likely won’t see screen time in theaters beyond the Third Coast.
Google Groups: rec.music.hip-hop
Newsgroups: rec.music.hip-hop
From: OT

Date: 1999/12/03
Subject: ***Let Out A War-Cry!!***
The Dirty 3rd- Movie & Soundtrack comin’ January 2000 brought to yall by Wreckshop Records outta H-town.  It’ll really expose the underground Houston scene to the world.
Check out this site for another movie comin’ out the Dirty:
Houston (TX) Press
Big Moe
City of Syrup (Wreckshop)

By Craig D. Lindsey
Published on October 12, 2000
On his debut, City of Syrup, rapper Big Moe mainly wants everyone to know that he doesn’t just drink soda laced with cough syrup—he bows down to it.
Like most Dirty Third rappers, Moe is also a child of ‘80s R&B.
Rotten Tomatoes
Dirty 3rd: The Movie (2001)
Synopsis: Get down and dirty with some of the hardest rappers from Houston, Texas. This musical documentary tracks the gangsta lifestyles of the hustlers and players who make up the Southern rap scene. Attempting to become the next Master P, these tough-as-nails yet smooth musicians must navigate the… Get down and dirty with some of the hardest rappers from Houston, Texas. This musical documentary tracks the gangsta lifestyles of the hustlers and players who make up the Southern rap scene. Attempting to become the next Master P, these tough-as-nails yet smooth musicians must navigate the hard road to success. The film features South Park Mexican.
Houston (TX) Press
Houston Hip-Hop
Mike Watts and his stable of northside rappers take a southside legend’s style to the masses

By Roni Sarig
Published on March 22, 2007
After years of being dismissed as a novelty and then as a sort of stepchild to its East and West Coast precedents, Southern hip-hop is only now receiving its due. That road to respectability began here in Texas, primarily with the breakthrough national success of the Geto Boys’ “Mind Playing Tricks on Me,” the first hit to show that Southerners could rap as well as anybody from The Bronx or South Central.
When Houston’s first short run at the top of the Dirty South hip-hop heap ended in the mid-‘90s, other regional hubs rose in New Orleans, Memphis, Miami, coastal Virginia and, most prominently, Atlanta. By the turn of the century, most of the Billboard chart hits were coming out of those cities, while Houston’s scene remained regional and underground. But as we all know, that situation did not last, as Houston exploded onto the national consciousness in 2005.
In the new book Third Coast, those stories are being told with the gravity, diligence and aplomb they deserve by New York-based author and journalist Roni Sarig. An excerpt follows, detailing the recent rise of Michael Watts’s northside hit factory Swishahouse and its stable of chart-topping MCs.—John Nova Lomax
Wall manages to catalog the entire scene in two verses, broken up by a wonderful chorus that collages classic Houston quotes (including Fat Pat’s line, “Third Coast born, that means we’re Texas raised”):
“What you know about swangers and vogues,
what you know about purple drank?
What you know about poppin’ trunk,
with neon lights and candy paint?
What you know about white shirts,
starched down jeans with a razor crease,
Platinum and gold on top our teeth,
big ol’ chains with a iced out piece?
You don’t know about Michael Watts,
you don’t know about DJ Screw,
What you know about ‘Man, hold up,’
‘I done came down’ and ‘What it do?’
You don’t know about P.A.T.,
what you know about ‘Free Pimp C’?
What you know about the Swishahouse,
man, what you know bout the S.U.C.?...
You don’t know about chunkin’ a deuce,
you don’t know ‘bout a Southside fade
Down here we be ridin’ D’s,
but you don’t know about choppin’ blades
Texas Southern or Prairie View,
what you know about Battle of the Bands?
Down here we got ghetto grub,
like Williams Chicken or Timmy Chan’s
You can catch me ridin’ swang,
what you know about sippin’ syrup?
You don’t know about pourin’ it up,
purple drank so speech is slurred,
You don’t know about the way we talk,
boys say we got country words,
But I don’t really care what you heard,’
cause you don’t know about the Dirty Third.”

Posted by Barry Popik
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