A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from September 19, 2016
“Don’t guess—soil test” (farming adage)

“Don’t guess—soil test” is a slogan that has been used in farming, and also for home lawns and gardens. Soil should be tested to see what fertilizer is required.
“Don’t guess—let us test your soil free” was cited in a seed company advertisement in a 1925 Indiana newspaper. “Test Your Soil—Don’t Guess” was a farm slogan cited in a 1930 Illinois newspaper. “Test—don’t guess” was cited in a 1934 Indiana newspaper. “Test Your Soil, Don’t Guess What It Needs” was a headline in the Boston (MA) Daily Globe in March 1939.
“Don’t Guess—Soil Test”—the popular form of the saying—was cited in the Augusta (GA) Chronicle-Herald on November 16, 1958.
22 February 1925, Evansville (IN) Courier and Journal, pg. 16, col. 5 ad:
Plant a Garden—Have a Beautiful Lawn
You are now planning to have a BEAUTIFUL LAWN and a useful VEGETABLE GARDEN. We have men trained to advise you so that your plans may work out successfully. DON’T GUESS—LET US TEST YOUR SOIL FREE. Let our Soil Specialist Talk with You.
15 July 1930, Edwardsville (IL) Intelligencer, pg. 1, col. 3:
Farm Adviser T. W. May Expects Greater Interest in Enrollment of 120 Farmers at Present Time.
One hundred and twenty Madison County farmers have enrolled today for the annual soil testing demonstrations to be conducted by Farm Adviser T. W. May t twenty centers in the county between July 25 and August 9. “Test Your Soil—Don’t Guess” is the slogan that is expected to make the testing of far greater importance than last year when a record was established that gained state wide publicity.
20 March 1934, Kokomo (IN) Tribune, “Soil Testing Meetings Are Planned Here,” pg. 11, col. 8:
These seven points are as follows: 1. Use good soil, well drained; 2. Use limestone on deficient soil. Test—don’t guess; ...
12 March 1939, Boston (MA) Daily Globe, pg. 39, col. 4:
29 April 1945, Boston (MA) Sunday Globe, Editorial and News Feature Section, pg. 3, col. 4:
Don’t Guess About Your Garden; Have the Soil Tested First
15 February 1952, The Pantagraph (Bloomington, IL), “Fall Best Time For Soil Tests,” pg. 12, col. 5:
URBANA—“Test your soil—don’t guess” is today’s money making suggestion offered to farmers by a University of Illinois soils specialist.
1 May 1952, The Register-News (Mount Vernon, IL), “New Soil Testing Laboratory at Benton,” pg. 4, col. 2:
TEST—Don’t guess.
4 February 1955, Evansville (IN) Courier, “Plants Use Raw Material Like Factory” by A. M. Bishea, pg. 15, col. 1:
If you have an accurate soil test and know the amount of plant food removed by the crop, you have a good basis for figuring your fertilizer requirements. Test—don’t guess!
16 November 1958, Augusta (GA) Chronicle-Herald, “Nearly $3 million bonus predicted for farmers” by Jimmy Howle, pg. 5-C, col. 4:
A big sign in the center of town urges participation in the program and some 200 smaller ones all over the county plead: “Don’t Guess—Soil Test.”
Google News Archive
8 November 1959, Rome (GA) News-Tribune, pg. 13, col. 1:
“Don’t Guess…Soil Test”
Plants Need Balanced Diet, Farm Agent Says

Google News Archive
1 January 1961, Gadsden (SC) Times, “Items from the Editor’s Desk” by Kenneth Copeland, pg. 5, col. 1:
Remember the slogan in 1961, don’t guess—soil test.
Google News Archive
13 February 1961, Florence (AL) Times, “Soil Testing Way To BUild Up Production” by John Henderson, pg. 7, col. 3:
So remember, “Don’t Guess, Soil Test.”
Google News Archive
24 November 1961, Ellensburg (WA) Daily Record, pg. 15, col. 7 ad:
The only SURE way of determining your soil requirements. There’s a competent trained fieldman at your WFA branch who will assist you.
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Soil testing
Author: James NeSmith; University of Florida. Agricultural Extension Service.
Publisher: Gainesville, Fla. : Agricultural Extension Service, University of Florida, [1962]
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Cover title.
“Don’t guess ... let a soil test help in your crop production.”
“June 1962.”
Google News Archive
13 October 1962, Gettysburg (PA) News, pg. 10, col. 7 ad:
for increased yields next year!
This fall, don’t just fertilize…get a planned, balanced soil fertility program. Have your soil tested now.
Adams County Farm Bureau
Co-op Association

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don’t guess—soil test.
Lawn & Landscape
Before You Fertilize, Test the Soil : Don’t guess, soil test. http://twurl.nl/ormfkt
11:33 AM - 27 Feb 2009
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Don’t guess, soil test, February 2011
Author: Leo Espinoza; University of Arkansas (Fayetteville campus). Division of Agriculture.; Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board.
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Series: Your Arkansas soybean podcast, 63
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Don’t Guess, Soil Test
Uploaded on Feb 7, 2011
With the high price of fertilizers, especially potassium, it is important that we test the soil for this and other nutrients.
Don’t Guess soil test
Dave Bowers
Published on Jul 29, 2013
Be waterwise. Get a free soil test in Chittenden County Vermont by being one of the first 100 visitors to http://www.smartwaterways.org. From the Regional Stormwater Education Program (RSEP) of Chittenden County, Vermont.
Is your soil #fit for #Spring? Don’t guess…soil test.
11:35 PM - 12 Sep 2016

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